How to Program Your Fiber Optic TV Remote?

The remote control that we offer together along with your set-top container is a universal remote. This way it is able to be programmed to control quite a few devices. At the time of installation, our technician programmed the remote to paintings together along with your television. The remote comes with a hard and fast set of time-honored codes for diverse manufacturers.

How to Program Your Fiber Optic TV Remote?

If you want to discover the code unique on your TV, Blu-ray, DVD, or a different tool, please go to this internet site and click on “code finder” below the remote control picture to discover your tool code.

Most of the time, your OEC Fiber TV remote will routinely pair together along with your TV while your HDMI twine is plugged into each of your set-top containers and TV. If now no longer, use the video manual or the written guidelines beneath to software your far off on your TV. Simply comply with alongside via means of urgent the equal buttons highlighted at the far off withinside the video for your remote at home.

To software your fiber remote control on your TV

  • Turn on your TV.
  • On the far off-screen, press TV one time- it’ll blink as soon as. Then, press and preserve SETUP till the TV key blinks.
  • Press nine 1. Your TV key has to blink two times.
  • Point your remote control at your TV and press POWER.
  • Press and release the CH+ button continuously, then forestall pressing the CH+ button while the TV turns off. (Please note- in seek mode, the remote control will ship IR codes from the IR code library to your preferred tool, beginning with the maximum famous code, first.)
  • Press POWER. Your TV has to now switched on. Press SETUP as soon as to fasten withinside the IR code. The LED at the far off will blink two times to signify the code has been saved. (Note- in case your TV doesn`t switch on at some stage in this step, slowly press and launch CH- to head again via the IR codes, then press SETUP while your TV turns on.)

 Be certain to factor the far off at your system at some stage in setup

  1. Press the mode key for the tool you desire to set up.
  2. Press and preserve SETUP till the mode key blinks two times
  3. Using the digit keys at the far off, input the code proven withinside the code finder above.
  4. Test the remote to verify that it controls your tool as expected. If it does now no longer,

 TV now no longer recognized

  • A set-off will seem with a listing of TV manufacturers.
  • Select your TV logo (note: a few TVs are white label and made via means of a distinctive figure company, which can be the logo that desires to be selected).
  • Follow the commands to press and preserve the “Mute” button because the remote cycles via the diverse TV codes.
  • Upon locating the right code, launch the mute button and select “It works”.
  • Select “Complete” to exit the software.
  • Press the “Guide” button to go into the OEC Fiber TV app.

Codes for FiberOptic TV Remote

  • Element: 3477
  • Emerson: 0917
  • GE: 1081
  • Insignia: 1368
  • LG: 1628
  • Magnavox: 1706
  • Panasonic: 2153
  • Philips: 2195
  • Proscan: 2279
  • RCA: 2351
  • Samsung: 2448
  • Sansui: 2458
  • Sanyo: 2462
  • Sharp: 2550
  • Sony: 2679
  • Sylvania: 2809
  • TCL: 2856
  • Toshiba: 3021
  • Vizio: 3211
  • Westinghouse: 3249

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