Fi 7160 Driver Download – Solution For Freezing or Crashing

The Fujitsu fi 7160 driver Colour Dual Document Scanners were created to accelerate and improve commercial scanning. Up to 120 ppm duplex scan rates in 300 dpi, monochrome colours and grayscale are feasible. Automatic Documents Feeder for Sheet 80 (ADF). Suited to handle 1.4 millimetres thick ID cards, notepads, receipts, marks, hard credit, and other decorated documents.

Fujitsu’s fi 7160 driver

Fi 7160 Driver Download

Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner driver for WindowsWindowsdownload
Fujitsu fi-7160 scanner driver for Mac OSMac OSdownload
Fujitsu fi-7160 Scanner Driver for LinuxLinuxdownload

  • Advanced sheet handling technology again for the highest level of feeding dependability
  •  LED light sources
  • Scanner Centrals Admin Suite
  • Embossed cards imaging (1.4 mm thickness)
  • ESOP
  • Quick, 60 ppm / 120 ipm scan in colour, grayscale, & monochrome
  • 80-sheet Auto Document Feeder (ADF) (Intelligent Sonic Papers Protection)

Fi 7160 driver also secures your documents with sensors, ensures that your data is recorded with clever ultrasonic technology, and reduces scans by cleaning up reports appropriately in a single pass. A unique slant aversion invention for superb paper handling has substantially increased unwavering quality.

Why download the fi 7160 driver

No sheets are skipped thanks to dual ultrasonic prolonged recognition, which chooses sheets that adhere to one another. One may also get helpful portable notes, documented receipts, and names from the Multi Feed knowledge. With the aid of Paper Stream Capturing, sophisticated scanning with Fujitsu fi 7160 driver scanners is now simpler than ever.

Paper Stream Capture’s UI has been streamlined to save preparation time and boost profitability. In addition to offering users the most popular profiles—high contrast, shading, and auto-shading—one also provides a wizard that simplifies building or modifying new shapes.

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Installation method of fi 7160 driver

  • For the printer driver disc, Please download the fi 7160 driver file.
  • Activate the Add Printers Wizard to set up your printer.
  • The steps in this article are predicated on the assumption that Windows XP,8, 7, and 10 Edition are already operating.
  • Choosing “Start” -> “Control Panel” -> “Hardware and Sound” -> “Printers” in step one.
  • Make your choice from the printer’s folder.
  • Decide when the wizard will appear.

Why You Should Update Your Fujitsu Fi 7160 Drivers

The root of many computer issues needs to be added or updated device fi 7160 driver, particularly in Windows 11. There is a strong probability that upgrading your drivers will solve the problem if your laptop or desktop continues freezing, crashing, or hanging.

  • Assures top performance of your gear.
  • Corrects issues to reduce crashes on your system.
  • Unlocks additional configuration choices and functionality for your gadgets, particularly for video cards & gaming hardware.


Your computer wouldn’t be able to connect well with hardware in your systems without drivers, which are an essential component of Windows. Most of these drivers are available for download first from the manufacturer’s website, where you may manually install updates on your computer. If you don’t know the drivers you ought to instal, or where to look for them, this might be time-consuming & challenging.


Q1.What driver is necessary for the Fujitsu Fi 7160?

A: If you have a 32-bit PC, instal the 05685 drivers. Using a 64-bit computer, use PaperStreams IP (TWAIN x64) 1.42. 05685 driver.

Q2: Where can I get Fujitsu Fi 7160 drivers?

A: Please visit the following websites: ScanSnaps Download: fi Series Softwares Download.

Q3: I require a TWAIN driver, but why?

A: TWAIN is a protocol that permits a scanning device to capture a picture. That picture is immediately saved into a “TWAIN compatible” imaging programme. To utilise that picture, this is required.

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