RCA 4 Device Universal Remote Codes and How to Program

RCA 4 Device Universal Remote codes are a great way to control all of your entertainment devices with a single remote. They are compatible with a wide range of brands and devices, and they are easy to program. Your remote should make your life easier, but if you’ve got a special remote for each device you own, things can quickly become confusing. You would possibly even have different remotes for various parts of a similar TV. During this case, many of us prefer to program an RCA universal remote to regulate all our TVs, set-top boxes, and amplifiers.

In today’s tech-savvy world, juggling multiple remote controls for various devices can be quite a hassle. Thankfully, universal remotes like the RCA 4 Device Universal Remote offer a convenient solution to streamline your entertainment experience. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive list of RCA 4 Device Universal Remote codes, making it easier than ever to control your TV, DVD player, Blu-ray player, audio receiver, and more with a single remote.

RCA 4 Device Universal Remote Codes List

To program your RCA 4 Device Universal Remote, you will need to find the remote code for your device. You can find this code in the manual for your remote, or you can use the RCA Remote Code Finder.

Welcome to RCA 4 Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

AOC11589, 11365, 12014,12087
Apex Digital1239710765
Audiovox11865, 11564
Auria12087, 12014
Broksonic10463, 11892
Coby13478, 13627
Commercial Solutions11447
Curtis13577, 12855, 12466, 12352, 12397, 13636, 13382, 14035
Curtis Mathes11661
Disney11892, 11665
Durabrand10463, 10171, 11665, 10178
Dynex12049, 12184
Electrohome10463, 11670
Elektra10017, 11661
Element13559, 11687, 12183, 12964, 11886, 12256
Emerson11864, 11394, 10171, 10463, 11963, 11886, 10178,11661, 11665, 13623, 12183, 13559
Envision11589, 11365, 12087, 12014
EQD12014, 12087
EQD Auria12014, 12087
ESA10171, 11963
Funai10171, 11394, 11963, 11864
GE11447, 10178, 10765
General Electric11447, 10178, 10765
GFM10171, 11963, 11665, 11886, 11864
Haier11749, 12309, 13382
Hisense13519, 12183, 13382
Hitachi11643, 11145
iLo11665, 11394
Insignia12049, 11564, 11423, 11892,10171, 10463, 11963, 12184
iSymphony13382, 13118, 13094
JC Penney10178, 10156
JVC11774, 11601, 12271, 12321, 13650, 11670, 10463, 11892
Legend12397, 12309
LG12731, 11423, 12358, 12424, 10178, 10017
LXI10156, 10178, 10017
Magnavox12372, 13623, 11866, 11454, 11963, 10171, 11365, 11867
Memorex11670, 10463, 10178, 11892, 11665, 11927
Mitsubishi11250, 10178
NAD10156, 10178
Naxa12104, 13382
Nexus Electronics12183
Nikko10178, 10017, 10156
Norcent11365, 11589
Olevia11610, 11240
Optimus10250, 11927
Orion10463, 11892, 13540, 13650
Panasonic11480, 11291, 10250, 11927, 10156, 10178
Penney10178, 10156
Philco10171, 11665, 11963, 11394
Philips11867, 12372, 11866, 11454, 10017, 13623, 10171, 11365, 11394
Polaroid11523, 14035, 11687, 10765
Proscan11447, 12256, 12183, 13577,13382, 13332, 13717, 13636
Quasar10250, 11291, 11927
RCA12746, 11447, 12434, 12932, 12247, 13577, 11781, 12187, 13382, 11661, 13717, 12183, 12855, 13332, 13636, 14214
Sansui10463, 11892, 13540, 11670, 13564, 14053, 10171, 13559
Sanyo11142, 13488
Sceptre13899, 12528, 12337
Sears10156, 10171, 10178
Seiki13953, 12964, 13559, 10178
Sony10810, 11300
SunBriteTV12337, 11610, 12528
Sylvania11864, 11886, 10171, 11963, 11394, 11665
Symphonic10171, 11963, 11394
Syntax11610, 11240
TCL12434, 13183
Technics10250, 10017
Toshiba11524, 10156, 11656, 12724
Viewsonic12014, 12745, 12087, 12049, 11564, 11365
Viore12352, 13382, 13118, 12104, 13094
VIZIO11758, 13758, 12707, 12757, 13415, 12512, 11756
Wards10178, 10017, 10156
Westinghouse11712, 13579, 13382, 11300, 13949,13094, 13470, 12397, 10463
White Westinghouse11661, 10463
Zenith10017, 10178, 11145, 11423,11661, 12731, 11365, 12358, 10463

How to Program

The first thing you’re getting to want to try to do is to make sure your new remote has batteries in it and therefore the components and devices you would like to be synced are all attached just how you would like them. All set? Now, it’s time to link the remote to the hardware. Here’s what you would like to do:

  • Turn on the component or device you would like to line up.
  • Press and release the button that corresponds with the component that you simply are programming. for instance, if you would like the remote to regulate your TV or Blu-ray player, hit and release the TV button or Blu-ray button. The remote’s On/Off button will illuminate and will remain lit.
  • Now, simultaneously press and hold the Component button and therefore the On/Off button. The illuminated On/Off button will close up. After a flash, it should turn back on.
  • Release both buttons after the On/Off button relights. It should remain on.
  • Now, press and release the Play button on the remote. If the component that you simply are programming doesn’t close up after 5 seconds, still hit the play button every 5 seconds until the component turns off.
  • Next, press and release the Reverse button. Wait to ascertain if the component turns back on, and press it every 3 seconds until it does.
  • Press and release the Stop button to save lots of the programming for the device within the remote’s memory.
  • Repeat steps 1-7 for every additional device you would like to pair together with your remote.

If you don’t press the buttons correctly, you will possibly ruin the syncing process. This is often the most reason why it’d take some trial and error to urge the remote to find out. Struggling? Just reboot the hardware, pull the batteries out of the remote, and pop them back in again, then start from the first step.

RCA’s remotes are great if you’re trying to find something simple and functional, but sometimes you’re searching for something more — something that will act because of the total command center for your smart home. If that sounds more your speed, inspect our list of the simplest universal remotes.

RCA’s remotes are great if you’re trying to find something simple and functional, but sometimes you’re searching for something more — something which will act because of the total command center for your smart home. If that sounds more your speed, inspect our list of the simplest universal remotes.

To use this universal remote together with your home entertainment system, first, you would like to program it to regulate your devices. There are four ways you’ll program the universal remote to work your devices. Try them within the order listed here:

  • The Brand Code Search searches through the codes for select brands of devices.
  • The Direct Code Entry allows you to enter a code from the accompanying code list for your brand of device.
  • The Auto Code Search goes automatically through all the codes for the device you’re trying to regulate
  • The Manual Code Search allows you to manually undergo all the codes for the device you’re trying to regulate.

RCA’s remotes are great if you’re trying to find something simple and functional, but sometimes you’re trying to find something more — something which will act because of the total command center for your smart home. If that sounds more your speed, inspect our list of the best universal remotes.


Q: What is an RCA 4 Device Universal Remote?

An RCA 4 Device Universal Remote is a remote control that can be programmed to operate up to four different audio or video devices, such as TVs, DVD players, Blu-ray players, and cable/satellite boxes.

Q: How do I program my RCA 4 Device Universal Remote?

Programming instructions can vary depending on the specific model of your remote. However, the general process typically involves pressing a series of buttons and entering a code for the device you want to control. Refer to your remote’s user manual for step-by-step instructions or visit the RCA website for programming guides.

Q: Where can I find the remote codes for my devices?

You can find remote codes in your RCA remote’s user manual or on the RCA website. Manufacturers of universal remotes often provide a list of codes for various brands and models of devices. You may need to know the brand and model of your device to find the correct code.

Q: What should I do if my device’s code isn’t listed?

If you can’t find a specific code for your device, you can try using the “code search” feature on your RCA remote. This feature allows the remote to search for the correct code automatically. Consult your remote’s user manual for instructions on how to use this feature.

Q: Can I program multiple devices to work with my RCA remote?

Yes, an RCA 4 Device Universal Remote is designed to control up to four different devices simultaneously. You can program it to work with your TV, DVD player, audio receiver, and another device of your choice.

Q: Can I control devices that use different types of signals (e.g., IR and RF) with my RCA remote?

RCA universal remotes typically use infrared (IR) signals to control devices. If your devices use different types of signals, such as RF (radio frequency), you may need additional equipment or a different type of remote to control them.

Q: What do I do if my RCA remote isn’t working correctly?

If your RCA remote isn’t working as expected, try replacing the batteries first. If that doesn’t solve the problem, consult your remote’s user manual for troubleshooting tips. You may need to reprogram the remote or check for obstructions between the remote and the device you’re trying to control.

Q: Can I use an RCA universal remote with a device that requires a unique remote (e.g., a gaming console)?

RCA universal remotes are generally designed to work with common audio and video devices. If you have a device with unique functions or features, such as a gaming console, it may require its specific remote for full functionality. Universal remotes may not provide all the necessary controls for specialized devices.

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