Best Puck Locks To Buy – Keep Your Belongings Safe & Secure

Best Puck Locks: Puck locks, from the name, the only thing that will come to your mind is, “Oh, it is some kind of a lock”. Well, yeah, obviously, but it is not the one which we are used to seeing daily. These are special locks that are designed for vehicles. You might have seen them somewhere, and not even realized they are puck locks. That is how common they are. Places, where you might have seen them, are ATMs or bank vans, which usually carry money and have to be firmly locked.

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Best Puck Locks

Puck locks were even considered because conventional lock systems were easily breakable, and thefts were on the rise because of that. So there was an urgent need for anti-theft locks. That is when Puck locks with different design features than conventional locks started to be used in vehicles.

Thefts went down significantly, and puck locks were finalized as the perfect lock for vehicles for such purposes. Fast forward to today, they are used everywhere. Still, many people have got no idea about their existence. So, today we will feature a few puck locks that will be the best of the best. These locks, which we will talk about, are safety tested by the respective organizations for how much force they can take and how safe they are. Thus, you can rely on the information we are going to present you with.

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Now coming to the list of best puck locks to buy, we will try to include both mechanical and electrical puck lock systems. And of course, we will only have affordable locks and offer a good value for money proposition. There are also hybrid locks, a mix of puck and padlock. We will most probably not include them.

So, starting with the first lock on our list:

1. NU-SET 2-7/8 Inch Heavy Duty Solid Steel Hockey Puck Padlock with Hardened Reinforced shackle for superior cut resistance. Hidden Shackle Design resists pulling and prying, Chrome Finish, 5373-3

One of the best puck locks in the market, the Hockey puck lock is from a company that has been making puck locks for a long time and is thus recognized as one of the best in the industry. Since rusting is one of the biggest reasons locks fail, NU SET has ensured that their puck locks are rust-proof.

The best thing about the hockey puck lock is that there is no visible shackle, so there is no chance for a robber to break it. And it is made out of alloy steel, so it is strong enough to withstand some hard hammer blows. Only the keys of the lock and the cylinder are made of bronze. The chrome finish on the lock helps to keep it shining.

Best Puck Locks to buy

Key Features:

  • 6-pin tumbler cylinder
  • Wide steel case
  • Very Robust


  • No visible shackle
  • Weighs just 2.14 pounds
  • Removable brass cylinder


  • Made in China

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2. Mul-t-lock TR 100 “Hockey Puck” padlock (Keyed Different)

Mul-t-lock is not that known a brand, but their locks are some of the best ones can buy on the market. They are multi-lock and are hardened quite a few times before being sold in the market. Also, the lock has no fancy touches, such as chrome or gloss finishing, because Mul-t-lock only focuses on the product’s usability.

Here as well, the lock has been made out of hardened steel. And the round shape of the lock helps keep its strength uniform and makes it a theft-proof lock. It comes with two standard keys and a Mul-t-lock key code ID card. It is also lighter than the lock we previously mentioned in this list.

Mul-t-lock TR 100 "Hockey Puck" padlock (Keyed Different)

Key Features:

  • Multi hardened
  • Made of high-quality steel
  • Uniform strength


  • Round in shape feature is anti-theft in nature
  • Every lock comes with a unique ID card
  • Weighs just 1.8 Pounds


  • More expensive than other puck locks on the market

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3. Trimax THPXL Hockey Puck Internal Shackle Trailer Door Lock – Rekeyable

Coming in as the heaviest lock on our list till now, we have the Trimaxx THPXl. As with all other quality puck locks, the THPXL is also made of strong stainless steel. But the most exciting thing about the THPXl is that it is Rekeyable, meaning? The pattern of the lock can be changed without needing to change the whole lock.

So, if you ever think that you have been using the same key for a long time and there is a chance that whatever you are looking for might be compromised, you can change the pattern, like a completely new lock, Genius isn’t it? That might be one of the reasons why it is so highly rated on amazon and has so many positive reviews.

Trimax THPXL Hockey Puck Internal Shackle Trailer Door Lock - Rekeyable

Key features:

  • Made out of premium, high-quality steel
  • No visible shackle
  • Rekeyable lock design


  • Amazing customer feedback
  • Weighs just 2.29 pounds
  • Ideal for homes, warehouses, and security vans


  • Might be too heavy for a few use cases

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4. RST-903 Hidden Shackle Padlock Keyed Different Trailer Van Truck Door Hockey Puck Lock Solid Steel Sliver

As shiny as it looks on the inside, it is equally robust on the inside. Being compact also means applying this lock in areas where the threat of theft is high. And since it is entirely mechanical, no one can break it with an electric impulse or hack it.

The 6-pin tumbler cylinder with added pick resistance makes it harder for someone trying to break in by providing resistance. And, of course, the boron shackle offers impossible-to-cut and pry resistance. This lock is ideal for industries, vending, gates, and even transportation.

RST-903 Hidden Shackle Padlock Keyed Different Trailer Van Truck Door Hockey Puck Lock Solid Steel Sliver

Key features:

  • Multi-usable lock
  • Comes with added pick resistance
  • Cylinder protected by boron alloy


  • Can be used in homes or industries
  • Compact in proportions
  • six pins highly secured tumbler cylinder


  •   Made in China

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5. Master Lock Padlock, Stainless Steel Discus Lock, 2-7/8 in. Wide, 6270KA

One of the world’s most widely used puck locks, the Master lock padlock has been built from hardened steel and has gone through an extra hardening process to make it more secure. The good thing about this lock is that it can be used both indoors and outdoors.

The dual locking lever mechanism and 4-pin cylinder provide pick and pry resistance. The hidden shackle design protects against bolt and cutter attacks. It is light in weight and comes with two keys, and is an excellent product at its price.

Master Lock Padlock, Stainless Steel Discus Lock, 2-7/8 in. Wide, 6270KA

Key features:

  • four-pin cylinders
  • Pick and pry resistance
  • Hidden shackle design


  • Extra hardened
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors
  • Dual locking lever mechanism
  • Weighs just 1.8 pounds


  • Can’t be rekeyed

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6. WAR-LOK Hidden Shackle Puck lock

As metal as the name sounds, the WAR LOK hidden shackle lock is probably the most secure puck lock on this list. Not only because there have been records ever of a remote shackle puck lock being broken but because just from the images themselves, it looks like a hardened steel puck lock that can be relied upon anytime.

Since the PUK covers the hasp completely, this lock becomes impossible to cut. And it uses a technology that no puck lock on this list uses. It is called the rotating disk lock technology. This is why I say it is not your average puck lock. It has two keys as all locks and is best meant for vans, trucks, gates, etc.

Hidden Shackle Padlock

Key features:

  • Hardened than other locks in the market
  • Hidden shackle
  • Can be relied upon


  • Comes with two keys
  • Lost keys can be replaced
  • Comes with rotating disk lock technology
  • Can be used in trucks, vans, or warehouses
  • Weighs about 2.39 pounds


  • Might be too heavy for some applications

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Product Guide

So, there are a few features that you can notice to distinguish puck locks from conventional padlocks:

1. Almost all Puck locks are round in shape. This helps in making them strong uniformly, thus being difficult to break.

  1. There are no shackles that are visible outside, so there is nothing to cut or break


  1. Solid steel is the only material that is used in the construction of puck locks


  1. Internal Shackles are usually made up of bronze


Types of puck locks:

Mechanical Puck locks: As the name suggests, they are puck locks with 0 electrical components inside of them. Being purely mechanical means one can not simply hack or fry the electronic circuit because there isn’t any. They are very secure, and since there are no complex components, they are affordable as well.


Electrical Puck locks: As opposed to mechanical puck locks, Electrical puck locks though costlier, claim more safety than mechanical locks because they can’t be cracked with conventional methods. Different manufacturers sell electrical puck locks with different electronics. But there is a cost ceiling with electrical puck locks. That is why the ones that are too expensive usually do not get sold.


Hybrid puck locks: As the name suggests, these are a mixture of simple padlocks and puck locks. Initially, they were created to bridge the gap between padlocks and puck locks. But as time passed, puck locks became more affordable, and the market for hybrid puck locks sank. There are still hybrid puck locks in the market that can be bought. But you are better off buying an actual puck lock than a hybrid one. The real-world usability of genuine puck locks is higher than these hybrid ones.



Q1.How does a Hockey puck lock work?

Ans: First of all, let us talk about the name, the lock looks like a hockey puck, and that is from where the name Hockey puck lock came. The Hockey Puck padlock was created without a visible shackle. It features an internal shackle that the lock cylinder controls. The shackle is moved to the open position by moving down and out when the lock is opened. The shackle moves into the locked position when the lock cylinder is closed or locked. The shackle will then fit through the slots on the hasps, especially for this padlock.

 Q2.Are puck locks secure?

Ans: Most hockey puck padlocks are robustly constructed and extremely tough to break. The cylinder causes the difference between the padlocks. The cylinder, like with other locks, determines the amount of security.

I would also like to add another point here: no lock in the world is 100 percent secure. Every lock is ultimately breakable. It is just that which lock can hold theft for the longest time and decides which puck lock is secure.

Q3. Are puck locks worth it? Can’t we use simple padlocks instead of these puck locks with different tech and features?

Ans: The answer is simple; if you value your belongings, then puck locks are worth it. If not, then puck locks are not worth it. And yes, you can use simple padlocks instead of these puck locks with complex working. It is just that when the time comes, your simple padlocks are more at risk of being broken than these complex puck locks.

Q4.Can electrical puck locks be relied upon? What if one forgets or loses their code?

Ans: Well, the thing is, nothing is perfect, so there is no puck lock in the world that you can 100 percent rely upon. Especially with electrical puck locks, if you forget or lose the code to your electrical puck lock, then there is no other option other than contacting the company and getting your lock broken through.


Wrapping Up

To wrap up, puck locks are certainly better than padlocks. They might not be as mainstream as padlocks, but they have been protecting security vans, warehouses, and homes for a long time.

They are not so mainstream because they are on the expensive side compared to simple padlocks, but safety comes at a price. And you do not want to compromise the security of our house for saving just a few dollars.

So, I would say that puck locks are worth the money. They are more secure and thus can be relied upon more. I trust you liked my list of best puck locks to buy to keep your belongings safe and secure.

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