Logik TV Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions

Logik is a brand of electronics that produces a range of TVs with various features and functionalities. To control a Logik TV with a universal remote, you need to enter a specific code into the remote. These codes are specific to each brand and model of the TV, and they allow the remote to communicate with the TV. Have you brought a brand new universal remote for your Logik TV and don’t you’ve got knowledge about the remote codes then here is the best guide to programming your tv with the universal remote by using some codes like three-digit codes, four-digit codes, and also five-digit codes too.

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Logik Tv Universal Remote Codes

Logik Tv Universal Remote codes list

We have all kinds of Logik Tv Universal Remote codes to program remote and television together, you’ll try the remote codes from the below-mentioned list consistent with the given methods. Suppose one code doesn’t work for you then try with another code, so keep it up trying until your remote gets programmed along with your tv.

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Logik TV Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes List

  • 1065, 0908, 1245, 0726, 0399, 0039, 3802, 2486, 1687, 3831, 3005, 1585, 2530, 1865, 1037, 4340, 0698, 0264, 0371, 1702, 0880, 1645, 1795, 0773, 0009, 1217, 2241, 2095, 0037, 0706, 3505, 3030, 3432, 2371, 4218, 4226, 2457, 3719, 3428, 0031, 0000, 0001, 1421, 1661, 1691, 3421, 1293, 1001, 0016, 1083, 0704, 0601, 0701, 5003, 5020, 5040, 5041, 5046, 5133, 1006, 0011, 0698, 0060, 0773, 0009, 0193, 0264, 0371, 0001, 0880, 1217, 1037

Logik TV Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes List

  • 10016, 14235, 16915, 14216, 16611, 12246, 12293

Logik TV Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes List

  • 518, 675, 000, 001, 031, 083, 016, 165, 180, 221, 033, 061, 039, 726, 016, 072

Here are some common Logik TV remote codes and their descriptions:

  • Basic Codes – These codes are used for basic Logik TVs that don’t have advanced features such as smart capabilities or 4K resolution. These codes typically allow you to control basic functions such as power, volume, and channel selection.
  • Smart TV Codes – If your Logik TV has smart capabilities, you’ll need a different code to control these features. These codes allow you to access streaming services, browse the internet, and control other smart TV functions.
  • 4K TV Codes – If your Logik TV is a 4K model, you’ll need a different code to take advantage of the higher resolution. These codes typically allow you to control features such as HDR (high dynamic range) and other advanced display settings.
  • Learning Function Codes – Some universal remotes have a “learning” function that allows you to program custom commands for each device. With this function, you can train the remote to recognize specific buttons or commands that are not included in the standard code list.

When choosing a Logik TV universal remote code, it’s important to consider your TV’s specific features and capabilities. Look for a code that matches your TV’s brand and model, and check the remote’s instruction manual to ensure that it supports the specific features you need.

In addition to the remote code, there are a few other factors to consider when programming a universal remote for your Logik TV. These include:

  1. Compatibility – Make sure that the universal remote you choose is compatible with your Logik TV. Some remotes only work with certain brands or models of TVs, so it’s important to check the specifications before purchasing.
  2. Programming Method – Depending on the remote you choose, the programming method may differ. Some remotes require you to enter a specific code, while others have a “learning” function that allows you to program custom commands.
  3. Button Layout – The button layout of the universal remote may differ from your Logik TV’s original remote. Make sure that the layout is easy to use and that you can access all the functions you need.

Overall, programming a universal remote for your Logik TV can be a convenient way to simplify your home entertainment setup. By choosing the right remote and code, you can enjoy all the features of your TV without the hassle of multiple remotes or complicated controls.

How to Program Logik TV Universal Remote?

1) Keycode

By using the keycode we will easily program a Logik universal remote and therefore the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  • First, you would like to “Turn The Device On
  • Press the “TV” on your “Logik TV Universal Remote
  • Now press and hold the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote until it shows the “Light Flash” (It means it’s in “Learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” which you collected from the programming guide (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’ve done this procedure, just “point your remote at the TV” then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • You can release the “Power Button” whenever the screen switches off

2) Programming Via Universal Logik Remote Code

If you couldn’t find the key code which works for the device at that point you’ll found out your Logik universal remote to look mode for the right one. Its a code within the manual that forces the remote into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On
  • Now press and hold the “Setup” button
  • Enter the “9-9-1” (three-digit) code
  • Now hold down the “Power Button” on the remote then press the Channel up them until the device during this case your tv “Turns Off

3) Manual Setup

  • Place the “Remote Control facing To The Universal remote you would like to replace
  • Now press the “Setup Button” or “Magic
  • Then enter the “Code” (You can find this in Instruction Booklet) for manual Programming
  • Now press any of the functions which you would like to “program” as an example “TV Volume Up
  • Then press And hold the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller
  • Finally, one of the lights will “blink” meaning it’s been saved correctly
  • Now your “TV Volume Up” button has been saved to the Universal remote and you’ll use the quantity button.

We hope the above methods and therefore the codes are worked to program your Logik tv and also for your favorite remote. Those methods are used for Logik remote setup. If you are feeling good about this text then please give us feedback, it’ll give us a lift up to enhance our site and to succeed in many aspirants who are expecting their remote codes, we also accept new universal remote codes that are working for you, please leave those codes within the below comment section we’ll forward them to the opposite users too by posting them in our site.


Here are some frequently asked questions about Logik TV universal remote codes, along with their answers:

Q: How do I find the remote code for my Logik TV?

A: The remote code for your Logik TV can be found in the instruction manual that came with your universal remote. You can also search for the code online by entering your TV’s brand and model number along with the term “universal remote code.”

Q: What if the first code I try doesn’t work with my Logik TV?

A: If the first code you try doesn’t work with your Logik TV, try entering another code from the list until you find one that works. If none of the codes work, consult the instruction manual for your remote or contact the manufacturer for assistance.

Q: How do I program my universal remote with the Logik TV code?

A: To program your universal remote with the Logik TV code, you will need to follow the instructions in the remote’s instruction manual. Generally, you will need to press and hold the “setup” button on the remote until the LED light blinks twice, then enter the code using the number keys on the remote.

Q: Can I program multiple Logik TVs with one universal remote?

A: Yes, you can program multiple Logik TVs with one universal remote as long as you enter the correct remote code for each TV. Some universal remotes also have a “learning” function that allows you to program custom commands for each device.

Q: Can I use a universal remote to control other devices besides my Logik TV?

A: Yes, universal remotes can typically be programmed to control a variety of devices, including cable boxes, DVD players, and sound systems. Consult the instruction manual for your remote to see which devices it is compatible with.

Q: What if my Logik TV is not listed in the remote code list?

A: If your Logik TV is not listed in the remote code list, you can try using the remote’s “auto search” function. This function allows the remote to scan for the correct code automatically. If this doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer of your universal remote for assistance.

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