Logitech Harmony 650 Universal Remote Program Instructions

You can add codes to your Logitech remote with the remote application from Logitech. you would like to first download the software from the Logitech website. These codes are generated together between Beyond Platinum and Logitech.

If ready to you’ll able to download software from the Logitech official website then you’ll easily add codes to your Logitech remote by the remote control application from this Logitech. Basically, these codes are often generated within the collaboration between beyond the platinum and also Logitech. you only got to visit “setup.myharmony.com” then found out your remote by using the database. Simple!

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How to Program Logitech Harmony 650 Remote Universal Remote

  • Place the “Remote Control facing To the Universal remote you would like to replace”
  • Now press the “Setup Button” or “Magic”
  • Then enter the “Code” (You can find this in Instruction Booklet) for manual Programming
  • Now press any of the function which you would like to “program” as an example “TV Volume Up”
  • Then press And hold the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller”
  • Finally, one among the lights will “blink” which means it’s been saved correctly
  • Now you’re “TV Volume Up” button has been saved to the Universal remote and you’ll use the quantity button.

You have to repeat for all the buttons to program, once you’ve got done all the functions which you would like and eventually press the “Setup Button” Again to end the session.


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