Best Roller Rockers For SBC – Make Your Engine Roar Again

Best Roller Rockers for SBC: Small block Chevy engines, as cool as they are in terms of design, construction, and sound, are a rare engine species outside of America. It is one of the many gasoline-powered internal combustion engines manufactured by general motors. And they have been used for such a long time that they have different generations to their name.

They have been used in sports/supercars as well as utility trucks. And the great thing about these engines is how customizable they are. There is a reason why the American car culture is so rich, and it is because of these engines.

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Best Roller Rockers For SBC

However, there is a crucial aspect of these small block chevy engines. It is the roller rockers. Now, if you do not know what roller rockers are, then in simple terms, roller rockers are the things that are meant for opening the inlet and the outlet valve to complete the engine cycle. Because of the smooth functioning of these roller rockers, your engine is running great. And if they break or rust out or anything like that, your engine is at high risk, so be careful when choosing these for your engine.

That is why we will be listing some of the best roller rockers to buy for your standard small block chevy engine that will increase your engine’s life and elevate your driving experience. Now, we will move to the list of the best roller rockers for SBC. We will include only the quality roller rockers and affordable ones—moving on to the first one.

1. Proform 66906C Stamped Roller-Tip Rocker Arm, 1.5 Ratio, 3/8″ Stud

One of the highest-rated roller rockers on amazon, we have the stamped roller rocker from Proform. This rocker is designed for select small block chevy engines. The whole package of the rocker rollers weighs about 2.62 pounds, and the dimensions are 12.75 x 9.75 x 5.5 inches.

From the pictures, they might seem to be self-aligning roller rockers, but they are not, so do not be misguided on that. The reviews from around the world regarding these roller rockers are great. Thousands of people have bought them and successfully integrated them into their engines.

Best Roller Rockers For SBC

Key features:

  • Premium roller rockers
  • Work on chevy small block engines
  • 1.5 ratios for 3/8″ studs


  • An extra-long slot eliminates rocker-to-stud interference
  • Reduces friction in the internal valve train
  • Anti-gall grooved balls, nuts per package, and 16 rockers


  • Not self-aligning
  • Poor finish

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2. COMP Cams 17001-16 High Energy Aluminum 1.5 Ratio Roller Rocker Set for SBC 265-400 w/ 3/8″ Stud

The great thing about aluminum rockers like these is that they are light in weight, and you do not need to compromise on the performance. The performance remains the same, and the strength-to-weight ratio improves. Comp Cams is also a top manufacturer of performance products so you can rely upon this company without any worries.

Now, talking about the dimension of the package, it is 3.8 inches L x 3.9 inches W x 12.8 inches H. You would also get excellent finishing with the product, not a rough one, as the exterior on all these roller rockers is machined. So, to sum it up it is a good product, thus recommended.

COMP Cams 17001-16 High Energy Aluminum 1.5 Ratio Roller Rocker Set for SBC 265-400 w/ 3/8" Stud

Key features:

  • Universally fits all small block chevy engines
  • The whole roller rocker package ways 7.98 pounds
  • Superior strength


  • The rigid design increases the lift of the valve and withstands the demands of a race
  • Roller tip and needle bearing fulcrum reduces friction and lowers oil temperatures for improved response and horsepower
  • For use with up to 550 lbs of open spring pressure


  • Not self-aligning, so you might need to guide plates

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3. COMP Cams 14121 Loose Roller Rockers

These Roller Rockers are designed for performance enthusiasts who are serious about their cars and performance. These roller rockers are not made of aluminum but steel, so yes, they are a bit heavy but also superior in strength. Another point about being made up of steel is that it will not flex and will ensure maximum lift.

The primary function of the roller tip in the roller rocker is to reduce friction and keep the operation smooth, which is precisely what it does. The rigid design and the maximum ratio accuracy result in a more effective valve lift.

COMP Cams 14121 Loose Roller Rockers

Key features:

  • Great for small block Chevy usage
  • 1.52 ratio with 3/8 inch stud
  • Significant horsepower increase over stock roller rockers


  • 8620 chrome moly steel used in its construction
  • The roller rocker weighs just 5.6 ounces
  • Value for money


  • Poor finishing

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4. Proform 66907 Extruded Aluminium Roller-Rocker Arm 1.5 Ratio 3/8″ Stud

You might not have heard of it, but Proform is one of the biggest brands selling Roller rockers of excellent quality. As evident as it is, they are designed for selected Chevrolet small block chevy engines.

They are expensive when compared to the other roller rockers mentioned on this list. The dimensions of this roller rocker are ‎20.9 x 8.1 x 2 inches. Also, the roller rocker’s picture does not do justice, and it is much better when you see it in person.

Proform 66907 Extruded Aluminum Roller-Rocker Arm, 1.5 Ratio, 3/8" Stud

Key features:

  • 1.5 Ratio for 3/8″ studs
  • Works for small block chevy engines
  • Built with extruded aluminum


  • Full needle bearing fulcrum and roller tip
  • Reduces internal valve train friction
  • 16 extruded aluminum roller rockers and 16 poly locks


  • Quite expensive when compared to other roller rockers
  • Made in China

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5. Scorpion Performance 1000-1 1.5 Ratio Roller Rocker for Small Block Chevy

Scorpion performance might be the only 5-star rated roller rocker on amazon. And it has one of the most fabulous color schemes I have ever seen on a roller rocker. The light weight of the roller rocker makes it an excellent choice for people who want a lightweight product.

The value for money proposition with this roller rocker is excellent. Of all the roller rockers I have listed on this list, this is my favorite one. The whole package is as great as one wants it to be. The dimension of the product is 6.48 ” L X4.37 ” W X3.17 ” H.

Scorpion Performance 1000-1 1.5 Ratio Roller Rocker Arm for Small Block Chevy

Key features:

  • Compact in size
  • 5-star rated on amazon
  • Great color scheme


  • The weight of the whole package is 3.89 pounds
  • Has a tremendous strength-to-weight ratio
  • Can be relied upon


  • Less availability is why stock runs out soon

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6. COMP Cams 17021-16 High Energy Aluminum 1.7 Ratio Roller Rocker Set for BBC 396-454 w/ 7/16″ Stud

The last roller rocker on our list will be a special one, not only because it costs a lot compared to other roller rockers on this list, but it is also one of the most widely sold roller rockers in the world. The dimensions of these roller rockers are 13 x 4 x 4 inches.

The one thing I love about these roller rockers is that they are suitable for both race and street use, so you would not need to change your roller rockers just because you decided to race. Being made of aluminum means that it is lightweight while being strong. The company likes to claim that you will see quite a few changes in your engine after installing them, which only time will tell.

COMP Cams 17021-16 High Energy Aluminum 1.7 Ratio Roller Rocker Set for BBC 396-454 w/ 7/16" Stud

Key features:

  • Universally fits all small chevy blocks
  • 7/16″ Stud, 1.7 Ratio
  • Specially engineered fulcrum
  • Creates less friction in the engine


  • Improves engine responses and horsepower
  • Designed to keep bearing locked in place
  • The whole package weighs just 7.9 pounds
  • Dual purpose for street and racing


  • Not self-aligning
  • Requires guide plates for larger chevy block engines

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Product Guide

There is a big difference between a regular rocker and a roller rocker. A normal rocker arm is like a see-saw. It opens the valve from one side while closing the other, while roller rockers function differently because there is a roller in the end that comes in contact with the end of the valve stem rather than a plain metal tip.

Roller rockers are standard on engines these days, but if you own a car that is quite old, there might be a high chance that it has a regular rocker, so you can go ahead with the option of a roller rocker if you want to enhance the performance.

Now the rockers vary according to the engine, so it’s not like you can buy any rocker from amazon; first, you have to see if the rocker you are looking to purchase is suitable for your engine. That is why get your engine checked by a mechanic first, who will give you the dimensions of the roller rockers that will suit your machine.



Q1.Are roller rockers necessary to buy?

Ans: Well, your engine already has roller rockers, and if your car is new, chances are it has roller rockers. But, if you are a classic car owner or your car is quite old, it might have traditional rockers, which are not as efficient as roller rockers.

So, if you think your roller rocker has worn out or you want more performance, you can go ahead with one of the rockers we mentioned in this list. All of these rockers can fit small block chevy engines, but only the ones with the exact size specification as the engine. So, be careful when you buy roller rockers for your chevy.

Q2.Can we buy roller rockers from our local mechanic?

Ans: If your local mechanic has the authority to sell branded roller rockers, then there is no problem, but be careful; sometimes, the mechanic might try to sell you some cheap knock-off roller rockers, which might seem very tempting, but would not be a good decision.

First of all, check the packaging of the product, it should mention the brand, the size specification, the material it is made up of and its date of manufacturing, also see if there is a customer care number attached with it or not, in case you face issues with the product.

Q3.How to check the quality of a roller rocker?

Ans: Checking the quality of a roller rocker is an essential part of buying quality roller rockers for your car, the reason being that roller rocker have to perform in the most heated area of your engine. If there are any quality issues, it might end up destroying your engine.

So, first of all, you should look for any cracks on the roller rocker, cracks at the joint, at the inner side, and the outside, and you should also check the product’s finishing. The better the roller rocker’s finishing, the longer its life will be because a rough uneven surface can cause many issues.

Q4.How much of a performance enhancement can we expect to see after successfully installing the roller rocker?

Ans: After successfully installing the roller rockers, it is not that you are going to see some drastic changes in performance. It is not like your car will become a rocket and get added horsepower and torque just because of roller rockers.

It is just that the functioning of your engine will improve a lot and improve in a way that you will not feel any jerk while driving your gear. It will be a very smooth ride, and the life of your engine will be enhanced by a few years. These are the two changes you can expect to see.


Wrapping Up

To wrap up, roller rockers are an excellent choice for your engine. They do enhance your engine’s performance to some degree, and they improve the life of your engine as well. 

There are quality rocker rollers, and then there are cheap rocker rollers; always go with the quality ones. The ones we have mentioned in the list are the best of the best; we would recommend you to go with those.

I trust you liked my list of the best roller rockers for your small block chevy engines.

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