How To Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?

You could have had a consolidated AT&T and Yahoo Mail account when previously both and were redirected to, but now that Yahoo Mail has come back as its own domain, you may want to separate your accounts from each other again if you receive spam mail or messages from someone who doesn’t have your contact information.

It will be easier for you to find and delete them in the future. To make things easier, we’re also going to provide you with the time-stamped process of how to separate Yahoo Mail from an AT & T account in easy steps. It’s basically a very simple and straightforward process that you may follow and one that should take you no more than a few minutes to complete:

How To Separate Yahoo Mail From AT&T Account?

  1. First off, you can visit and login into your Yahoo Mail account. From the left-hand side menu, go to Options > Accounts > Add Account > Other Email > AT&T (you could select other email types if you want).
  2. Then, enter your primary email address, username, and password for your ATT account.
  3. A verification email will be sent to your AT & T email address, which means that you’ll have to click on the link in that confirmation message before you can continue with the process of attaching your AT & T account to a Yahoo mail account.
  4. Once you have clicked on the verification link from AT&T inbox, then you’ll notice a new “Account Added” notification is shown under “Other Email”. The next steps involve configuring how your accounts interact with each other:
  5. You should click on the “Accounts” tab under Options > Settings and then select Activate next to the ATT account.

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What Went Wrong With Yahoo AT&T Mail?

Though Yahoo has always been closely tied to AT & T and the companies are working closely together in many ways, the two companies have decided to separate their accounts once again. This means that you can now login into your Yahoo account in one way ( and you could sign up for a new account at the old Yahoo Mail address, but you will be able to login into either type of account and sync your email contacts from your old ATT inbox. Since you couldn’t choose between the two email addresses before, we’re glad that this is now possible so that our users can send/receive emails using Yahoo or, depending on their preference.

What Happened After AT&T and Yahoo Split Up?

Though the companies are still working together to provide consumers with a better service, the ability for you to merge Yahoo with ATT accounts that had been previously possible is no longer active and will not re-open until further notice. But we’re not saying that you can’t use your Yahoo Mail account, because you can always do so and it will never expire or be deleted from your account even if you don’t access it for several years. That’s one of the best features of using a Yahoo email address and we’re glad that this service will remain available forever so that our users can have access to it when they need it most.

What Should I Do If I Still Have My Yahoo ID?

Your Yahoo account has been transferred to AT &, and we’re not saying that you can’t use it, because it’s still active and will never expire or be deleted from your account. You can also choose which method you want to use to send/receive an email, but if, you decide to handle the different types of email accounts (Yahoo or, make sure that you keep the primary email address unique so that you can sign in using your original one and not an old one or a duplicate one.

Can I Keep My Yahoo Account After Separating The Accounts?

As a matter of fact, yes. You can keep your primary email address (Yahoo) and use it to log in to your new AT & T account. This should be all you need to do so that you can continue using the email service that you’re accustomed to, even if its official one is now at AT & As long as you have the same email address which was used to sign-up for the old Yahoo Mail account, then we’re sure that you won’t have any issues with getting access to your emails again, in case one of your emails gets lost or deleted erroneously.

Can I Set Up AT & T Yahoo Mail Without Help?

You can set up your new AT & T email account, though we’re not saying that you should do so all by yourself. We recommend that you read through some of the instructions in previous versions of this article and then contact us if that doesn’t resolve your issue. For example, if you don’t know how to log into your Yahoo account, then sign in with a different email address or use a different password combination and then log in again. This will deactivate the old password and automatically set up a new one so that you can access your email address again.

Yahoo ATT Email: An Overview


You’ll continue to be able to sign up and use a new Yahoo email address ( even if you don’t have an active AT & T account, so do keep this in mind in case you ever need to sign up for a new account with Yahoo. But we’re also glad that users are now able to login into their old email accounts at the same address they used before, which is, using any of the email addresses that they created when signing up for the original service. So keep your login information close at hand, because you’ll need it in case you want to access and use your old Yahoo Mail inbox again.

Final verdict

You can still use your Yahoo account at AT & if you want to, but you should read through this article to avoid any misunderstanding or confusion. If you have already set up the new Yahoo account and received the email inside of it, then there is no need to contact us, because we will detach one email address from your old Yahoo account and attach it to your new login information.

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