Sceptre TV’s Universal Remote Codes and How to Program Instructions

If you’ve got recently bought a universal remote and you would like the remote codes to work your Sceptre TV, we’ve codes below for your TV that ought to be working. These Sceptre Tv’s Universal Remote Codes will work with all universal remote controls. If the primary doesn’t work keep trying the numbers down the list.

Sceptre Tv’s Universal Remote Codes

Sceptre Universal remote codes list

Sceptre TV’s 4 Digit Universal Remote Codes

  • 0991

If These 3 Codes Not Work Try Below Once

  • 2337, 3899, 4886, 2528, 4139, 0149, 1132, 3521, 4071, 5111, 0878, 1217, 1360, 1599, 2506, 1392, 1467, 1365, 1167, 1318, 1814, 0516, 5260, 5367

Sceptre TV’s 3 Digit Universal Remote Codes

  • 500, 677, 781, 640, 654, 159, 246, 207, 674, 908, 641, 837, 552, 064, 279, 086

GE Universal Remote Codes For Sceptre TV

  • 1167, 1132, 0149, 5260, 5367, 3521, 4071, 5111, 3521, 4071, 5111, 3521, 4071, 5111

RCA Universal Remote Codes For Sceptre TV

  • 11217, 1360, 3899, 12528, 0878, 12506, 1599, 11599, 11360, 13899, 2528, 12337, 1217, 2337, 14139, 2506

How to Program

  1. Set the “Mode Switch” to TV.
  2. Press and hold the “Mute” button and therefore the “Select” button until the visible LED blinks twice.
  3. Enter the 5 digit code

To program a Universal or TV remote: See the links below and find the brand and model of your remote control. You’ll also check the remote programming instructions included within the packaging of your remote or find a YouTube video for your specific model number remotely.

Once you discover the step-by-step instructions to program the remote to figure together with your Sceptre TV, use the remote codes included on this page.

You can program the remote to regulate your TV and audio equipment. Spectrum Guide will plan to detect the brand of your TV and rehearse programming the remote to regulate your TV. If your TV brand isn’t detected, or if you favor, you’ll rehearse Programming and Setup below to program the remote.

The Spectrum 1060BC3 remote is preprogrammed to work the Spectrum receiver (cable box) issued to you, an RCA TV, a Toshiba DVD player, and a Pioneer audio receiver.

To program your remote to a device:

  • Turn on a tool and insert the acceptable video media, (DVD, Blu-ray, etc.), if applicable.
  • Locate the corresponding 5-digit programming code for your device. See “Device Codes – Top Brands” below or ask the remote manual.
  • On the remote, press a tool key once (i.e. AUX, DVD, TV, CBL, or STB).
  • Press and hold SETUP until the chosen mode key blinks twice.
  • Enter a 5-digit code listed for your device. the chosen mode key will blink twice.
  • If the chosen mode key emits an extended blink, repeat steps 3-5 and check out entering an equivalent code again.

If you own a combo device like a TV/DVD or TV/VCR:

  • For a TV/DVD combo, activate the unit and insert a DVD. (For a TV/VCR combo, insert a videocassette).
  • Using the remote, press DVD once. Then press and hold SETUP until the DVD key blinks twice.
  • Locate the brand and enter the primary five-digit code. If entered correctly, the DVD key will blink twice.
  • If the DVD key didn’t blink twice after entering the code’s last digit, repeat steps 2-3.
  • Aim the remote at your combo device and press POWER once. The device should close up. If not, then repeat steps 2-3 until you discover a code that works.

If you’ve located a setup code that works for your combo device and a separate TV code is additionally listed, then program this code into the remote to regulate the quantity.

Aim the remote at the device and press Power (or Play) once. The device should close up. If the device doesn’t close up, repeat steps 2-5, until you discover a code that works. If it still doesn’t respond, ask the Troubleshooting section.

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