What Channel is the Hallmark on DIRECTV (New! Updated)

What Channel is the Hallmark on Directv: Do you enjoy the dim light atmosphere, popcorn in hand, and your screen showing the latest movie, which might be your favorite one? If yes, then welcome to this write-up. Here, we will talk about the Hallmark channel on DIRECTV, it is whereabouts and other related information.

Hallmark is an American pay television network operated by Crown Media Holdings. It was launched in 1988 and was initially named VISN. After some time, it gained popularity and became a success in most American households.  Hallmark Channel on DIRECTV is among the favorite choices of the audiences subscribed to DIRECTV

What Channel is the Hallmark on Directv

The channel features original content, documentaries, behind-the-scenes, and many such shows, along with their classic specialty, movies, as a way through which they can provide entertainment to a variety of audiences with diverse interests furthermore. The contents showed ranges within a wide variety such as thriller, romance, comedy, suspense, drama, etc. 

What Channel is The Hallmark on DIRECTV

You can find this channel not only in the United States but also around the globe.  It has been estimated that about 73% of the American houses subscribed to pay television channels have access to the Hallmark channel on DIRECTV.  The accurate channel number of Hallmark on DIRECTV is given below:

  • Channel Name: Hallmark Channel 
  • Channel Number:   HD 312

How to Get Hallmark Channel?

To add Hallmark to your channel’s list, there are some steps. Just follow it, and you can acquire it.

Step 1: There are some DIRECTV packages on their official website. Choose the one that you think is the most appropriate for you.

Here’s the link for you: 


Step 2: Add the package to your cart and begin to checkout.

Step 3: While checking out, select the channels that you want, along with, of course, the Hallmark channel. Once you have done that, you’re done!


You can check out the channel through the above-given link.

Let us Check Out Some Original Series

Many shows on the Hallmark channel have vibrant content, but here are some of their sneak peeks for you.  The following are the most loved ones, and trending shows on the Hallmark channel:

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

Every drama has its unique storyline, and so does this drama too.  The series, engraved in the genre of comic drama, revolves around the story of four postal workers who take upon the responsibility of finding the recipients of their undelivered mail.  Throughout their struggle to find them, they encounter many incidents, fighting against the crime and thus changing the course of many lives.  This series has been a success on the Hallmark channel. 

A Country Wedding

Premiered in 2015, A Country Wedding is a romantic drama based on the story of a country music singer who will be married to a famous actress. 

Before the wedding, he decides to visit where he spent his childhood and will eventually sell it to an old family. While there, he meets his childhood friend, Sarah, and the story continues.

The Convenient Groom

The drama The Convenient Groom is about a young celebrity marriage counselor left at the altar of her wedding. Since the wedding has already been on the news, so, to save her face, the left-alone bride accepts the contractor as her groom. The contractor was also having a secret crush on the counselor.  After this, both take the step, and the wedding proceeds again. 

Christmas Cookie Countdown

Around the west, Christmas is regarded as the most eagerly awaited festival or break period. Everyone in the family gathers and celebrates their time together, so it won’t be great to watch a show perfectly made for Christmas. The Christmas Cookie Countdown does that.  This is a cooking show, mostly five episodes. Homemakers compete with one another while being judged by famous pastry chefs. One of the most alluring spikes of this show is the appearance of celebrities in every new episode. 


McBride is a drama based on a lawyer named Mike McBride, who has a heart of gold. The cases he fights are based solely on merit and not on the amount of money he will get in return.  With the help of his two sidekicks, he takes upon the research and tries to solve the cases. 

Wrapping Up

Hallmark has proved to be among the best and longest-running players, providing numerous hit movies to their viewers. And what is the cherry on the top of the cake is the quality of their original content, along with other programs.  So, grab your snacks and get ready because Hallmark will feed you all the films and shows you want to enjoy.

What Channel is The Hallmark on DIRECTV

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Hallmark good enough for the original series?

Answer– Yes, it is really good as you can enjoy a wide variety of original series in Hallmark.

  • How can I get Hallmark on DIRECTV?

Answer– You can get Hallmark by visiting the official website of DIRECTV, where you can purchase the package and add the channel.

  • How much is the Hallmark channel on DIRECTV?

Answer- The price of the Hallmark channel on DIRECTV varies depending on the package the network offers and what the consumer wants to pay for. 

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