GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV – Program Info

In today’s modern world, the living room has evolved into a hub of entertainment, with various devices like televisions, DVD players, sound systems, and gaming consoles often cluttering the space. The quest for simplicity and convenience has led many to seek out universal remote controls, and one of the most popular options is the GE Universal Remote.

If you own a Panasonic TV and want to streamline your entertainment experience, this blog post is here to guide you through the process of programming your GE Universal Remote with the correct codes for your Panasonic TV. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing multiple remote controls and hello to a more user-friendly, one-remote solution!

Panasonic universal codes are required to hyperlink the devices with the universal codes. Each conventional code is linked to a device. So, when you enter the proper code, your remote automatically syncs with the system and shops the code. Next time you don’t have to comply with a guide technique to link the remote again.

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV

GE Universal Remote Codes for Panasonic TV & How to Program

  • 0171, 0381, 0437, 0054, 0170, 0062, 0950, 0003, 0148, 0374, 0070

GE Universal Remote CL3 Codes for Panasonic TV

  • 5201, 5481, 3381, 3401, 0051, 0201, 0951, 1091, 1491, 1571, 1651, 1831, 1881, 1961, 2151, 2711, 2801, 3431, 3551, 3771, 4691, 4781, 4861

GE Universal Remote CL4 Codes for Panasonic TV

  • 6231, 5821, 5201, 5531, 1571, 5561

GE Universal Remote CL5 Codes for Panasonic TV

  • 5821, 1571, 6231, 5201, 5531, 5561

How to Program 

  • Switch on your TV set or DVD player
  • Find the SEL and TV buttons. Press and hold down each button together for a few seconds. The LED on the button will flip on.
  • Hold your familiar TV remote to face your Panasonic TV or DVD participant you desire to turn on.
  • Pick any of the universal remote codes for Panasonic above and enter the code.
  • Press any of the function keys on your remote control. If it works, in that capacity you bought the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and attempt with some other code.

Benefits of Universal remote

Here are the following advantages of the use of a prevalent remote:

  • The Panasonic universal remote is easy to set up.
  • Universal remote control cuts down on your expenses of shopping for batteries and preserving them.
  • This is all one gadget that makes your work simpler and more organized.
  • A universal remote control is convenient and simple.

How to troubleshoot your Panasonic typical remote?

Follow the following steps to troubleshoot your Panasonic remote:

  • The very first step is to test whether the gadget you are using has to be switched on.
  • The next step is to take a look at the batteries of your remote. Maybe it’s excessive time that you want to exchange the batteries. Try to exchange them with the new ones and take a look at them again.
  • If the preceding step doesn’t work, you want to make sure that no different machine is interfering between the faraway and gadget. Make sure that you are 20 toes away from the machine now, not greater than that.
  • Try turning off the parental button of your remote. In some cases, this would possibly additionally help.
  • In this step, you want to flip off the infrared mild that would possibly be interacting with the remote signal. For this flip on your digital camera, factor the remote in the direction of the digital camera and press the small button. You can use the infrared mild if you no longer attempt every other button.
  • In this step, appear for the guide that got here alongside the remote. Make the vital adjustments if required. It will be helpful.

Even after attempting hard, you fail to troubleshoot your system and strive to contact the Panasonic patron care number. They will aid you and inform you about the same.


1. What is a GE Universal Remote, and why should I use it with my Panasonic TV?

A GE Universal Remote is a versatile remote control that can replace multiple remotes for different devices. Using it with your Panasonic TV allows you to simplify your home entertainment setup, making it easier to control your TV and other devices with a single remote.

2. How do I program my GE Universal Remote for my Panasonic TV?

Programming your GE Universal Remote for your Panasonic TV involves entering the correct remote control code. Follow the step-by-step instructions in our guide to program your remote effortlessly.

3. Where can I find the remote control code for my Panasonic TV?

You can find the remote control code for your Panasonic TV in our blog post, along with instructions on how to program it. We’ve compiled a list of codes to help you get started.

4. Can I use my GE Universal Remote with other devices, like my DVD player or soundbar?

Yes, GE Universal Remotes are designed to work with a wide range of devices, including DVD players, soundbars, and more. You can program your remote to control multiple devices in your home entertainment system.

5. What should I do if the remote control code for my Panasonic TV doesn’t work?

If the initial code you try doesn’t work, don’t worry. Our guide provides troubleshooting tips and additional codes you can try to ensure successful programming.

6. Will programming my GE Universal Remote for my Panasonic TV affect the existing settings on my TV?

No, programming your remote should not affect your TV’s existing settings. It simply allows you to control your TV with the remote.

7. Is there a specific GE Universal Remote model that works best with Panasonic TVs?

While many GE Universal Remotes are compatible with Panasonic TVs, the specific model you choose may offer additional features. Refer to the remote’s user manual or packaging to check for compatibility with Panasonic TVs.

8. Can I use a GE Universal Remote with a Panasonic Smart TV for advanced functions like accessing apps and settings?

Yes, most GE Universal Remotes are designed to work with Panasonic Smart TVs, allowing you to navigate and control various functions, including apps and settings.

9. Where can I purchase a GE Universal Remote if I don’t already have one?

GE Universal Remotes are widely available at electronics stores, department stores, and online retailers. You can easily purchase one from a trusted source.

10. Is there a warranty for GE Universal Remotes, and what if I encounter issues with the remote after programming it?

Warranties may vary depending on the specific model and where you purchase the remote. Check the product documentation for warranty details. If you encounter issues after programming, consult the troubleshooting section of the remote’s manual or contact GE customer support for assistance.

Q: How to apply Panasonic Faraway to Audio devices?

A: The first step is to shut down the audio system that you are planning to program. Another essential component to consider is that your batteries have to be fresh. You want to press the energy and motion button on your remote concurrently now, hold down the button for 5 seconds, and then launch it in this way; your remote will enter into programming mode.

Q: Troubleshooting Panasonic Universal remote?

A: If your Panasonic universal remote is no longer working appropriately then, there would possibly be some trouble. No need to panic as in digital devices errors like these are often—all you want to do to continue to be calm and discern the problem.

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