How to Cancel Youtube TV Subscription – Everything You Can Know

Cancel Youtube TV Subscription: So, you came to YouTube while hunting for a reliable TV streaming service. You chose to invest because you loved the diversity of channels. But eventually, you conclude that either the steep price is too much for you, or you require something different. Here’s where I come in.  I am about to take you through a few simple steps to cancel YouTube TV. Describe YouTube TV. Let’s begin by defining what a streaming service is.

 It is a streaming media platform that offers TV, movies, and other entertainment content on demand. Exactly that is YouTube TV. Depending on your membership conditions, you can get more than 85 TV channels. Additionally, you may record your favourite events on this streaming site and view them later. Additionally, you may add the service to six separate accounts and use up to three devices at once to view it. 

How to Cancel Youtube TV  subscrition

How to Cancel Youtube TV Subscription

You have the option to stop or pause YouTube TV. Depending on your reasons for quitting and the length of your hiatus. It may be done at any time and becomes effective when your most recent pay period finishes. Unless it’s a free trial, it starts working right away. 

On a computer, how to end YouTube TV. There are a few simple actions you may take to cancel your membership if you watch YouTube TV on a PC. Navigate to the YouTube TV website in a browser. Navigate to your profile avatar in the top right corner of the page once it has loaded. Next, look in the drop-down menu for the Settings option. Your subscription plan will be displayed there in the Membership section. On the right side of your plan, click Manage.

There are two choices when you select the Manage button:

  • Pause
  • Cancel.

In order to maintain you as a client, YouTube will do all in its power. However, you may just click Cancel if you don’t want to pause it. You must provide a reason for cancelling your YouTube TV subscription on the next page. Select the option that best fits you and press the cancel button. Know that if you select Other, you will be required to provide a reason for leaving. Two choices will then be presented to you: Pause alternatively or cancel. Click the second option. Voila! Your cancellation of the subscription will become effective on the next billing date.

How to Terminate YouTube TV on an Android App

Let’s say you want to cancel as soon as possible but your computer is not nearby. No more worries! It may be cancelled on any device. Open the app on your Android device first. Tap on your profile’s avatar in the top right corner of your interface by navigating there. Go to the menu and choose Settings. Click Membership. Choose the subscription option under your YouTube TV package to Pause or Cancel. You can select the Pause option if you’re unsure about cancelling your membership. If you’ve already made up your mind to stop, click Cancel. Select a justification on the next page, then click Continue cancelling. Then click on Membership Cancel.

On iPhone and iPad, how to stop YouTube TV

There is no way to cancel a YouTube TV membership using the iOS app because there is no opportunity to sign up for one. However, you may do it from there if you open the service’s web browser interface. You may follow the steps and complete the task because they are the same as those on a PC browser. Terminating a subscription to a membership All of your settings and recordings will be kept if you pause your YouTube TV account for up to six months.

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After this period, keep in mind that the platform will continue to charge you the standard monthly price for your subscription. cancelling your YouTube TV subscription. On the other hand, if you are dissatisfied with the service, you may quickly terminate your YouTube TV membership. The platform will delete your choices and records after 21 days. You may, however, always choose to reactivate your membership. To prevent having to set it up again later and avoid missing out on rewards, make sure you select the relevant option.

Plans and prices

Although it is an effective solution to do away with wires, satellites, and TV sets, YouTube TV is not cheap. The summary is as follows: YouTube TV only offers one membership package with the opportunity to add channels, in contrast to several other streaming services. Price: 64.99 dollars. You get access to more than 85 channels and the choice to record all of your favourite programmes without space restrictions. The general public is troubled by the fact that the cost of living is rising as media outlets add more channels and broaden their coverage. Price increased from 30 to 64.99 dollars since product introduction. Many people are cancelling their accounts because of this.

What Takes Place After You Terminate YouTube TV?

There will undoubtedly be repercussions if you terminate your YouTube TV subscription.

However, it depends on the timing of the cancellation. For instance, if you cancel it during the Free Trial, all of your recordings and settings would be lost right away (add-ons included). Your access will be immediately limited. If you decide to end a paid membership, the site won’t instantly deny you access. It will execute on the next billing date. You will no longer have access to your YouTube TV accounts when the payment time has ended. Additionally, your library’s recordings will stop working after 21 days. But if you want to re-register for YouTube in the future, it will store your choices. For invoicing and fraud protection purposes, Google may additionally keep limited information such as your home zip code. 

Wrap up

The service is excellent and provides you with a lot, but it is not very inexpensive. For instance, many other suppliers provide services that, if not superior, are at least more reasonably priced. Make certain that you are actually prepared to cancel. You may always take a break from watching YouTube TV. You can get in touch with assistance if you run across any problems. You can receive a prompt response if you select the chat option. Within 24 hours of sending an email, you will receive a response. A call can also be scheduled.

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