Akira TV Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions

Akira TV has various sorts of branded universal remote controls and if you’re using any of these remotes or if you’re using Akira tv and need to line up with the universal remote you would like to possess the codes are could be two-digit codes, three-digit codes or four-digit codes you’ll get them from the below table and found out your Akira tv remote together with your favorite branded universal remote.

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Akira is a brand of consumer electronics based in Singapore that produces a variety of products, including televisions, DVD players, and home audio systems. The company has been in operation since the 1970s and has a strong presence in Southeast Asia. Akira TVs are known for their affordable prices and basic features and are popular in countries like Singapore, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

Akira TV Universal Remote codes

Akira universal remote codes list & how to program

Akira TV Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 2457, 0753, 4226, 0037, 3480, 3494, 2241, 2530, 2333, 4155, 1878, 0418, 0445

Akira TV Universal 3 Digit Remote Codes

  • 211, 611, 350, 381, 384

Akira TV Universal Codes For One For All Remote

  • 2457, 42433, 3494, 0037, 35151, 25556, 0418, 1878, 11212, 0753, 2530, 3480, 4226, 26525, 2333, 2241

How to Program Akira TV Universal Remote Codes

There are three simple ways to set up or configure a universal remote and therefore the first one is using a Keycode, Programming Via universal remote code for Akira Tv Search, and Manual Setup.

1) Keycode

By using the keycode we will easily program an Akira universal remote and therefore the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  • First, you would like to “Turn The Device On
  • Press the “TV” on your “Universal Akira Remote
  • Now press and hold the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote until it shows the “Light Flash” (It means it’s in “Learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” which you collected from the programming guide (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’ve done this procedure, just “point your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • You can release the “Power Button” whenever the screen switches off

2) Programming Via Universal Akira Remote Code

If you couldn’t find the key code which works for the device at that point you’ll set up your Akira universal remote to look mode for the right one. Its a code within the manual that forces the remote into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On
  • Now press and hold the “Setup” button
  • Enter the (three-digit) code
  • Now hold down the “Power Button” on the remote then press the Channel up them until the device during this case your tv “Turns Off

3) Manual Setup

  • Place the “Remote Control facing To The Universal remote you would like to replace
  • Now press the “Setup Button” or “Magic
  • Then enter the “Code” (You can find this in Instruction Booklet) for manual Programming
  • Now press any of the functions which you would like to “program” as an example “TV Volume Up
  • Then press And hold the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller
  • Finally, one of the lights will “blink” meaning it’s been saved correctly
  • Now your “TV Volume Up” button has been saved to the Universal remote and you’ll use the quantity button.

In this blog post, we’ve mentioned all the universal remote codes for Akira tv and also three methods are provided within the below lines if you don’t know how to line up any branded universal remote together with your TV then follow them and check out various codes until your tv remote programmed with the universal remote.

Have you tried the proper Akira tv codes that completely worked once you program the remote with other devices? Please share with us your experience by telling us the code you used that had matched with which device.


Q: How do I program my universal remote to work with my Akira TV?

A: To program your universal remote with Akira TV codes, follow the steps listed in the user manual that came with your universal remote. Typically, the process involves pressing a button on the remote, entering the Akira TV code, and testing the remote to see if it works with your TV.

Q: Where can I find the Akira TV codes for my universal remote?

A: The Akira TV codes should be included in the user manual that came with your universal remote. If you can’t find the codes, try searching online for a list of universal remote codes for Akira TVs.

Q: How do I know if I have entered the correct code for my Akira TV?

A: When you enter the correct code for your Akira TV, the LED light on your universal remote should blink twice. If the LED light does not blink, try entering the code again or try a different code from the list.

Q: What do I do if none of the Akira TV codes work with my universal remote?

A: If none of the Akira TV codes work with your universal remote, you may need to try a different brand of universal remote. Some universal remotes are not compatible with all TV brands and models.

Q: Can I use a smartphone as a universal remote for my Akira TV?

A: Yes, there are smartphone apps available that allow you to use your phone as a universal remote for your Akira TV. Look for apps like AnyMote or Peel Smart Remote in your phone’s app store. However, keep in mind that not all smartphones are compatible with these apps and you may need to purchase additional hardware to use your phone as a universal remote.

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