Best Soft Shotgun Cases – Give The Protection Your Gun Deserves

Have you ever faced a situation where you saw unwanted scratches & bumps on your shotgun? Yeah, me too. Nobody likes to be in such a situation. Such mishaps might ruin your shotgun experience and shorten its life. In order to prevent such accidents, you need a case. Not just any low-quality case you might find in local markets; you need a good and hard rugged case that will protect your shotgun from any accidents or bumps you may face on a journey.

Best Soft Shotgun Cases

Now, you can face various hazards, so you might need more than one case. Hence, we will try to look at cases built for specific purposes and cases that are considered all-rounder. Now some brands have got kind of a monopoly over others in the market of shotgun cases. One of the brands is Bulldog cases. That is why you might have their products mentioned more than once in this list.

List of Best Shotgun Cases

Now, we will move to the main list of the best shotgun cases that money can buy. This list will include cases only from recognized, quality brands. Also, we will try to include both affordable and high-end shotgun cases. Moreover, most of the cases mentioned in this list are hybrid cases. It means that they can not only accommodate shotguns but, when required, can also store rifles.

1. Bulldog Cases Tactical Shotgun Case

Often named the best waterproof soft shotgun case money can buy, the Bulldog tactical has won the trust of many gun owners, photographers, and researchers who have often trusted the case with their valuable equipment. Let’s talk about some technical specifications. The case weighs just one pound and can store a gun about 52 inches long. You can trust the Pelican storm with your equipment through any terrain of travel.

Bulldog BD492-29 29" Tactical case- Black

Key Features:

  • The soft foamy interior prevents any scratch on the gun
  • Can store guns that are large in length
  • Perfectly balanced rigidness


  • Durable exterior build
  • Has straps for easy transportation
  • Is water-resistant, hence prevents moisture 


  • Heavier as compared to other soft cases
  • Cannot be locked; thus it may be at the risk of theft

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2. Waxaya Soft Shotgun Gun Case

The Waxaya soft shotgun gun case has to be one of the most uncomplicated shotgun cases. No special cuttings in the foam have been made for the shotgun. It is just simple foam where you can place your gun. Two plastic shells will protect your gun from any outside impact. There are some special treatments that have also been given to the case, so rusting never reaches your gun.

Waxaya 40/44/48/52 Inch Scoped Rifle Case Soft Shotgun Carrying Bag with Accessory Zipper Pockets

Key features:

  • Weighs just about 1.3 pounds
  • Rust protection
  • Hardened double-layer protection


  • Minimalistic design
  • Lightweight
  • Can carry a variety of shotguns


  • Can’t carry guns longer than 46 inches

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3. Allen Company Daytona Soft Carrying Gun Case

As has been discussed, shotguns are used for sporting purposes. This shotgun case has been primarily made for sporting enthusiasts. The design of the case is very classy. You will feel like you are the main character of a movie when you are going to take your gun out of this case. Now as simple as it is, there isn’t too much-hardened material that has been added to the body of the case to make it more rigid.

Allen Company Daytona Soft Carrying Gun, Shotgun and Rifle Case, 46 and 52 inches, Brown/Black

Key Features:

  • One can always rely on this case
  • Top-quality material used inside
  • Ideal for all types of sporting rifles/shotguns


  • Lightweight in nature
  • Looks classy
  • Compact


  • Not designed to take impact that is too hard
  • Can’t be used during air travel

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4. Banded Gear Packable Gun Case

Carrying a large gun case along with you is not always an option. Sometimes you need lighter carrying options, choices that weigh just a few grams but can ensure keeping your gun safe and sound. Now, these cases are not designed to endure impacts of any sort. They are like a cloth covering for your gun that might protect it from scratches at best. Being stretchy means that these cases can fit shotguns of any length, so you don’t need to buy a longer case just because your shotgun is unconventionally longer.

Banded Gear Packable Gun Case Soft Sleeve

Key Features:

  • Made of Nylon material
  • Can hold a shotgun of any length
  • A Good quality strap ensures that the gun stays in its place


  • Weighs just a few grams
  • Material is soft, thus prevents the shotgun from getting any scratches
  • Very affordable


  • Can’t protect against hard impacts
  • Repetitive use may cause wear and tear
  • No waterproofing

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5. Bulldog cases Pit bull Shotgun Case

There is a reason why the Pitbull shotgun case is called the best soft shotgun case on the market. It is not only water-resistant (due to the nylon material), but it’s also quite durable, which makes it a pretty good product. Also, one of the best things about it is the variety of shotguns it can fit inside. It can easily fit a 12-gauge shotgun. There are some other great things about the Pitbull shotgun case. To name a few, the padding used inside the case is thicker and softer than other cases on the market. As a result, it keeps your shotgun scratch-free.

Bulldog Cases Pit Bull shotgun Case

Key Features:

  • Large storage space
  • Has an easy carry handle
  • Can endure rainy weather


  • Can carry an extra barrel if needed
  • Good for daily use
  • Durable enough to take occasional wear & tear


  • No extra compartment for storage
  • Absence of shoulder strap
  • No Lock

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6. Allen Company Eliminator Shotgun Case

If you are looking for a shotgun case, specifically for hunting purposes, then this is the perfect shotgun case for you. It has extra compartments to hold your ammunition and ample space inside it to keep the other accessories that come with the gun. Even if you don’t need to go hunting and want to go to a shooting range, you can carry your gun in this case without any worries. Moreover, the Endura fabric used to make this shotgun case makes it very flexible overall.

Allen Company 52 inch Eliminator Shotgun Case, Brown/Tan - USA Designed & Tested

Key features:

  • A special fabric is used to make the case durable and flexible
  • Water-resistant
  • Lockable


  • The lockable feature makes the case theft-proof
  • Can fit guns up to 52 inches in length
  • Comes with multiple choke tube slots


  • The exterior though durable is brittle
  • No shoulder strap has been provided

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7. VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

Though it is not a very famous brand when it comes to soft shotgun cases, the NcSTAR makes up for a good rifle/shotgun case. It has plenty of space inside it that can be used to store ammunition along with accessories. There are several pockets around the bag, which increases its utility. All the zippers are heavy-duty zippers. They can withstand the constant abuse that they might face during their usage.

VISM by NcSTAR Double Carbine Case

Key features:

  • Durable enough to survive extreme usage conditions
  • Plenty of storage space for ammunition and other accessories.
  • Heavy-duty material


  • Double-stitched on all sides
  • Durable carry handles
  • Perfectly suited for tactical missions


  • The back straps aren’t padded enough

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Product Guide

Now, shotgun cases can be categorized variously depending upon the size of the shotgun and the purpose it may serve. Shotguns for hunting animals such as ducks have a different type of case, whereas shotguns used for self-defense purposes have a different kind of case. Also, it’s not just the case; there are other accessories that you should consider when buying a shotgun, some of those accessories being:

Waterproof Cases

Water is one of the guns’ biggest enemies; this simple and common liquid can rust and rot your gun inside out. That is why waterproof cases should be a must-buy for you if you live in an area where the chances of your shotgun getting in contact with water are high.

Sporting Clays

If sporting is the only way you will use your shotgun, you do not need to spend extra money on buying special cases; a typical good quality sporting clay would be more than enough for your shotgun. Sporting clays are also famous for tactical missions where shotguns are involved because they are light, easy to carry, and can provide some level of protection to the gun.

Shotgun Sleeve

These tough and inflexible cases meant to protect your shotgun do not always come in lightweight. Sometimes, they are heavy, weighing more than your shotgun itself, so in that case, you should have a shotgun sleeve. It weighs merely a few grams and can hold your shotgun well in place while you are carrying it.

Types of Shotgun cases:

Hybrid shotgun case – Can fit shotguns of various sizes and lengths.

Tactical case – These types of cases can not only fit shotguns but can also fit various ammunition rounds.

Sporting case – Sporting cases are compact and usually have space to fit both the gun and the ammunition.

Outdoor case – Outdoor cases are primarily known for their ability to carry multiple guns at a time, one is usually a shotgun or a rifle, and the other gun is usually a tiny revolver or a pistol.


Q1.Why do I even need to buy a shotgun case in the first place? What’s the need for it?

Ans: You can go along fine without a shotgun case, but not for long. You might face weather conditions such as rainy weather or sandstorms, and in those scenarios, a shotgun case comes in very handy. It can not only protect your guns against the weather conditions, but it can also help in extending their life. It will prevent your gun from accidental bumps or scratches that are almost impossible to prevent without a case. It’s an article of essential clothing for your gun that will enhance your experience.

Q2.Why should I spend hundreds of dollars on a shotgun case? I can buy one from the local market for much cheaper?

Ans: Though you can get a cheap shotgun case for just a few bucks at your local store, it won’t have the guarantee and the protection that comes with a quality gun case. Also, if you are serious about protecting your gun and using it long-term, this would be a worthwhile investment. Thus, it would be best if you didn’t shy away from spending a few hundred dollars on a quality case.

Q3.Which one is better: a soft shotgun case or a hard shotgun case?

Ans: Both the hard and the soft shotgun execute one purpose: to protect your gun from anything that may comprise its operability. Hard cases though heavy, are the best if you want to keep your gun safe and sound from any impacts and want to keep it airtight. Soft Shotgun cases, though not as rigid and durable as the hard cases are very light and are suited for usage in areas like hunting or patrolling. Though you can also use soft shotgun cases at the shooting range.

Q4.What separates a good gun case from a bad gun case?

Ans: This is a question that often arises among new gun case buyers. So, there are a few differences that one can easily notice between a good quality gun case and a bad quality one. First of all, it’s the quality of the fabric that has been used inside and outside the gun case. If it feels rough, it is probably made up of some cheap material and thus, shouldn’t be brought. Good quality gun cases have softer materials, especially on the inside and outside. They usually have a layer of water resistance.


Wrapping Up

To conclude, every soft gun case mentioned here is a versatile one. They are multipurpose and thus can be used according to the users’ needs. I trust you liked my list of Best Soft Shotgun Cases.

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