New! Vizio Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

A comprehensive sort of remote is the Vizio universal remote that’s ready to control a maximum of 4 components. For detailed instructions on the way to program this remote, you’ll find value within the below article for Vizio soundbar universal remote codes. Vizio universal remote codes are listed below, before programming Vizio TV using universal remote codes confirm to hook up and power on Vizio TV and every one of the devices you would like to line up. next, confirm batteries are working within the Vizio or universal remotes. Write down the Vizio universal remote codes from the list provided below. Nothing is more frustrating than searching out that you just haven’t attached or universal remote batteries are bad after spending your evening programming universal or Vizio remotes.

Vizio Universal remotes are a convenient way to streamline your home entertainment experience by consolidating control over multiple devices into one. If you own a Vizio universal remote and need to program it to work with your TV, DVD player, or other devices, you’ve come to the right place. In this guide, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of Vizio universal remote codes and explain how to use them to set up your remote. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes and simplify your home entertainment setup with Vizio universal remote codes.

Vizio Universal Remote Codes

Programming your Vizio Universal Remote is a breeze with various methods such as manual code entry, code search, and auto code scan. If you’re looking for similar codes and instructions for an RCA Universal Remote, check out our comprehensive guide on RCA Universal Remote Codes

vizio universal remote codes for soundbar

Vizio Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

  • 10178
  • 10120
  • 10864
  • 10117
  • 10885
  • 11756
  • 01377

Vizio Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

  • 502
  • 505
  • 627
  • 004
  • 113
  • 011

Vizio Audio Universal Remote Codes

  • 0600, 0883

Vizio DVD Universal Remote Codes

  • 1500, 1502, 1501, 1419, 0382

Vizio Wall Mount Universal Remote Codes

  • 0320

Vizio Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 1758, 1292, 0117, 1004, 1017, 1078, 0205, 0030, 0128, 0056, 0178, 1756

How to Program the Vizio Universal Remote?

Before fixing the Vizio universal remote codes with the subsequent steps, confirm that your component or device is correctly switched on and fresh batteries are installed into the remote:

  • Power on the device manually you would like the remote to require control of.
  • Press the button of your TV or the device and hold for five seconds. Wait until the LED blinks twice and remains lit.
  • Using the below Vizio universal remote code list, search the programming code like your device and brand. Enter the code using the number of keys. After entering every digit, the LED blinks once. The LED blinks twice when an accurate code is entered after entering the last digit and eventually powers off.
  • Press the facility button while pointing the remote directly towards the chosen device. The setup is complete once the device powers off.

Note: Repeat the procedure again using a different one after the device doesn’t power off.

How to Look for Component Vizio Remote Codes?

If the brand of your component or device isn’t found within the list, here are the steps on how the Vizio universal remote seeks out the right component code:

  • Power on the component or device manually.
  • Using the remote, press the corresponding component button.
  • Press the Set button and hold it until the LED blinks twice.
  • Press 9-9-1 and therefore the LED blinks twice.
  • Directly point the remote towards the device.
  • Press on the alternate between the facility and component button until the device powers off.

Note: clear the component button if the component remains not working and repeat the search instructions.

How to Change Volume Lock in Vizio Universal Remote?

While on VCR, satellite/cable, or DVD device modes, the Vizio universal remote is preset to regulate volume through your TV. Here’s the way to change the quantity lock:

  • Press the Setup button and hold it until the LEF blinks twice.
  • Press 9-9-3 until the LED blinks twice.
  • Press the component once that you simply want to assign the quantity until the LED flashes twice.
  • While controlling the opposite devices or components, the chosen device will now function using the Vol button.

There are some ways on how the Vizio universal remote might be of immense advantage to your home entertainment. With the correct programming, you’ll be ready to control the functions of multiple components or devices. Such a good deal!


With Vizio universal remote codes at your fingertips, you can regain control over your home entertainment setup and enjoy a hassle-free viewing experience. Whether it’s your Vizio TV, DVD player, cable box, or even a streaming device, programming your universal remote is easier than ever. Say goodbye to clutter and confusion with multiple remotes and embrace the convenience of a Vizio universal remote. Unlock the full potential of your entertainment system today!


Q: What is a Vizio Universal Remote?

A Vizio Universal Remote is a versatile remote control that can be programmed to operate various brands and types of electronic devices, such as TVs, DVD players, soundbars, and more, offering a single, convenient control solution.

Q: How do I program my Vizio Universal Remote?

There are several methods to program your Vizio Universal Remote, including manual code entry, code search, auto code scan, and code retrieval from Vizio’s official website. Each method is designed to suit different needs and preferences.

Q: Where can I find Vizio Universal Remote Codes for my devices?

Vizio provides a list of universal remote codes on their official website. You can also find codes in the user manual that came with your remote, or use code search features built into the remote itself.

Q: What should I do if the codes don’t work with my device?

If the provided codes do not work, you can try alternative methods, such as the code search or auto code scan, to find a compatible code. If these methods fail, it’s possible that your device may not be supported by the universal remote.

Q: Can I control multiple devices with a single Vizio Universal Remote?

Yes, most Vizio Universal Remotes support the control of multiple devices, such as your TV, DVD player, and sound system. You can typically program the remote to operate multiple devices by inputting the respective codes.

Q: How do I reset my Vizio Universal Remote to its factory settings?

To reset your Vizio Universal Remote to its factory settings, consult the user manual for specific instructions. Typically, there’s a button combination or sequence you need to follow to initiate a factory reset.

Q: What if I have an older or uncommon device with no listed codes?

In such cases, you might need to resort to trial and error, as some older or less common devices may not have pre-listed codes available. Begin with the code search feature on your remote to find a working code.

Q: Can I program my Vizio Soundbar with a Vizio Universal Remote?

Yes, you can program a Vizio Soundbar with a Vizio Universal Remote. Refer to the user manual or Vizio’s website for the specific codes and programming instructions to control your soundbar.

Q: Are there advanced programming options for Vizio Universal Remotes?

Yes, some Vizio Universal Remotes offer advanced features like learning functionality, which allows you to teach the remote commands from your existing remotes, and the creation of macros for custom commands, enhancing your control capabilities.

Q: Why use Vizio Universal Remote Codes?

Vizio Universal Remote Codes offer the convenience of consolidating control over multiple devices into a single remote, reducing clutter and simplifying your home entertainment experience.

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