Rythm Bot Commands for Discord 2023 (Official)

Rythm Bot Commands for Discord: Rythm Bot is a Discord bot that allows you to play music and control it with voice commands. It’s free and can be used on mobile devices! Once it’s installed, you’ll be able to use voice commands like “Play Paramore” and “Turn Off”, or text commands like “/playParamore” or “/turnOff”. You can also set your own custom aliases for playing music and they will show up in the command table next to their respective titles. Check out the Rythm bot website for more information, including installation instructions!

Discord is a third-party app that allows you to communicate with your friends while playing games together. In a gaming context, it works as a text and voice chat client and allows you to join “servers” of people who are also playing the game you are. For example, if you wish to play Overwatch with other friends, one friend can host a Discord server that includes all the people who wish to play and they can use voice commands like “Attack” or “Defend”. Everyone will hear each other’s voices in sync, allowing for easy communication. It’s free, it works on desktops and mobile devices across most of your favorite platforms including macOS, iOS, Android, and Windows.

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Rythm Bot Commands for Discord

/start: Allows you to start playing a song from the beginning
/play This command allows the playing of a song, album, or a playlist 
/next This command allows you to move to the next song in the playlist 
/last This command allows you to play the last song in the given Playlist
/repeatThis command allows playing all songs in an Album repeatedly until another Song is requested or heard (some users may be punished for spamming this). This command can be turned off in the Web Client by going to /settings/clear notifications (only applies to discord servers)
/skip This command allows you to skip ahead to the next song, album or Playlist 
/nexttrackAllows you to move up or down through the tracks in a playlist or album
. /replay This command allows you to replay an Album or Song from start. If the last played time is not present, it will replay from start for all songs. 

How do I install the rythm bot?

First, sign up for a Discord account if you do not have one already. Next, download the rythm bot and install it. On mobile devices, you’ll have to download a separate program that will automatically sync your Discord account with the Rythm Bot. Once everything is installed, open up rythm.js and copy the following code into it:

This is an example of a text alias where I tell my computer to play “Paramour” when someone calls my name. You can make your own text aliases for each of your music playlists on Spotify or Pandora for example:

“Play Paramour”: “Play Paramore”, “Turn Off”: “Turn off”, and so on. Every time someone mentions your username, your music will automatically start playing for you. There are a few specific commands that you can use to change the volume of your music. You can play piano, drum, and synth beats, as well.

For text aliases, you can also specify a number after your text alias so you can link together multiple players. Your volume will be changed by the number that you specify, always going up to a maximum volume of 100 in order to avoid the glitchy noise everyone hates.

Rythm Bot Commands for Discord 

What are the Reasons that make Rythm the best music bot?

  • 1. Cross-Platform compatibility: You can run Rythm on your Smartphone, Tablet, or even Desktops
  • 2. Web App for Customization: Lovers of the web app can seamlessly see details about their music and change the playlists as per their choice. In addition to that, Rythm also lets users add custom songs to its library
  • 3. Unlimited Playlists: The best part of Rythm is that you don’t have to juggle your playlists from one platform to another. Just make your playlists on any music apps and sync them with rythm and you will be able to call them by commands like /playSpotifyList or /playPandoraList
  • 4. Mobile Phone Sign-in: If you are using a mobile phone and you have installed the Rythm bot, you can also sign in with your mobile number to access your playlists on rythm
  • 5. Customization: You can personalize rythm as per your own preference. 

Rythm Bot Queue Commands

  • 1. /clearqueue: This command removes the entire queue 
  • 2. /queue: This command will show your current queue
  • 3. /view <Search term> <# of results>: Search for a song in the queue. Ex: /view Paramour 2
  • 4. /add <Search term> <# of results>: Add a song to your Queue from the search results using the + Add (+) button
  • 5. /choose <Song/Album/Artist/Playlist/Queue/Clipboard>: This command allows you to add something to your Queue or Playlist depending on what you choose.

Rythm Bot Setting Commands

  • 1. /settings: This command will take you to Rythm’s Settings page.
  • 2. /clearplaylist : This command will clear your current playlist
  • 3. /addplaylist <Playlist Name>: This command will add a new playlist containing the first 100 songs from your library
  • 4. /set <Playlist> <Yes/No> : Check and uncheck whether a playlist is enabled/disabled. Use Yes/No to enable or disable, remove the Playlist Name if leaving blank
  • 5. /setstatus <Playername> <On|Off>: Change the status of a user, available statuses are On and Off.

Final Verdict

Rythm is a perfect app if you want to use the bot, if you want to chat while listening to music or if you can think of a great way to utilize this bot. It’s free. The Rythm Bot has tons of features. You can customize your own songs and playlists and create unique Playlists for your friends, and family or even add them to public forums so anyone can use them as well. Its convenient feature is that it works across all of your favorite platforms on macOS, iOS, and Android devices in addition to Windows desktops.

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