Sylvania Portable Dvd Player Remote Codes and Instructions

If you’ve got a Sylvania DVD player and need to regulate it with a universal remote, we have the codes needed. A Sylvania DVD player is often controlled with any universal remote if you’ve got the right programming guide and therefore the correct remote codes. If the codes below don’t work together with your Sylvania DVD player, please leave a comment below with the model number of your remote and DVD player, and that we will find you the right remote code.

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote codes List

Sylvania Portable DVD Player Remote Codes

If you only bought a universal remote and you would like the remote codes for the Sylvania DVD player, this post outlines the codes below. There are a variety of remote codes for the Sylvania DVD player. We provided quite one code for every device. So if one of the codes doesn’t work, please try another code. The code is typically a 4-digits figure.

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 2213
  • 2260
  • 2321
  • 2327

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote 5 Digit Codes

  • 20821, 57439, 58733, 58135, 54408, 52149, 58537, 21268, 30675, 57904, 26119, 20675, 54025, , 26717

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote 4 Digit Codes

  • 2405, 2372, 0675, 0447, 3432, 6511, 6276, 2374, 3458, 0455, 2213, 6022, 3409, 2092, 2078, 3387, 3472, 3427, 1106, 2132, 3855, 0591, 2321, 1731, 0456, 2129, 2002, 3391, 2194, 6167, 3469, 3436, 3323, 2260, 0247, 1612, 2170, 0630, 2064, 2336, 0821, 3875, 0458, 3815, 1268, 2375, 2327, 0899, 3303, 6042, 0795, 2054, 1212, 3745, 4215, 3377, 2116, 3142, 2018, 6556, 1672, 3440, 6015, 0445, 6168, 2408, 2373

Sylvania DVD Player Universal Remote 3 Digit Codes

  • 639, 456, 458, 619, 121, 617, 764, 829, 804, 126, 651, 377, 650, 124, 645, 531, 661, 060, 570, 303, 123, 803, 631, 658

Sylvania comes with a remote. But if for any reason you misplace your Sylvania remote or it got spoilt, you’ll use a universal remote to program the Sylvania.

Your Sylvania TV or other electronics are reliable and high-quality equipment that ought to last you a great many years. Unfortunately, the remote controls may give out before the most unit does thanks to the rough daily use they receive. Being dropped, played with by kids, chewed on by the family dog, constantly pressing buttons are often a number of the explanations remotes fail early. If this happens to you, confirm you replace your remote with a Sylvania remote that matches the first if you’ll.

If you’ve got any needs for a Sylvania replacement remote, confirm you’re taking a glance at for everything replacement remote related including Sylvania remote codes. Sylvania remote Replacement.

Switch on your Sylvania DVD player set.

  • Hold your universal DVD remote to face the Sylvania DVD player you would like to program.
  • Find the ‘Menu’ option on your universal remote. continue to the ‘Settings’ button and ‘Program Remote’ then choose ‘Sylvania DVD player’ or any device you would like to program.
  • Find the ‘Slide Mode’ on top of the ‘Sylvania DVD player’. Choose ‘LG’ from the choices. Then simultaneously hold the ‘Mute’ and Select’ buttons together.
  • If you bought the method right, the small light will blink 4 times. When it does, pick any of the codes above for your device and enter. The button light will explode once you get the right code. If not, try another code.
  • Press any of the functions keys on your remote. If it works, meaning you bought the steps correctly. If it doesn’t work, repeat the steps and check out with another code.
  • If you’ve got any code that’s not included in these, please help us add it to the comment box. we’ll really appreciate it.

We have an enormous selection of SYLVANIA replacement remote controls so you don’t get to search hard after your original remote wears out, gets lost, or broken. is going to be ready to supply you with a reliable OEM remote of the precise same model as your old remote.

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