How to program DirecTV Remote to Samsung Smart TV

The DirecTV universal can be used to manage no longer simply your TV but different gadgets in your home. That consists of your Soundbars, DVD player, Blu-ray player, Converter container, and consoles. But this post, we will focal point on how to apply DirecTV remote to your Samsung Smart TV. Your Samsung Smart TV comes with a pre-programmed far-off control. But if for any reason you can’t use the follow-come far off for your TV, you can software your DirecTV to work with your Samsung Smart TV. This publishes will cowl each the DirecTV trendy universal remote and additionally the DirecTV Genie remote.

How to program DirecTV Remote to Samsung Smart TV

How to program DirecTV Remote to Samsung Smart TV

  • Switch on your Samsung Smart TV and maintain your DirecTV remote shut to it.
  • Find the ‘Menu’ button on your faraway and press the button.
  • There will be a menu on your screen. From the menu dropdown, click on ‘Parental Favs & Setup. You will see every other menu, click on ‘System Setup’. Further selected the ‘remote’ choice and ‘program remote’. The remote alternative may additionally exhibit ‘Remote Control’ in some TV.
  •  Click on the ‘TV’ button’.
  • Key in the right remote codes. You can get the DirecTV remote codes from this post.
  •  Press the ‘Enter’ button. You can attempt different practical buttons to see if the far-off is working.

There may additionally be situations when you want to reset your DirecTV remote control. For instance, if your remote stops working on your Smart TV, you can try to reset it. When this happens, you can observe the steps to reset your far-off control.

  • Switch off your TV and unplug from the wall.
  • Turn on your TV and maintain your DirecTV remote shut to your TV.
  • Press and preserve the ‘reset’ button on your faraway for 5 seconds.
  • Press any feature button on your remote and see if it works. If it works, you have efficiently reset your DirecTV remote.

DirecTV Universal Remote now not working

If your DirecTV well-known remote manager is no longer working, it may want to be as an end result of some minor issues. This session will factor out problems that can make your DirecTV accepted remote give up working and repair it.

Battery: If there is no battery in your familiar far off or the battery is bad, it will now not work. Check the battery container of your far-off to make sure there the batteries are efficiently fixed. Also, make sure that the batteries are now not wet, due to the fact that is a signal of damage.

Correct Code: Another motive your universal remote control may additionally fail to work is if you use the incorrect code. Thankfully, this put-up has listed codes for all units for your DirecTV remote. For most devices, we listed greater than one code. If a code doesn’t work, without a doubt reproduce the subsequent code and strive again.

Usually, Samsung Smart TVs come with already a pre-programmed far-flung control. However, there may additionally be instances where the authentic remote manager is misplaced or broken, and then the frequent faraway manager comes to the rescue, and you can software your DirecTV to work with your Samsung Smart TV.

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