Best 8 Inch Jointer 2023 – Smoothen Wood with Precision

You’re about to purchase a new jointer, and you want to get the most features for your money. You need the best 8 inch jointer or at least one of the best. First off, you’ll need to determine what size jointer will work for your project: 8 inches is perfect for smaller projects and construction jobs like framing buildings or cabinets with an exposed face. This size also works well with pieces of wood that power saws have already cut down. It’s not a good idea if you’re trying to flatten 12-inch wide boards; in that case, opt for a bigger model.

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The Best 8 inch jointer 

1. Cutech 40160H-CT 8″ Bench Top Spiral Cutterhead Jointer: 

This is the big 8-inch jointer that users need when they have a large project or are trying to flatten wide boards. It features a spiral cutter head, which gives you the speed to cut down material in a short amount of time. It also works with other sizes of wood, including 16-inch and 24-inch pieces.

It has an aluminum table for more effortless movement and a 4-horsepower motor with enough raw power to handle most tasks without bogging down. You also get LED lights that illuminate the platform so you can work at any time of day, even in dim light.

Best 8 Inch Jointer


It’s the best 8-inch jointer for wide lumber. You’ll be able to make joints in a single pass and get smooth surfaces, which is a task that can be difficult for other tools to handle. It’s 2.5 HP, so you get enough power to accomplish any job in your shop or home. You’ll never have to worry about it running out of steam after you start working on big pieces of wood because it has enough horsepower to get the job done quickly. The LED lights make work more accessible at any time of day, especially when there isn’t much light available around you.


You need to be careful when using the jointer for larger pieces. You can’t push the tool too hard. Otherwise, you’ll have a lot of vibration and noise coming from it, distracting and annoying.

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2. Powermatic 1610086K Model 60HH 8-Inch 2 HP 1-Phase Jointer: 

This best 8-inch jointer will give you a very smooth surface from your woodwork, with a spiral head that cuts through every inch of the wood you want to even. The helical cutterhead also makes it easier to control the tool and move it around quickly since less power is going into it. That way, you get consistent results without overworking the motor. It’s a very stable model: its large base keeps it firmly on the ground while you’re working, so you don’t need to worry about it moving or bouncing around under pressure.

Powermatic 60HH, 8-Inch Jointer, Helical Head, 2HP, 1 Ph 230V (1610086K)


It has 1HP that helps maintain airflow and constant speed when cutting wood, which is something that more extensive models can struggle with at times. The helical head cuts very smoothly, giving you an actual, flat surface to work with when you’re done. The blade also makes it easier to handle and move around so that you don’t need to exert too much energy. It has a large table for larger pieces of wood, so you can take on more significant projects than your usual 8-inch jointer can handle. It’s easy to move around and use with the large wheels and runs on the side of the machine.


The helical cutter head can cause points of overworking or overheating if it isn’t handled correctly, damaging your tool, or blowing out the motor if the problem worsens. It’s best to use a protective guard when using this tool.

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3. Grizzly Industrial G0495X – 8″ x 83″ Helical Cutterhead Jointer

This is the best 8-inch jointer for a home shop or professional woodworker’s studio. It comes with a heavy-duty helical cutter head that helps you achieve high-quality results in no time at all. The motor has an RPM of up to 3,000, so you can work on large pieces of wood without worrying about overheating and overloading the tool. It has a base made of cast iron for a stable working surface and a large enough table to handle more prominent pieces of wood.

Grizzly Industrial G0495X - 8" x 83" Helical Cutterhead Jointer with Exclusive Digital Height Readout


It has a 3.5 HP motor, which offers the speed and power needed to work on big pieces of wood without bogging down. The helical cutter head helps you achieve an excellent finish and gives you an even surface to work with. You also get LED lights to illuminate your work area and make it easier to see, so you don’t have to strain your eyes or turn on additional light sources.

The cast iron base keeps the jointer firmly grounded while working, so it never slides or bounces around while you’re cutting. You’ll get a flat surface every time with no bumps or ridges in your finished product, which can be difficult for other types of cutters to accomplish.


The helical cutter head cuts very smoothly, so it doesn’t favor the wood in terms of the type of surface it ultimately produces. Some users have found that it isn’t as effective on heavy hardwoods or exotic woods without first treating them with a clear coat finish.

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4. Jet JJP-8BT 8″ Jointer / Planer Combo

This tool will give you just about any size cutter head you need to fit your needs. You can set it up with a cutter head of 8, 8.5, 9, or 10 inches in diameter. It works very well with small and large wood boards, giving you the versatility you need for any task. The spiral-cutter head design also keeps the wood from cracking or splitting during use. Its 1-HP motor delivers enough power with each pass to get your surfaces smooth.

JET JJP-8BT 8" Jointer/Planer


The motor is 120V to use the jointer anywhere in your home or even in a professional woodworking shop. The 8-inch cutter head can handle any small project you may encounter, but it will also take a variety of more extensive projects if you need to make more significant cuts. The fence is solid and made of cast iron, which ensures that it won’t bend or flex under pressure when you work with the tool. Its long table also lets you work on larger pieces of lumber without cutting them down first.


The jointer can get a bit heavy for some people to handle. It’s intended for commercial use in most cases, so it does require some strength to move around and use.

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5. PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 8-Inch (PC160JT)

This jointer is excellent for small woodworking shops or woodworking nerds who like to work on smaller pieces of wood around the home. It gives you up to 8-inch cuts, which are great for various projects. You get a very smooth and consistent surface because of the solid steel table and fence, making it better for any project you’re looking to create.

PORTER-CABLE Benchtop Jointer, Variable Speed, 6-Inch (PC160JT)


It’s a lightweight model at only 62 pounds, so moving it from one place to another shouldn’t be much of a problem if you need something smaller than the average jointer that can fit into your home or professional shop. It’s very versatile, too: you can set it up in various ways to get the exact results you need for woodworking projects, whether you’re working on small pieces or larger pieces.

The base is made of inch-thick steel and sits on leveled feet, which offers a very stable working area while you’re operating your tool. You’ll have a flat base when you need one and a steady work surface that won’t move around while you’re making cuts or trying to manage your project. The fence system is also very durable and easy to adjust so that it’s always in the proper position for your needs.


The fence can’t do as much of the work for you as it should, which is one of the main reasons it comes with a base and feet to give it a little more stability. The fence being raised off the table also means that you’ll have to lift your wood to make the cuts, which may not be ideal for some users.

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Why choose the Best 8-inch jointer?

The size of the jointer isn’t just to get the wider-size lumber you want. You can also get a wider cutting height, so it’s more efficient and safer to use your tool. There are bigger models, but it’s unlikely you need that much space to cut the wood. An 8-inch cutter head will allow you to make cuts up to 16 inches wide, which is more than enough room for most applications.

It also comes with various options for customizing your woodworking experiences, such as a tilting table that lets you make angled cuts and helps you work on pieces in different positions and approaches. Depending on your project needs, you also get to choose between a helical cutter head and a fixed-width cutter head: the helical option lets you make smoother cuts but can’t handle projects that cut more significant pieces of lumber that require you to treat your wood in a certain way before use. The fixed option is ideal for making straight cuts and other types of work, but it can be more difficult on the wood itself.

What is an 8-inch jointer: This tool is ideal for smoothing and flattening wood and cutting joints, and it also allows you to prepare surfaces for finishing. Here are some of the benefits of an 8-inch jointer:

Smooth surfaces – A jointer is a prominent tool that weighs almost 100 pounds, so it’s sturdy. But the weight of wood on its bed prevents vibration and movement, eliminating those little ripples that can develop on the surface. It’s not just for large pieces; a jointer can also work on smaller boards that have experienced initial shaping with a planer or saw. The results will be mirror-smooth surfaces without splinters or bad marks from manufacturing flaws.

Flat surfaces – When a board comes out of a planer, often it will have a slight bow or undulation. A jointer evens that out, straightening the surface. For example, if you’re trying to build a tabletop, this is essential to ensure it will look right after the finish has been applied. This may sound like an easy task for your new jointer tool, but it gets tricky when dealing with large pieces of wood: over-thickness from uneven thicknesses and nasty knots are common issues. A jointer takes away all that unwanted material and puts everything at an even level so you can start working on flattening it.

Preparing for finishing – When the surface of the wood is even and flat, it’s ready for finishing. This makes complex woodworking a lot easier. The jointer’s ability to flatten wood goes beyond the surface you’ll be working with. You can smooth out knots in boards and make them look like they came from a sawmill, which you can use as a source for finishing materials if you have access to one. The best 8-inch jointer will also tackle anything from tiny splinters in door panels or furniture upholstery to large rips in flooring or ceiling tiles.

How to choose the Best 8-inch jointer?

There are a few features that you’ll want to make sure you get with your model, particularly if you’re looking for a tool that will work for small projects without needing a large machine. You’ll want to make sure that it comes with an adjustable fence to move it up and down in the correct increments for your project; this ensures that your cuts are as accurate and smooth as possible. You also want to be able to adjust the angle of the table so you can cut pieces at different angles, depending on what is required or desired by your projects. A tilting table will give you a more excellent range of motion when cutting wood.

The cutting depth should also be adjustable to go from a minimum of 6 to a maximum of 24 inches. It will depend on the thicknesses of the wood you want to cut and how your project is structured; it’s even more critical if you’re working with larger pieces of lumber to make sure that the cuts are smooth and even. The bigger the converter had, the wider the range of cuts you can do, and therefore, the more versatile this tool will be for your work. A more comprehensive range of cuts means that you can make more woodworking projects, from simple to complex.

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