Tcl Roku Tv Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

Discover a comprehensive list of TCL Roku TV universal remote codes to simplify your entertainment setup. Easily control your TV functions with this detailed guide, ensuring compatibility and convenience. Find the right code for your specific TCL Roku model hassle-free.

Universal remote codes are a handy solution for managing your TCL Roku TV with a single remote control. These codes enable compatibility between your TV and a universal remote, allowing you to effortlessly control various functions such as power, volume, channels, and input selection without needing multiple remotes cluttering your living space. Finding and inputting the correct code for your specific TCL Roku TV model can streamline your entertainment experience, providing convenience and ease of use

TCL Roku is one of the popular Television manufacturers in the market. Usually, a TCL Roku TV comes with a remote control. But if for any purpose you misplace your TCL Roku TV far-flung or it acquired spoilt, you can use a typical far-flung to apply the TV. Indeed, remote codes for ROKU TV are required to apply to your device.

Tcl Roku TV Universal Remote Codes

How to Program TCL Roku TV Remote Codes

  • Verizon: 180
  • TIVO: 0366 / 0091
  • Time Warner: 1566 / 0387
  • RCA: 11756
  • ONN: 3851
  • Dish Network: 535
  • DirecTV: 11756
  • Cox: 1756
  • Comcast: 11756
  • Charter: 11756
  • Cable Vision: 0031
  • Bright House Cable: 1756
  • ATT Uverse: 1346

TCL TV Remote codes for DirecTV RC73

  • 1756
  • 1283
  • 1621
  • 1762
  • 1123
  • 1287
  • 1387

You can use the above codes to manage each of your DVD players, TV, VCR, Cable, Home Theater, Blu-Ray, and Satellite. Read down similarly to see the steps to the software you’re regularly far off to your TCL Roku TV and Devices.

How to program TCL Roku TV to Universal Remote

  • Switch on the TV set you prefer to program.
  • Hold your TCL Roku universal TV remote to face your TV or device.
  • Find the ‘TV’ alternative on your typical remote. Press on to the ‘Setup’ button. Its remote control will enter the Learning Mode.
  • Find the codes that work with your system company then use the listing of codes listed above.
  • If you obtain the manner right, the tiny mild will blink four times. When it does, select any of the codes above for your machine and enter. The button will go off as soon as you get the right code. If not, attempt any other code.
  • Press any of the feature keys on your remote control. If it works, in that capacity you received the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and strive with any other code.


1. What are Universal Remote Codes for TCL Roku TV?

A: Universal remote codes are specific numerical sequences that enable a universal remote to communicate and control TCL Roku TVs. These codes establish a connection between the remote and the TV, allowing users to manage TV functions using a single device.

2. How Do I Find Universal Remote Codes for My TCL Roku TV?

  • User Manual: Check your universal remote’s manual for a list of codes, including those for TCL Roku TVs.
  • Online Databases: Browse online databases provided by remote manufacturers or TCL to find the compatible codes.
  • Trial and Error: Sometimes, cycling through different codes is necessary to find the one that works with your specific TV model.

3. Where Can I Input These Codes?

A: Remote control code entry methods can vary. Typically, you’ll find instructions in your universal remote’s manual on how to input codes. Common methods include using a programming sequence or inputting directly into the remote.

4. What Functions Can I Control with Universal Remote Codes?

A: Universal remote codes allow control over essential functions like power, volume, channel selection, input/source changing, and sometimes additional features like menu navigation.

5. Are Universal Remote Codes the Same for All TCL Roku TVs?

A: No, universal remote codes can differ based on the model and make of both the TV and the remote control. It’s crucial to find the specific code that corresponds to your TCL Roku TV model and the remote you’re using.

6. What If None of the Codes Work for My TV?

A: If none of the provided codes seem to work, consider:

  • Double-check the correct entry method.
  • Trying alternative code-finding methods.
  • Contact the universal remote manufacturer or TCL customer support for assistance.

7. Can I Use a Universal Remote with Advanced Features on a TCL Roku TV?

A: Some universal remotes offer advanced features like voice control, dedicated app buttons, or smart home integration. Ensure compatibility and functionality by selecting a remote that explicitly supports TCL Roku TVs.

8. Do I Need to Re-enter Codes If I Reset My TV?

A: Yes, resetting your TCL Roku TV might require you to reprogram the universal remote with the appropriate codes, as resets can clear saved settings, including remote configurations.

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