Sony Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

Do you require Sony Blu-Ray global remote codes for your Sony Blu-Ray? This article has the codes listed below. There are a number of remote codes for SONY BLU-RAY listed here. We provided greater than one code for each and every device. So if one of the codes doesn’t work, please experiment with another code. The code is usually a 4-digits number.

Sony Blu-ray Player Universal Remote Codes

Sony is one of the preferred BLU-RAY brand names in the marketplace. Generally, a Sony BLU-RAY comes with a remote. However if for any type of factor you can’t control your Blu-ray with the remote, you can use a global remote to configure the BLU-RAY. To use your global remote codes to configure your Sony Blu-Ray, you require programming the universal remote. The guide on exactly how to program a Sony BLU-RAY to a global push-button control has additionally been mentioned below.

Sony Blu-ray universal remote codes

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Sony Blu-ray Disc Player Universal 5 Digit Codes

  • 42180
  • 41516
  • 42178
  • 11516

Sony Blu-ray Disc Player Universal 4 Digit Codes

  • 2171
  • 2108
  • 2065
  • 2162
  • 2244
  • 2309
  • 2355
  • 2407
  • 2406
  • 2329
  • 2313
  • 2306
  • 2305
  • 2296
  • 2014
  • 2020
  • 2484
  • 2113
  • 2226
  • 2251
  • 2273
  • 2257

Sony Blu-ray Disc Player Universal 3 Digit Codes

  • 670
  • 671
  • 644
  • 617
  • 730
  • 768
  • 729
  • 731
  • 645

How To Set Up the Codes For Sony BLU-RAY Universal Remote Codes?

The very first technique to configure your global remote to your Sony BLU-RAY has been explained earlier. If the technique does work, you can make use of this alternative method. You just need to go through the below-mentioned step-by-step guide.

  • Step 1: Find the PROG button on you’re eliminating control and also press down up until you see a tiny LED light.
  • Step 2: Choose the BLU-RAY alternative.
  • Step 3: Find the right BLU-RAY code for Sony BLU-RAY above as well as enter in the space for codes.
  • Step 4: If the light goes off when you enter the code then it will show you got the right code.

Follow these steps to program the remote control

Make sure to connect and power on all the Sony TV or various other gadgets you want to arrange making use of Sony global remote codes. Note down the Sony global remote codes from the listing given.

  • Step 1: Switch on the component to be set.
  • Step 2: On the push-button control, press and also hold the “SET button” till the SET indication brightens.
  • Step 3: Press the proper part pick button for the part being established.
  • Step 4: Utilizing the number pad, enter the parts manufacturer code. Keep in mind: If greater than one code number is detailed for the manufacturer, repeat the treatment, entering one code at a time till you locate one that works.
  • Step 5: Press enter and button Point the push-button control at the component and press the power switch.


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