Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions

Looking for Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal Remote Codes? Find the complete list of codes for your Yamaha Blu-ray player remote control in this comprehensive guide. Whether you’re trying to program a new universal remote or replace a lost code, we’ve got you covered. Access the latest and accurate remote codes for various Yamaha Blu-ray models and enhance your home entertainment experience. Save time and frustration by easily syncing your remote control with your Yamaha Blu-ray player using the correct codes provided here. Explore this guide now and unlock seamless control over your Yamaha Blu-ray player with a universal remote

Here is that the list with the KNOWN working device codes for Yamaha Blu-Ray DVD players. These should work with ANY remote as these remote codes are universal. These codes will work with ALL Yamaha Blu-Ray players including Network WI-FI-ready models and therefore the Yamaha 4K Upscaling 2D/3D Blu-Ray Disc & Streaming Players.

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Yamaha Blu-ray Universal remote codes

Yamaha Blu-ray Universal remote codes how to program

Universal remote codes are becoming the most popular within the tech industry and lots of people such as you wanna use differing types of universal remote controls. If you’re trying to work your Yamaha Blu-ray then here we’ve differing types of remote codes you’ll try with any of your remote controls.

Yamaha Blu-Ray Universal 4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 2064, 2448, 2449, 2474, 2505

Yamaha CD Player Codes

  • 5082, 5095

Yamaha CD Recorder Codes

  • 5083

Yamaha MD (MiniDisc) Codes

  • 5080, 5081, 5086

Yamaha Tape Codes

  • 5084, 5087

Yamaha Tuner Codes

  • 5066, 5085, 5088, 5090, 5092

Yamaha LD (Laser Disc) Codes

  • 2080

Yamaha Amplifier Codes

  • 5019, 5020, 5098

So check the below codes one by one whether they might be any digit codes, so try them now. We also are providing various sorts of methods for you. So attempt to enter the codes as per those methods. Network WI-FI ready models and therefore the Yamaha 4K Upscaling 2D/3D Blu-Ray Disc & Streaming Players and every one Yamaha Blu-ray player will support the below codes.

How to Program

By using the keycode we will easily program a Yamaha Blu-Ray Player universal remote and therefore the keycode identifies the make and model of your equipment.

  • First, you would like to “Turn The Device On
  • Press the “TV” on your “Yamaha Blu-Ray Player Universal Remote
  • Now press and hold the “Setup button” of the Universal Remote until it shows the “Light Flash” (It means it’s in “Learning mode”)
  • Finally, enter the “Keycode” which you collected from the programming guide (Instructions Booklet)
  • Once you’ve done this procedure, just “point your remote at the TV” and then “Press And Hold The Power” button
  • You can release the “Power Button” whenever the screen switches off

If you couldn’t find the key code which works for the device at that point you’ll set up your Yamaha Blu-Ray Player universal remote to look mode for the right one. Its a code within the manual that forces the remote into the search mode

  • First of all “Turn The Device On
  • Now press and hold the “Setup” button
  • Enter the (three-digit) code
  • Now hold down the “Power Button” on the remote then press the Channel up them until the device during this case your tv “Turns Off


  • Place the “Remote Control facing To The Universal remote you would like to replace
  • Now press the “Setup Button” or “Magic
  • Then enter the “Code” (You can find this in Instruction Booklet) for manual Programming
  • Now press any of the functions which you would like to “program” as an example “TV Volume Up
  • Then press And hold the corresponding key on the “Original Remote Controller
  • Finally, one of the lights will “blink” meaning it’s been saved correctly
  • Now your “TV Volume Up” button has been saved to the Universal remote and you’ll use the quantity button.

We hope the above methods and therefore the codes are worked to program your Yamaha Blu-Ray Player and also for your favorite remote. Those methods are used for Yamaha Blu-Ray Player remote setup.


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Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) related to Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes:

Q: What are Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes?

A: Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes are a set of numeric values or combinations used to program a universal remote control to operate a Yamaha Blu-ray player. These codes allow the remote control to communicate with the Blu-ray player and perform functions such as power on/off, play, pause, volume control, and more.

Q: Where can I find Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes?

A: You can find Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes in various sources. The first place to check is the instruction manual or user guide that came with your universal remote control. It should provide a list of codes for different device brands, including Yamaha Blu-ray players. You can also visit the official Yamaha website or contact their customer support for the most up-to-date and accurate remote codes.

Q: How do I program a universal remote with Yamaha Blu-ray codes?

A: The process of programming a universal remote with Yamaha Blu-ray codes may vary depending on the brand and model of the remote control. However, the general steps involve accessing the remote’s programming mode, entering the correct code for the Yamaha Blu-ray player, and testing the remote’s functionality. Refer to the instruction manual or user guide of your specific remote control for detailed programming instructions.

Q: What if the Yamaha Blu-ray universal remote codes don’t work?

A: If the remote codes you entered don’t work with your Yamaha Blu-ray player, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try. First, ensure that you correctly followed the programming instructions and entered the code accurately. If the problem persists, try using alternative codes provided in the remote control’s documentation or check for any firmware updates for your Yamaha Blu-ray player that may affect the compatibility with the remote control.

Q: Can I use a universal remote with any Yamaha Blu-ray player?

A: In most cases, universal remotes are designed to work with a wide range of devices, including Yamaha Blu-ray players. However, it’s essential to check the compatibility of the remote control with your specific Yamaha Blu-ray player model. Consult the remote control documentation or visit the manufacturer’s website for a list of compatible devices.

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