Insignia Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

we’ll delve into the world of Insignia universal remote codes, helping you understand how they work and how to set them up for a seamless home entertainment experience. In the world of modern entertainment systems, having a universal remote can be a game-changer. No more juggling multiple remotes for different devices; instead, you can control your TV, sound system, streaming box, and more with just one remote. Insignia, a trusted brand in consumer electronics, offers a range of universal remotes that provide convenience and simplicity.

Insignia Universal Remote Codes

Looking for Insignia remote codes for your television? Here you’ll find universal remote codes for Insignia TVs. If the TV you’re programming requires a 4-DIGIT REMOTE code, find your code below and sort it into the remote. When programmed correctly, the TV will now work together with your universal remote. Universal remote codes to be used on INSIGNIA TVs If you’ve got found a foreign code that works along with your Insignia TV, please use the comment form below and tell us and every one of our readers which remote code worked that device. Your assistance will be much appreciated!

Insignia Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

Insignia universal remote controls are often programmed to figure with devices from many manufacturers. to regulate the device you want to undergo a programming sequence. Enter the codes manually, or let the remote cycle through the various codes. Once the universal remote finds the right code, simply confirm the settings.

Insignia 65-Inch Class LED Remote Model Number NS-65D260A13 Codes

  • Dish Network VIP622-Code:720
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, 10463
  • RCA RCU807-Code:135
  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096
  • Charter DIGITAL-Codes:136, 0463
  • DirecTV RC23-Code:10463
  • Phillips PMDVR8-Code:115
  • One for All URC-6690-Code:0464

Insignia 50-Inch Class LED- Remote Model Number NS-50E440NA14 Codes

  • Phillips PH5DSS- Code: 115
  • Rogers DCT3250-Codes: 0463, 1326
  • TiVo HD-Code: 0091
  • Cablevision UR2-CBL-C04-Code :096
  • Dish Network VIP508-Code: 720
  • Comcast M1057-Codes: 12002,1326, 0463, 10463
  • Sony RM-VL600-Code: 8043
  • Shaw DCT3416-Codes: 0463, 1326

Insignia 32-Inch LED DVD-TV Combo Remote NS-32DD200NA14 Codes

  • Motorola DRC800-Code: 0463
  • Cox COX-Codes: 16, 0463

Insignia 4 Digits Universal Remote Codes

  • 0783, 0091, 0093, 0150, 0178, 0463, 8043, 8042, 1250, 8024, 0464, 1944

Insignia 5 Digits Universal Remote Codes

  • 12049, 11780, 14487, 11641, 11564, 11326, 11892, 12002, 12184, 11423, 11385, 11660, 11963, 12751, 13227, 11463

Insignia 3 Digits Universal Remote Codes

  • 720, 539, 538, 834, 533, 751, 698, 727, 656, 527, 537, 701, 726, 742, 543, 550, 766, 553, 585, 773, 569, 903, 618, 846, 671, 220, 566, 221, 143, 666, 589, 898, 908, 082, 149, 167, 777, 169, 809, 181, 829, 456, 050, 069, 075, 080

Auto Find Settings

  • Turn on the device you’re getting to be using with the Insignia remote.
  • Hold down the “Set” key on the remote, then press and release the key for that sort of device. The indicator lights on the remote should come on.
  • Release and press the “Set” key again, and therefore the lights will begin to flash.
  • Press the “Power” key repeatedly until the device powers off. Alternatively, hold down the key continuously. Press the “Set” key, then press the power to scroll back if you mistakenly go past the right setting.
  • Press the device key to verify the setting.

Manual Settings

  • Locate the device code for the manufacturer of the device you would like to regulate with the remote.
  • Turn on the device, then press and hold the “Set” key, and press the key named after the sort of device.
  • Release the keys when the indicator light for the sort of device activates.
  • Type the three-digit manufacturer code, then press the device key. the sunshine will flash, then close up
  • Test the settings by pressing the “Power” button. If the device turns off, the code is correct. If not, try another code.

Simplify control over your home theatre system with this Insignia three-device universal remote. It allows you to operate a TV, set-top box, and Blu-ray or DVD player plus a soundbar or any audio component, eliminating the necessity for multiple remotes. Program this Insignia three-device universal remote easily via its list of AV component brands and product codes.

  • Compatible with most brands of TVs, DVDs, and Blu-ray players, also as cable and satellite boxes. Features a database of thousands of preprogrammed codes.
  • Extensive code library: The remote is additionally suitable for fewer common brands and devices.
  • Premium design, materials, and construction: Withstand rugged use.

Sigma Designs (NASDAQ: SIGM), the global leader in connected media platforms, today announced that its award-winning Z-Wave technology has been integrated into the simplest Buy Insignia brand’s new CTV line of broadband-connected televisions. Z-Wave may be a leader within the smart, connected home market, featuring an interoperable wireless RF mesh networking technology that permits a good array of devices in and around the home to speak including lighting, appliances, thermostats, entertainment centers, and security systems.

We’re very inquisitive about making sure that you simply get the most out of your Insignia products, which includes using your third-party universal remote controls. Many remote codes are often found below. Also, your universal remote should have a code search or learning feature that will assist you to find a working code.


Q1.Why do we want TV Remote Codes?

Remote codes are used to regulate number settings such as volume, TV channels, music number, quantity, etc. The Remote Control and Remote Control gadgets are normally precise to a product line. But there are many Universal Remotes in the market, which emulates the remote control made for most important brand devices.

Q2.How to Check if Insignia Remote is a Universal Remote or not?

Some remote controls that come with Insignia TVs are familiar remotes and some are not. If they are regular remotes, you can use the remote to strengthen different devices, barring Insignia TV. To test if any Insignia remote is a typical remote or not, see for ‘Set’ and ‘Mode’ options. If it does, it is a Universal Remote in any other case not.

Q3.How to Get the Correct Insignia Universal Remote Codes?

To make a Universal Remote work with Insignia TV, you want to convert the remote into an Insignia Universal Remote by using Insignia Universal Remote Codes. There are several Insignia Universal Remote Control Codes on hand to apply your universal remote with Insignia TV.

Q4.How to Program Insignia Universal Remote by Code Search Method?

It occurs many times that after attempting many codes, you are nonetheless unable to the software you’re Universal remote with Insignia. In that case, we use the code search method. With this method, the remote is being compelled to search for the right Insignia familiar remote codes.

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