PS4 Turns On By Itself? – Here Are Easy Methods To Fix It

Have you ever experienced your PlayStation 4 turning on by itself? Doesn’t it sound spooky and remind the sequels from horror movies honestly speaking there is no involvement of any ghost behind this. So, you must be having thought that why it happens. Let’s find out all the possibilities behind this tech phenomenon.

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How to Fix Ps4 Turns on by itself Issue

One can prevent the turning on of the PS4 by itself by following the steps in the fixes section of the article. It is the duty of the users to maintain the life of their PlayStation. Happy Gaming 🙂

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PS4 Turning on By Itself

1. Checking for issues related to Power connections

Follow the below procedure

  • Power off your PlayStation 4 console by holding the power button down for 7 seconds. You will hear two beeps which will indicate that it is being turned off.
  • From the electrical outlet unplug the wires of your consoles and PlayStation.
  • Look for power cords or ports where the problems lie and solve it for resolving this issue. You can also use spare power cords or ports for resolving this issue. 

2. Losen Connection of Ethernet cable

At times, Wi-Fi does not provide the desired or satisfactory internet connection, which causes network interruptions. Any short circuitry in the connection or any external disturbance can interrupt the Wi-Fi connection more often. In these scenarios, using an Ethernet cable is considered the best option.

You will see the Ethernet cable power at the back of your console. One can also go for using the LAN (Local Area Network) for connecting the router to PS4. If this connection becomes successful, stop using a Wireless-Fidelity connection completely.

3. Search for hardware issues

  • Firstly, hold down the power button of the PS4 for 7 seconds to turn it off.  One will hear two beeps which shows an indication of it getting turned off.
  • Now, remove all the cables from the electric outlet and make sure that no cables are connected.
  • The Next step is to take off the hard disk drive cover. 
  • Make sure that the hard disk drive is properly connected to the system. If you wish to change the old one with a new one, open it and change the damaged one with a new one.

4. Enabling system updates in a safer mode

Sometimes an incomplete update can be the cause of your issue. Update reinstallation will help one in solving the problem. Follow the below procedure.

  • For this use the USB device of minimum 400 MB of free space. Make a folder for this and name it PS4. Create a subfolder within the folder named PS4 and call it an UPDATE.
  • Get the new update and add it to the Update folder.
  • Turning off the PS4 for attaching the USB drive to your console.
  • Boot the system in safe mode by holding the power button for seven seconds.
  • In safe mode, there is will be an option named ‘update system software.’

Follow the directions on your console, and you’ll be able to do it correctly.

5. Disabling auto-updates

  • If auto-updates are enabled on your PS4 as PlayStation will turn it on by itself at nighttime for installing the updates. By following the below steps, disabling this option becomes easy for you.
  • On your home screen, click on the options of ‘settings.’
  • Scroll to the bottom and select ‘system.’
  • Now select ‘automatic downloads.’
  • Uncheck the option that reads ‘system software update files.’

Note: It will block auto-updates. However, there is no need to untick the option of ‘application update files’ because they will only get updated whenever your console is turned on.6. Avoiding APU Problem

Another reason for your PS4 turning on and off by itself could be because of APU. Sometimes, the PS4 console APU is not fixed to its motherboard. This issue can’t get repaired, and the only solution for this is to get a replacement from Sony.

  • Overheating causes PS4’s APU gets loosen from its motherboard. For preventing this kind of situation, follow the steps.
  • Make sure that there is enough ventilation in the console for making it cooler. Remove those objects in the pathway of the console which might be blocking the air ventilation.
  • For cooling off the system one can use the air conditioner or fan as an accessory.
  • Prevent using the console excessively. Overusing can cause this issue.

7. Check for other connected devices

Multi-connectors are becoming quite commonly used for connecting multiple devices.  This solution helps in connecting one’s PS4 directly instead of using connectors for serving same purpose.

Don’t forget to corner your Television and PS4 console.

8. Database Rebuilding

Database rebuilding will help one’s PS4 to solve small issues which are the root cause of the main problem. The transfer of data can take some time or also hours as it completely depends on the amount of data. It won’t delete your pre-saved data.

NOTE: Keep in mind that your PS4 is turned off fully and fully turned in safe mode before rebuilding the database.

9. Resetting the PS4

By resetting PS4 there is a high chance of your issue getting resolved.

Follow the below procedure.

  • Turning off your PS4 console is the first step, from the backside of the console also from the main circuit unplug the power cable. 
  • Hold onto the power button for a few seconds.
  • Don’t forget to reconnect your power cable after a few minutes
  • Hold down the button on till you hear the sound of beeps two times.
  • While using the USB device, don’t forget to connect with the Dual Shock 4 controller of the PS4 console.
  • Press and hold on to the X button for initializing ‘ps4.’

NOTE: Back up your data beforehand to not face any issues. As this option will wipe out your data. To avoid losing data, click on the ‘restart PS4’ option instead of the ‘initialize PS4 option.’

Why does It happen?

Some of the common reasons for your PS4 turning on itself can be due to the following:->

  • Software getting corrupted: There is a high chance that the software or firmware of your PlayStation has got corrupted. It can be because of the games which are moded which affect your PlayStation adversely.
  • Issues with Hard Drive: Your PS4 may be running and storing the data in the corrupted hard drive because of which the system software built inside the storage will restrict it to boot. The reasons for this happening can be because of frequent power cuts or physical damage to the body of the PlayStation, or after exceeding usage hours of the PlayStation. 
  • Issues of HDMI cable: It’s a very specific issue that revolves around syncing HDMI. It’s easy to fix or repair this issue but if it doesn’t work in your case then you need to take an advice of an expert for resolving the issue.
  • Damaged Source of Power: There is a high chance that after frequent power cuts your PlayStation power source can malfunction or also due to physical damage it can stop working properly.
  • Issues of Overheating: If your PS4’s cooling system not working properly then it means that your console was performing under high temperatures for a long time which cause it the damage. Your console might have exhausted fully with dust. 
  • Weak soldering: As time passes, the internal components might lose their grip. It is considered a rare cause that happens because of weak soldering of internal pieces of PlayStation which also causes overheating problems which damage the hard drive. 
  • Switch covered with Dust: Dust between the buttons prevents the connection with PlayStation due to which you might be unable to turn off your PS4. So, always clean your PlayStation.

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