TCL TV’s Universal Remote Codes and Program Guide

Here are TCL Universal remote codes to use together with your TCL TV. Program Your Cable or Satellite remote to figure together with your TCL TV. you’ll program your cable or satellite universal remote to also control your TCL TV. Find for your provider and remote within the list below and enter the TV code provided into the remote. Ask your cable or satellite provider for instructions.

You’ve got to contact your cable TV provider for pairing your universal remote with the Roku TV. Then, you’ll receive a code to pair the remote supported the brand of your Roku TV. And then, program your remote supported its functionality using this code. Besides, you’ll be ready to perform only basic actions with basic support remotely like power, volume, and input selection functions.

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TCL TV’s Universal Remote Codes


Codes for TCL Roku TVs

Altice USA1111, 0821, 0001, 3411, 3311, 2801, 4141, 1931, 1661, 1561
ATT U-verse
Bright House Cable
Buckeye Broadband 12434, 2434
Cable One  2434 
Cablevision / Optimum
CenturyLink 2414, 2434, 3183
  11756, 12434, 12290, 12292
Cox Communications
  1756, 11756, 12434
DISH Network
  1756, 535, 645
Frontier Communications 688
GE Universal Remote
Model 24922
General Communications 0031, 0107, 0164, 0004, 0009, 0044, 0054, 0000, 0342, 0003, 0125, 0015, 0022, 0052, 0087
Google Fiber 2856
Hawaiian Telcom 2434
Inteset INT-422
Logitech Harmony
Microsoft Xbox One  T1756
  12434,387, 12049
Time Warner
  387, 1566, 268
Verizon FIOS
Windstream 2414, 2434, 3183

TCL Universal Remote codes list
                                        TCL Remote codes

In case you’ve got an expanded support remote:

You can benefit from the subsequent list of functions if and as long as you possess the expanded support sort of remote.

  • Down
  • Forward scan
  • Home
  • Input selection
  • Left
  • Play / pause
  • Power
  • Replay
  • Reverse scan
  • Right
  • Star button
  • Up
  • Volume

Another remote brand

The Logitech Harmony remote is another brand that needs some special app for programming.

  • As a Roku Universal Remote code is used to regulate the Roku TV you’ll make use of the Harmony mobile app.
  • On your mobile device download and install this app.
  • attend the MENU option first.
  • select the HARMONY SETUP after that· Now, navigate to the ADD / EDIT DEVICES & ACTIVITIES option.
  • And, choose the choice, DEVICES.
  • Finally, to feature your Roku TV selects the ADD a tool menu.

You can find the opposite TV Remote Codes like Upstar TV Remote Codes Here. We hope that TCL TV Remote Codes listed here helped you in programming Universal remote for TCL Roku TV. Here is that the very first thing you would like to do:

Hold down the TiVo and television Power buttons simultaneously until the red (or amber) light on the remote remains on.

  • Enter code.
  • After you enter the code, the red (or amber) light will flash 3 times then remain on.
  • Press Channel Up once every two seconds. this may test many codes, one by one. don’t go any faster than this otherwise you may jump a code that works.
  • Once the TV turns off press the ENTER key on the Tivo remote.
  • Now you ought to have the Tivo remote working your new TCL TV On/Off, Volume, and Channel up/down

We have listed here TCL TV Remote Codes. you’ll use TCL TV codes to program the universal remote and operate your TCL Television. Most of those remote codes for TCL TV will work for many of the TVs. Keep trying all the remote codes given below until you found the one which is functioning. Please save that code for future purposes. Use this Remote Codes to Program your Cable TV or Satellite remote and operate your TCL TV. Check the Cable Provider and therefore the TCL TV Remote code is given below and enters it in your TV Code and program the Universal remote.

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