GE Universal Remote Codes For Rca [2024]

If you’re searching for GE universal remote codes for RCA devices, you’re in the right place! Programming your GE universal remote to control your RCA devices is a breeze with the right codes. Our blog provides a comprehensive list of GE universal remote codes that are compatible with RCA TVs, DVD players, soundbars, and more. Say goodbye to juggling multiple remotes and streamline your entertainment experience by following our step-by-step guide to programming your GE remote. With our help, you’ll be enjoying your RCA devices with ease and convenience in no time. Check out our blog now to simplify your remote control setup!

If retaining an orderly home theater is your top priority, you shouldn’t omit well-known remote controls. With this remote, you can manage a variety of gadgets like your TV, DVD player, and receiver, however solely if you recognize how to use it.

GE universal remote codes for RCA

GE universal remote codes for rca

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA TV List

  • 0031, 0004, 0048, 0054, 0094, 0100, 0102, 0107, 0129, 0191, 0005, 0009, 0000, 0162, 0163, 0342, 0003, 0015, 0022, 0096, 0113, 0125, 0179, 0187, 0188

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Home Theatre List

  • 0449
  • 0920
  • 0453
  • 0879

GE Universal Remote Codes for RCA Converter Box List

  • 1032
  • 52325

How to Find GE Remote Model and Code List Version Sticker

Since there is more than one model of GE remote control, it is very vital for you to discover its particular mannequin first. What you need to do is flip your faraway control, and open the battery compartment, which seems to be for a sticky label the place the mannequin and codes are listed. There are three possible codes that you can discover on the list, which ought to be CL3, CL4, and CL5.

Once you find the remote code or model in the sticker, navigate via this web page to search through the codes supplied below. This will serve as your information on what codes you have to enter based totally on your far-off model.

How to Program a GE Remote Control

  • To start the guide code programming of your GE remote control, instantaneously it to setup mode. To do this, press the Setup button. Do not launch until a purple light illuminates the strength button of the remote. Make positive that the red mild stays on earlier than you proceed with the subsequent step.
  • Once the energy button is stagnantly illuminated, launch the Setup button. Now, discover the button on your far-off that corresponds to the system you’re programming it with (TV, DVD player, etc.)
  • Press the gadget button, then enter the code that corresponds to your device’s manufacturer and kind located beneath this page. Using the quantity pad of the remote, enter the code.
  • After coming into the code, the pink mild has to flip off.
  • To see if the programming effectively worked, check the remote with the device. Aim the remote directly toward the device and click on a variety of commands.
  • Turn off the system the usage of the power button and flip it back on the usage of the equal button. Test a few different buttons to see if the machine follows the commands. If it does, you’re finished with the programming.
  • If your gadget doesn’t reply to different commands, you want to repeat the method and pick out some other code.

Looking to program your GE universal remote for RCA devices? Our comprehensive guide on GE Universal Remote Codes has you covered! This article provides a detailed list of codes to seamlessly control your RCA TVs, DVD players, soundbars, and more. Simplify your entertainment setup today by following our step-by-step instructions for programming your GE remote. Say goodbye to multiple remotes and hello to convenience. Ready to get started? Head over to our GE Universal Remote Codes article and enhance your remote control experience!


Q1.What type of duties can you operate with a popular TV remote?

There are easy command types, like altering the channels, adjusting volume, deciding on inputs, altering the sound & image of a display, and exploring the playback features.

Q2.Want to software your RCA well-known remote control? Here’s how?

There is a broad range available, and depending on which model you choose, you can manage up to eight devices. That ability is no greater than having to save a bunch of remotes in one drawer or dropping them altogether.

Q3.How do I program my RCA universal remote for my TV?

Once the machine turns off that ability the remote control needs to be in sync with your TV. If this method does no longer works, attempt to be patient. Just repeat these steps, making certain you are pressing the buttons the full time that is needed.

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