Best Sony TV For Gaming for PS5 and Xbox Series X

If you’re looking for a high-end TV that also delivers top performance in your games, look no further than Sony’s cutting-edge bravado. Sony TVs are known for their visual horsepower, pristine picture quality, and superior build quality and design. Not to mention that they are amongst the first Smart TVs on the market. If this is your first time buying a TV, consider these three features when deciding which model is suitable for you: image processor, gaming console compatibility, and HDR compatibility.

The image processor enables better performance from standard screen resolutions with dynamic contrast and rich color reproduction. Sony gets a label for this feature since it is the first TV to have this feature. The image processor uses two quad-core processors for better performance and enables HDR highlights.

The gaming console compatibility allows you to connect any high-end game console to your Sony TV automatically and quickly. Games are often getting more fluid and life-like with fast frame rates, vibrant colors, and depth of field while playing at 1080p resolution. This gaming experience is only possible when you have a suitable video processing unit in your Sony’s Bravia lineup. However, you can still connect other devices like HD games consoles that don’t have HDMI ports and play on your television through the Bravia Gaming Connect app.

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HDR-compatible TVs are the best for gaming. High-dynamic range known as HDR makes your games stand out from everything else with higher contrast and brighter colors. Your PS4 Pro or Xbox One S, , can produce some truly unique visuals with HDR support, enough to make you forget about competing with the real world. Sony’s real name for the feature is “Dynamic Contrast.”

Best Sony TV For Gaming

The above features are just a tiny sampling of Sony’s cutting-edge Bravia lineup possibilities. If you already own one or consider buying one, read about your favorite games on a Sony TV. Sony’s Bravia lineup features will make your gaming experience seamless and rich beyond your imagination with stunning visual effects and stunning 3D graphics. The Enhanced Reality Display for PS4 Pro and 4K UHD resolution creates immersive HD images that can show details in games like never before.

1. Sony A90J 55 Inch TV


The Sony A90J is a LED 1080p TV from the Bravia series that features the award-winning Android TV platform. It has received a few upgrades and continues to be one of the best TVs for gaming, despite being only 4K compatible. The A90J comes with a 55-inch screen, perfect for playing on your PS4 or Xbox One. We recommend it if you’re looking for a high-end 4K TV and also have an Xbox One S or PS4 Pro. It includes Android Nougat 7.0 as its operating system (OS) with Google Play Store access that can run games like Pac-Man 256, Crossy Road, Hitman Sniper, and more.

 Sony A90J 55 Inch TV


The Android TV interface is one of the best for gaming. It can display your game library, so any games installed on your console will appear in the menu. You can also set up a shortcut for Xbox Live and the PlayStation Network Store to quickly navigate to any of your favorite sections. Plus, you don’t have to use the remote control; instead, you can use your android device or iPhone as a controller. The PlayStation app has full support, while the Xbox One has limited functionality that works with 360 controllers but not with Xbox One controllers.


Honestly, there aren’t any significant issues with this TV. It is perfect for gaming and delivers a fantastic picture quality. However, the picture has some slight washing out when the lights are on and is not as bright as we would like it to be. Another downside is that you cannot play 4K video files, but if you want to watch 4K content, consider buying a streaming device like a Chromecast Ultra or Roku Ultra that can handle 4K video.

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2. Sony X90J 50 Inch TV

The Sony X90J is a 4K HDR TV with a 50-inch screen that features Android TV as its operating system (OS). The X90J has all the features you would find in the A90J and more. This includes the award-winning Android TV technology from Sony and Google Play Store access for game playing, which means you can play games like Crossy Road and Pac-Man 256. Plus, there is also Chromecast Ultra for streaming 4K content. The operating system has also received an upgrade and now comes with Google Assistant support, making it easier to search for content on your television. The X90J has local dimming technology that delivers more excellent contrast between lights and darks.

 Sony X90J 50 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED


The X90J has a powerful picture with high contrast, deep blacks, and stunning color-rich video. The ARC technology is awe-inspiring and creates a more significant viewing area than other LED TVs that can only fill up smaller areas. The set also has excellent video processing capabilities. It is compatible with Full HD and 4K content to watch all your favorite movies on it. All in all, the picture on this TV looks fantastic!


This is one of the few TVs with local dimming. The overall picture looks much better than its competition, but this technology isn’t the best in-game performance.

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3. Sony X80J 50 Inch TV


The X80J is a 50-inch Full HD 4K TV from the Bravia line that can connect to your PS4, PS4 Pro and Xbox One. It includes Google Play Store access for Playstation gaming with Android TV. It also comes with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO (XDR PRO) technology for better image quality, compatible with HDR content. This gives you a more dynamic range than non-HDR content, plus it delivers higher contrast. The X80J has local dimming technology and can adjust the darkness of the screen in real-time, so you get the perfect picture at all times.

Sony X80J 50 Inch TV


The Sony X80J is a few updated TVs to include Google Assistant support. This makes it easier to search for content and find your favorite channel or app. It also has 1,600 nit brightness and 2,500 nits of peak brightness. Other features include an edge-lit LED backlight with local dimming and 4K UHD resolution. The remote control is user-friendly, making it great for playing games on your PS4 Pro or Xbox One console.


The picture quality on this TV isn’t perfect. It has a fixed contrast ratio, meaning that the picture is entirely washed out when the lights are on. Also, the processing speeds are not as fast as its competitors.

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4. Sony X95J 85 Inch TV

The Sony X95J is a stunning 85 inches 4K HDR TV with Google Assistant support. It also features Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO (XDR PRO) technology for better image quality, compatible with HDR content. This gives you a more dynamic range than non-HDR content, plus it delivers higher contrast. The X95J has local dimming technology and can adjust the darkness of the screen in real-time, so you get the perfect picture at all times.

Sony X95J 85 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV


The Sony X95J looks fantastic, and there are not many TVs that can match its overall picture quality, especially at this price point. The set is also perfect for supporting your Xbox One S and PS4 Pro console that can both play 4K content. It has a 120Hz native refresh rate with Motionflow XR 800 Hz, which helps to improve the clarity of fast-motion scenes. The TV also comes with Google Assistant support, so you can easily use voice commands to search for content.


This TV is quite large and heavy. You may want to make sure that you have the right place in your house, or you may need a mounting bracket.

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5. Sony XR-55A80J

The XR-55A80J is a 55” 4K HDR TV with a sleek design and is perfect for gaming. It can work with your PS4 Pro or Xbox One consoles to play 4K content. This TV comes packed with Xtended Dynamic Range PRO (XDR PRO) technology for better HDR picture quality, making it an excellent choice for those who want to experience the best picture quality possible on a large screen. The set even comes with Google Assistant support, so you can easily search for content and control your TV using voice commands.

Sony Bravia 139 cm (55 inches) XR series 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED Google TV


The picture quality on this TV is very bright and vivid. These features make it one of the best HDR TVs out there. The set has a responsive cleaning system, which makes it easy to remove unwanted dust from time to time. It also comes with Sony’s X-tended Dynamic Range PRO technology and local dimming, delivering a more realistic picture quality than any other TV at this price point. Another great feature of this set is that it includes Google Assistant support. This gives you complete control over your TV without using remote or voice commands.


There are very few cons to using this television for gaming purposes. The only issue is that it is not as fast as some of its competition, and this means that the picture processing can occasionally be choppy and slow.

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How to choose the Best Sony TV For Gaming?

  • Size: This is the most crucial factor to consider if you want to buy a new TV for gaming purposes. For instance, if you’re going to play games on your PS4, you need a TV that is 50 inches or under. If you are planning to buy a 55-inch television for playing games on your console, you might need to buy two TVs to play enough games on it.
  • Backlight: Most televisions have backlights, and they are not suitable for gaming at all. This means that even though they may have excellent picture quality in other aspects, they do not deliver the best gaming experience possible. You will notice that TVs with backlights have a more challenging time with fast motion scenes and are less responsive than those without backlights.
  • Refresh rate: The refresh rate is the frequency at which the picture on the screen changes. A TV with a 60Hz refresh rate means that every image on your screen switches 60 times per second. A 100Hz television does this one hundred times per second, making it better for gaming purposes.
  • Inputs: this is the most critical factor when buying a TV for gaming purposes. You will need an HDMI or USB port, and your console should be compatible with this input type.

What are the benefits of the best Sony TVs for gaming purposes?

  1. Brightness: The television’s brightness will determine how brightly the image displayed on the screen can be seen. A TV with around 300 nits of brightness is better for gaming than one that is 800 nits brighter. A TV with more intelligence will have a better chance of displaying dark images, making it easier to get in-game during the night if you live where the sun does not shine much during nighttime hours.
  2. Pixel responsiveness: Many people do not understand this, but it refers to how fast the TV can accept and display an image from your console or gaming system. The quicker the TV can receive and display an embodiment, the better it is for gaming. When you first use a game on a TV that has slow responsiveness, it will take longer to get used to it and find your favorite settings. The best TVs for gaming purposes have response times of under 4ms.
  3. Motion blur reduction: If you have ever played any type of game requiring you to see fine details in fast-moving scenes, this feature makes this image quality much better than non-motion blurred images.
  4. Viewing angle: The viewing angle of a TV refers to how many people can safely see the picture displayed on the screen without losing quality. For gaming purposes, this is not a very important factor. However, it is still something to consider if you look for the best possible viewing experience for your friends and family members.
  5. Motion flow rate: This feature refers to how many times per second the image displayed on your television can change. , if you are watching a movie with a 50Hz motion flow rate and want to zoom in on an image for better clarity, then that means that you need 120 frames per second before you get proper HD resolution from your TV set.

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