Best Vizio TV for Gaming in 2023 [Experts Reviews]

There are so many TVs out on the market for us to choose from nowadays, and they come in different sizes and shapes, with various features and capabilities. If you’re looking into buying a new TV, Vizio is one of the best TV brands to consider that’s available right now. There are several reasons why Vizio is so prevalent in the US, but primarily because they’ve continued listening to their customers. With that said, you should consider buying a Vizio when shopping for your next TV.

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One of the best reasons to get a Vizio TV is because they come with a game mode. This feature allows users to customize what’s shown on their TV while playing games. Vizio has a unique approach to their game mode, which means you shouldn’t have any issues finding your ideal style for this feature. Also, all of the gaming content and controls are where you’d expect them to be.

Vizio also has a wide range of intelligent apps compatible with their TVs and more advanced technology such as 4K and 3D technologies that make everything look brighter and sharper. They’ve also developed “Smart Interactivity, ” which means you can easily access all intelligent apps. They’re also working on even more advanced technology that should be released sometime later this year or early next year.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Vizio has a wide range of screen sizes for you to choose from, so whether you’re looking for a 20-inch TV or giant 55-inch television, they should have something perfect for your needs. They even offer an 80-inch TV called the Reference Series, one of the best options available right now if you want a big screen. This set is also loaded with tons of technology that you’ll love.

The Best Vizio TV for Gaming

Overall, Vizio is a solid brand, and there are plenty of reasons you should consider buying one of their TVs. Especially if you’re looking for a new TV designed explicitly for gaming, the Vizio M Series is perfect for what you need. It offers the right amount of color, brightness, and contrast levels to ensure that everything looks as good as possible on your screen. The best part is that they have three levels of game modes, so you can customize what you see while playing your favorite games.

1. VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Premium 4K UHD HDR Smart TV

The VIZIO 55-inch OLED TV is not only one of the giant TVs on the market but also one of the highest quality. Its 4K UHD HDR Smart TV allows you to watch television and movies with a crystal clear picture that will leave your jaw-dropping. With Full Active LED Zones, this TV can provide consistent backlighting throughout all zones, resulting in a better display overall.

VIZIO 55-Inch OLED Premium 4K UHD HDR Smart TV with Dolby Vision, HDMI 2.1, 120Hz Refresh Rate, Pro Gaming Engine, Apple AirPlay 2 and Chromecast Built-in - OLED55-H1


  • Consistent lighting throughout.
  • Smooth motion, no judder.
  • Excellent audio quality with built-in Dolby Atmos speakers.
  • Performant in virtually all games, movies, and TV series on the market.
  • HDR functionality that’s more accurate than many other TVs.


  • Pricey.
  • Input lag is high on certain games with HDMI-side de-interlacing options.
  • The remote is awkward and not very intuitive.
  • No built-in Chromecast, AirPlay, or other video streaming support.
  • The wrong color at times due to the panel being a wide gamut VA (6:4:4).
  • 7ms response time isn’t stellar for gamers who don’t care about motion blur reduction.

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2. VIZIO M558-G1 M-Series Quantum 55” 4K HDR Smart Tv

The VIZIO 55” M-Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV is your best bet if you’re looking for a vibrant, colorful four intelligent HDR K TV that can fit into any sized room. The M-Series Quantum 4K HDR Smart TV has been engineered with a powerful engine that delivers the deepest and purest blacks in a television today. Vibrant color is also provided through Chromecast support, allowing you to stream media and utilize apps on this TV with ease.

VIZIO M558-G1 M-Series Quantum 55” 4K HDR Smart TV


  • A full roster of Dolby Vision content and other hdr formats.
  • The HDR10+ format can drastically reduce the number of eye-strain-inducing blobs onscreen.
  • HDR content from Netflix and Amazon Video is now available.
  • The colors are vibrant, and the blacks are deep.
  • Dolby Atmos sound quality is excellent for TV shows, movies, and gaming.
  • Fantastic picture-in-picture technology (picture-picture feature).
  • Built-in Chromecast support allows you to easily stream media directly from your phone or tablet.
  • Great remote control with a full QWERTY keyboard on the remote.


  • Some users have found this TV’s settings to change randomly, so be sure to do regular reboots.
  • The speaker quality is poor for both audio and video.
  • 8ms response time is not ideal for gamers.

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3. VIZIO PX75-G1 P-Series Quantum X 75” Class (74.5″ Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV

The VIZIO P75-G1 Quantum X 75” 4K HDR TV has a perfect resolution, power, and price mix. It delivers 4K resolution and a full array of hdr technologies with accurate life color reproduction. Dolby Vision is also available on this panel to provide vivid images that can’t find on any other TV today.

VIZIO PX75-G1 P-Series Quantum X 75” Class (74.5" Diag.) 4K HDR Smart TV


  • HDR support is available on all apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube.
  • Excellent contrast and color thanks to the IPS panels utilized in this TV.
  • Easily one of the brightest and most colorful TVs you’ll come across today.


  • The HDR and Dolby Vision content selection on streaming apps is limited.
  • Bluetooth headphones and other wireless audio devices may not work correctly with this TV.
  • Input lag is high, but the motion blur reduction settings can help.
  • The viewing angles are narrow, so viewing from the side will lose color and contrast.

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4. VIZIO P659-G1 P-Series Quantum 65” Class 4K HDR Smart TV

The VIZIO P659-G1 65 inch 4K HDR Smart TV has been crafted with the true definition of class and style. With a full array of hdr technologies built in, this TV is an excellent choice for those looking for a clear picture that doesn’t lose any brightness or vibrancy and for those looking for superb cinematic effects and color. The P-Series Quantum upgrade is more than just a great TV to look at–with built-in Chromecast functionality, you can now stream content directly from your phone or tablet with ease right into the stunning picture.

VIZIO P659-G1 P-Series Quantum 65” Class 4K HDR Smart TV


  • The color and contrast on this TV are spectacular.
  • HDR content is available on all apps, including Netflix, Amazon Video, and YouTube.
  • To get the most out of this TV, you need to have a solid, fast internet connection.
  • Built-in Chromecast support makes it easy to stream content from your phone or tablet into the television.
  • Good viewing angles make this TV one of the most desirable options today.
  • A fantastic combination of price and performance.


  • The remote is clumsy and awkward to use.
  • The intelligent functionality can be rather sluggish at times.
  • The backlight intensity drops off relatively quickly in darker scenes, and blacks lose some accuracy on this TV.
  • 8ms response time isn’t ideal for most hardcore gamers.

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How to choose the Best Vizio TV for Gaming? 

The Vizio TV has performed well in the market. They are affordable but are also on par with any other brand. They also have built-in wifi, which is convenient for gaming and streaming apps. You can also enjoy the SmartCast app that allows you to use your phone or tablet as a remote. In addition, these TVs come with a warranty which covers both hardware and software defects for one year from the date of purchase.

Here are some of the best Vizio TVs for gaming

It has an ultra-thin design with a full backlit led screen and Dolby Vision support. It also uses the SmartCast app developed for android and iPhone devices. You can easily browse content from your favorite streaming apps like Netflix, YouTube, etc.

In addition, this TV is compatible with Google Chromecast. This lets you quickly cast your favorite apps from your mobile device to your Vizio TV screen, even on a big screen. The display has a Full HD resolution with 1920X1080 pixels, and this can be used as a PC monitor if you want to. It also comes with an ultra-thin frame giving it an elegant look and feel.

This smart Vizio TV offers you the best value for your money. It was made for gamers and provides both gaming performance and display quality. It has a 4K resolution, perfect for 4k gaming and viewing or streaming 4k content from apps like Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, Kodi, etc. The beautiful display of these TVs makes them great for watching movies or playing games in detail, even at high resolutions.

These TVs have a 60Hz refresh rate which is very good for gaming, and it ensures that your screen is smooth even when there are fast actions and movements on the net. For a 60Hz TV, these Vizio TVs offer superb game quality and display that you will enjoy while gaming.

It also features the SmartCast app, allowing you to use any Android or iPhone device as a remote control. You can also cast any app from your mobile device to your TV. The built-in WiFi allows you to stream videos or games directly from online sources like Vue, Google Play Movies, etc. Switching between apps on the TV is more accessible with the built-in keypad remote.

Why choose the Best Vizio TV for Gaming?

When it’s time to make a big decision, one of the most important questions you should ask yourself is: “How well will this purchase serve my needs?”. One conclusion that can be complicated and often difficult to decide is what type of TV to buy. There are so many models and brands that it can feel impossible to find the right one.

The Vizio Company has been in the game for a while now, and they offer quality TVs at affordable prices. They are one of the most successful brands in the industry, with many customers buying their top-of-the-line products.

Who Is Vizio?

Nyman Vizio (Nyman Victor) founded his company in 2006, and it’s still around today, 13 years later. The name “VIZIO” alludes to the VIZIO brand and stands for VIZIO Technology Incorporated. The company is headquartered in Irvine, California.

VIZIO is known for producing affordable, high-quality TVs and audio equipment. VIZIO has proven itself to be a top competitor in the TV market and has won multiple awards for excellence. The VIZIO name is becoming well recognized worldwide, and its products are sold in more than forty countries globally. They have been a favorite choice of consumers because of their low prices and their quality premium picture technology.

Among other awards they have won, they were voted by Forbes as one of the “100 Best American companies to work for”. With all these achievements, it’s easy to tell why Vizio has become so popular in so many countries worldwide.

Reason to choose the VIZIO TV for Gaming

Video games are becoming more and more popular, but the best way to play is through VIZIO TV. If you’re looking for a new TV for gaming, VIZIO TVs offer some of the best features that gamers want. Read on to learn about why a VIZIO TV is better for playing video games than any other type of TV.

VIZIO TVs have superior specialties, which help provide smoother gameplay with less screen, more minoring, and choppiness. This makes them ideal for competitive online gaming or even just trying out your hand at beating the high score on your favorite game. In addition, VIZIO TV’s advanced motion processing, like VIZIO’s Game Mode, reduces motion blur so that your in-game action looks lifelike and precise.

Another great feature of a VIZIO TV is its SmartCast app, which lets you mirror your smartphone or tablet’s screen onto the TV without any lag or time delay. This means you can check notifications on your phone without interrupting your game’s action and fun activities like browsing the web or doing homework.

A big part of any gaming experience is listening to music while playing games. VIZIO’s SmartCast Sound Bar systems allow you to play your music from multiple connected devices, like your phone or tablet, through the Sound Bar and powerful wireless subwoofer. You can use the Sound Bar as a part of a complete 5.1 surround system, which adds two rear speakers and a wireless subwoofer for more immersive sound. VIZIO TVs also allow you to make your TV smarter by gaining access to apps like Netflix and Hulu Plus, so you can stream more of what you want on the big screen.

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