Amazon OTP Text: Am I being Scammed?

In the Internet age, the rate of scams has increased, and most currently, the Amazon OTP Text scam is globally creating issues for consumers. One can fight scammers who order big-ticket particulars from your Amazon account with a one-time word that stops them from entering the item.

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What is the OTP Delivery Scam of Amazon?

It all starts when an anonymous accesses the victim’s account of Amazon and tries to purchase luxurious products by using the victim’s money. Here’s how the scam works.

Amazon OTP Text

When your Account is Hacked

  • At this stage, one is unaware that someone else has access to their Amazon account. The Scammers could have stolen the password using phishing techniques, or one’s information could have been involved in a data breach.
  • Whatever the case, the main part of the attention is now the hacker has access to the Amazon account and saved payment methods.
  • The Scammer Orders commodity precious 
  •  The scammer orders commodity is precious from Amazon using your account and credit card. They will use a mailing address that is not their own, so it would not be suitable to trace them. You’ll admit evidence of your order from Amazon, but you may miss this dispatch or announcement. 
  •  You Admit an OTP Dispatch from Amazon 

 What’s an Amazon One-Time word?

  • To reduce fraud, Amazon provides the OTP for knowing that specific items were ordered, which increases the rate of security. 
  • Still, Amazon will send one six-number code before dispatching the package. One can also find the One Time Password in the ” Your Orders ” section of the Amazon app or website.
  • When the package is delivered, you’ll need to tell the Amazon motorist the OTP. Without this word, your delivery can not be made. 
  •  You admit a dispatch from Amazon with a one-time word for your delivery. You may suppose this is for a recent order you made and suppose nothing of it. Still, if you’re not staying for an Amazon delivery, this should warn you to a fiddle. 
  • You log in to your Amazon account to see the scammer’s order made to your account and charged to your credit card. 
  •  The Package is Delivered 
  •  The scammer waits by the delivery address staying for the Amazon delivery truck. The motorist asks for the OTP before handing over the package. Since the scammer has access to your Amazon account, they can see the OTP in the “ Your Orders ” section, which will be suitable for accepting the delivery. 
  •  Still, you should cancel the order and change your Amazon word, so the scammer does not have the OTP if you notice the fraudulent order before the delivery is complete. 
  • Once the package is handed over, the fiddle Is complete, and the pincher has gotten down with buying commodity precious using your plutocrat. Unfortunately, you won’t be suitable to catch the scammer because the address they used was not theirs. 
  •  An OTP Text is a subscription of a Different fiddle 
  •  Still, this could be a sign of either 
  •  If you admit a textbook communication with a one-time word( OTP) but have not been trying to pierce your Amazon account or know why you entered the law.
  • A phishing attempt( i.e., a fake Amazon textbook designed to steal your information) 
  • Someone trying to log in to your Amazon account 

How To Beat Amazon OTP Delivery Scams

To defeat Amazon OTP delivery swindles, paying attention to delivery evidence emails by Amazon is crucial. However, it’s time to change your word and secure your account. If you see any particulars, you did not order. 

 Still, check all pending orders on Amazon to see which bone

 The OTP is for if you admit a dispatch with an OTP for delivery. You may find an order that is not yours. 

 Still, you should incontinently go to your account and change your word if you admit a textbook communication with a one-time word to confirm the delivery of an item you did not order. Also, check your account for 

  • Unauthorized purchases 
  • Unauthorized changes 
  • Logins that you don’t fete 

Red Flags of Amazon OTP Delivery Scams

  • You won’t generally know your account has been addressed until someone places an order. Still, there are some early warnings to look out for. Then are some signs of this fiddle
  •  Watch out for an OTP transferred to your phone. This is an early warning sign that someone is trying to pierce your account. Amazon sends one-time watchwords when you have two-step verification turned on. However, this may mean someone is trying to log into your Amazon account if you’ve been texted an OTP. 
  •  • entering a dispatch with an OTP for your delivery. If you admit an OTP from Amazon, you should check what delivery it’s for. However, also someone has addressed your account if it’s for an item you did not order. 
  •  • Evidence that your OTP delivery has been made. If you admit evidence that your delivery was made but did not accept the delivery yourself, chances are a scammer has taken off with the item. 

Amazon OTP Delivery Examples

You can find your Amazon OTP in your email or within the orders section of your Amazon account.

Email vs Text Message OTPs

In the U.S., Amazon delivery one-time watchwords are transferred via dispatch to your registered dispatch address. You can also find the OTP number in your Amazon account’s “ Your Order ” section. OTPs for delivery aren’t texted to you. Still, this means someone is trying to log into your Amazon account if you admit a textbook communication with an OTP. 

What To Do If You’ve Been Scammed

 If you’ve entered an Amazon OTP dispatch for an item you did not order.

  • Change your account login information right down. It’s stylish to use a word that’s arbitrary and hard to guess.        
  • cancel the order if it’s yet to be delivered.
  • Report the fiddle to Amazon. Keep track of all details to ensure Amazon has enough information to track down the pincher. Also, the more thorough You are, the advanced your chances of snappily getting your plutocrat back for an item someone bought using your account. 
  • Report the issue to the authorities. They can advise you regarding the coming way, depending on whether your account has been addressed or if the scammer used it to make a purchase. 

Common methods of scammers  for Amazon OTP Text

 Crucial Chancing 

Scammers who put a cape on your profile and address as you into your Amazon account order precious particulars at your money. 

 Crucial threat 

With access to your Amazon account, the scammer has unlimited access to order particulars using your linked credit/ disbenefit cards; you could continue to lose plutocrat until you change your password. 

Why are Amazon Scams spreading Worldwide?

Amazon is among the largest tool for online shopping. With millions of deliveries delivered in a day, scammers have thousands of opportunities to take advantage of the system of amazon. These online thieves who now have access to your amazon account can order numerous valuable items and then deliver them to another address. OTP text from Amazon helps the consumers lot in catching these scammers.



One can save themselves from the Amazon OTP Text scams and take preventive measures by not sharing their personal information. One can save themselves from the Amazon OTP Text scams and take preventive measures by not sharing their personal information.

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