GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

Are you tired of juggling multiple remote controls for your home entertainment system? A GE Universal Remote can be the solution you’ve been searching for, allowing you to consolidate all your remote controls into one convenient device. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of GE Universal Remote codes for Insignia TVs, so you can easily program your remote and enjoy seamless control of your television.

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Similar to different new era TVs, the Insignia Smart TV additionally comes with a remote control or the Insignia conventional remote. In a situation where you choose to use the remote control from a one-of-a-kind manufacturer to software your Insignia TV, you will want the Insignia TV Universal Remote Codes. To use the Remote Codes, you will have to software the remote to use with your TV.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

How to Program GE Universal Remote Codes for Insignia TV

4 digit codes

  • 0103
  • 0189
  • 0217
  • 0135
  • 0133
  • 0116
  • 0167
  • 0456
  • 0029

The GE universal codes given below will assist you in programming the universal remote for any company device. All you want is to choose the proper code that is well-matched with the make and model of your appliance. If you acquired the proper code accompanied by the programming steps, you are completed with the process.

Why do we want TV Remote Codes?

Remote codes are used to regulate a range of settings such as volume, TV channels, song number, extent, etc. The Remote Control and Remote Control systems are typically particular to a product line. But there are many Universal Remotes in the market, that emulates the remote control made for the most important brand devices.

Program Insignia Universal Remote with Auto-Search

All the Universal Codes in the Remote Control go through a scanning system in the auto search method. The process of programming Insignia Universal Remote is a sequential step by means of a step process. It needs to be completed carefully. Below are the steps:

  • Turn on the TV for which you prefer the Universal Remote to operate.
  • Turn on the remote, and tap on the machine (TV) button for three seconds. The LED mild suggests that the machine is all set to program.
  • Point out the remote to the system and click on channel switches (CH+; CH-). Remote will exhibit on/off signals. Press up/down until the gadget turns off.
  • Check the code by means of clicking on the “Power” button. The device will flip on. Try altering the channels to test if the remote is programmed effectively or not.
  • Click the Device button to retail the code. LED mild will blink twice to confirm the saved code.


Q1.How to Check if Insignia Remote is a Universal Remote or not?

Some remote controls that come with Insignia TVs are popular remotes and some are not. If they are accepted remotes, you can use the remote to power different devices barring Insignia TV. To take a look at whether any Insignia remote is a universal remote or not, see for ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it does, it is a Universal Remote in any other case not.

Q2. In what way can you apply a GE Universal Remote?

You want to flip on the system (VCR, TV, DVD, etc) manually.

Find the Code Search/Setup button on the faraway manage and press and preserve it. The indicator starts to mild up. After that, launch the button.

Hit and launch the machine button that you are programming.

Q3. How do you apply a GE Universal Remote Control?

Tap on the Setup button and keep it down until the indicator mild stays on for about four seconds. Then, launch the Setup button. Press and launch the issue button for the programming gadget (TV, CBL, DVD, AUX, VCR, etc) on the remote control. The red indicator will start to flash as soon as and will continue to be on.

Q4: What is a GE Universal Remote for insignia?

A GE Universal Remote is a versatile remote control device that can be programmed to work with various brands and models of electronics, including Insignia TVs. It eliminates the need for multiple remote controls.

Q5: How do I program my GE Universal Remote for my Insignia TV?

  • To program your GE Universal Remote for your Insignia TV, follow these steps:
  • Locate the code list or manual that came with your remote.
  • Ensure your Insignia TV is powered on.
  • Press and hold the “Setup” button on your remote until the LED light turns on.
  • Enter the correct code for your Insignia TV from the code list.
  • Test whether the TV responds to the remote’s power button.
  • If successful, press “Setup” again to store the code in the remote’s memory.

Q6: Where can I find the GE Universal Remote code for my Insignia TV?

The code for your specific Insignia TV model can typically be found in the code list or instruction manual that comes with your GE Universal Remote. You can also visit the official GE Appliances website for code lookup.

Q7: What if the first code I tried doesn’t work with my Insignia TV?

If the first code you try doesn’t work, don’t worry. There are usually multiple codes provided for different Insignia TV models. Simply proceed to the next code in the list and repeat the programming steps until you find the one that works for your TV.

Q8; Can I program my GE Universal Remote for other devices besides my Insignia TV?

Yes, you can program your GE Universal Remote to work with various devices, such as DVD players, cable or satellite boxes, soundbars, and more. You will need the corresponding codes for those devices, which can also be found in the remote’s code list.

Q9; Are there any GE Universal Remote codes that work with all Insignia TVs?

While there are common codes that work with many Insignia TVs, there is no single universal code that works with all models. You may need to try multiple codes to find the one that matches your specific Insignia TV model.

Q10: Can I program my GE Universal Remote without the code list or manual?

Having the code list or manual is highly recommended for programming your remote. However, some GE Universal Remotes offer an automatic code search feature, which can help you find the correct code without the need for a specific code list.

Q11: What if I lose the code list or manual for my GE Universal Remote?

If you lose the code list or manual, you can often find the code list on the official GE Appliances website or by contacting their customer support. Alternatively, you can try searching online for the specific codes for your Insignia TV model.

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