Roomba Not Charging: How to Fix Instantly

Roomba Not Charging: Roombas have taken the vacuum world by storm. What exactly are they? Roombas are just like mini vacuum cleaners, but they also help clean the floor. In short, they’re the best and most efficient cleaners around. 

Like every robotic device, the Roomba works on batteries; its power source is an electric power supply. As a result, when the Roomba doesn’t charge, it kind of effects our daily functioning as the machine that is expected to reduce our workload and chores will stop functioning as soon as its batteries are drained.

Why Roomba Not Charging

Sometimes the Roomba doesn’t charge as a result of the accumulation of dirt and dust in the charging port. It becomes necessary to eliminate this accumulation so the Roomba can draw power from the power supply.

The problem can be as simple as this or severe, where you have to remove and reseat the batteries or even change the Roomba settings to factory reset.

Roomba Not Charging and how to fix it

Often rooms are expected to clean, but they haven’t gotten to the point where they are smart enough to clean themselves or prevent dust, gunk, hair, or dirt from going into the charging port. It is best to clean and get rid of accumulations for a longer life span of the roomba as well as for it to be able to clean efficiently.

Clean the charging port

One way to clean these ports is using some cleaning alcohol and a cloth. Using this to wipe clean the ports should do the work. Another way is to use a fabric made from microfibers to wipe out the ports again. If cleaning the ports hasn’t solved the issue, troubleshooting the technical issues becomes necessary.

Check for bugs in the software

More often than not, the problem lies with the software. Sometimes a bug may interfere with the functioning and, as a result, may show that the Roomba is not charging even if it is.

Perform a soft reset

The first way to try and tackle this issue is to perform a soft reset. This process restarts the Roomba and does not change any of its settings. Each model differs in how to restart the device; hence it is better to refer to the instruction manual.

Check the power outlets

Other than this, the problem may lie with your power socket, for all you know. The problem may arise from the socket due to some faulty wiring or connections. It also may be that the fuse for that particular socket has tripped. Try using a different power port and ensure all your connections are proper.

Ensure that the charging dock is proper

Make sure that the charging dock is proper. Sometimes insufficient power supply to the charging dock may create problems in the Roomba. The most commonplace reason for this to be observed is that there might be an accumulation of dirt. It is best to clean the dock periodically.

Ensure proper placement of the battery

Another reason for the Roomba not to charge is that the battery might get loosened or displaced during the shipping process. Sometimes the battery might be bad, and then you can claim a new one under the warranty period. But before this claim, make sure to check the positioning of the battery.

Replace battery

If you feel the battery is weakening or malfunctioning, you can get it replaced. This can happen free of cost if the Roomba is under warranty period; otherwise, you have to pay a little extra for the battery to be replaced.

Tips to ensure longer battery life

Some tips to ensure that the battery lasts for a longer time are to keep cleaning the charging port and dock, keep the Roomba in a cold and dry place, clean the device periodically and keep the Roomba charging when it is needed.

Factory reset

The final resort to sort this issue is to factory reset. Factory reset is a type of hard rest where you completely change the settings. Factory reset brings the software and hardware back to the new. It makes it as good as new on the software side. Factory rest is the best way to deal with bugs and corrupted memory that might occur in a Roomba.

Contact customer support

Even after following all the steps doesn’t resolve the issue, it is best to get in touch with customer support. The contact details can be found on the box or in the instruction manual provided with the Roomba.


Roomba has taken the cleaning world by revolution, and imagining a day without it has become hard for us. Some ways to ensure that the Roomba charges properly are to clean the socket and the dock periodically, soft reset it, ensure proper placement of batteries or ultimately replace the battery.

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