Fixing ‘Server Unreachable’ When Making A Call – Best Methods

Server Unreachable: Do you know how to resolve the inaccessible server problem when placing a call? If not, do not worry; this manual will assist you. Have you ever observed that the dialing tone for only a telephone conversation varies from the contact? Do not worry; this is not a mistake, and it frequently happens in many nations. It is because of the many phone networks and servers. While you attempt to make a phone call, do you ever encounter the “server inaccessible” error? It cannot be very pleasant, especially if it occurs at a crucial moment.

You can try several other different items to try to repair it, so do not worry. We will clarify whatever the “service unresponsive” message means in this article. Do not panic; you can try a couple of things to fix it. In this article, we will define the “server inaccessible” error and teach you how to resolve it so you may resume making phone calls. Remain tuned!

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What does the phrase “server unavailable” on the phone mean?

Fixing ‘Server Unreachable’ When Making A Call

When the signal is poor, or the visual range from the signal transmitted to the device is blocked, the error message “server unreachable” may appear on your mobile phone.

  • Your phone’s network connection may be having trouble.
  • Your SIM card may not be inserted appropriately.
  • Potentially, you should update the phone’s OS.
  • There’s a chance the contact number you’re trying to call was disconnected.
  • Possibility of airplane mode on your phone
  • Either the SIM card is destroyed, or it was not placed correctly.
  • You are no longer within your carrier’s coverage area.

Why Is The “Server Unreachable” Issue Occurring?

The “Server Unreachable” error could arise for several reasons. The Google Voice forwarding phone number has either been suspended, disconnected, or otherwise marked inactive by its operator, which is the earliest and most frequent cause.

When you call someone, your device connects to their device by using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) service. If you see an error message that reads “server unavailable,” there can be a problem with your network’s SIP servers or the receiver.

A mobile phone may experience problems when a server is down for a range of factors, such as:

  • Your phone does not have an internet connection, which is a bummer.
  • If you do get a signal, it is either poor or absent.
  • It appears that the server is having trouble responding to your connection.
  • You will have to wait for the outage rectified, as it tends to happen now in the region.
  • Your VPN and the app you are attempting to use both have issues.
  • Your phone may face problems if it has a lot of open apps in the background. 

The “server inaccessible” message is displayed when the device’s link to its provider is broken. You might be having a problem, or the network operator could have had a problem.

  • An unavailable server warning is one of the most frequent issues brought on by bad cellular connections.
  • By blocking the call, the caller is preventing others from answering it.
  • The person you are attempting to communicate with may have updated their phone number.
  • Maybe the location where you are phoning has poor reception.
  • The network of your operator may currently be experiencing a problem now.
  •  As a result, you may shortly lose touch with your provider.
  • This could make it impossible for your operator to prolong your service.
  •  The battery or SIM card in your phone could be broken.

If you are having issues with your “unreachable server” warnings, please take the following actions:

The first thing you should do is see whether any other phones or devices nearby are functional. Try the correct procedure on a smartphone that is also experiencing the service unavailable notification.

  • Verify that mobile data is enabled in the settings.
  • Repeatedly turn off and on this mobile.
  • Verify that your phone is running the latest version of the operating system. 
  • You also need to know the Internet address of the device. 
  • The user is recommended to access Wi-Fi connectivity or a mobile internet connection to use this service.
  • If required, restart your device or join an alternative network.
  • The issue can continue if you do not call your provider immediately.

Fixing “Server Unreachable” Can Help You Avoid This Situation Whenever You Make a Call

It might be annoying when voice calls and text messages are unsuccessful, especially if you know that WhatsApp will function properly because of the positive indication. For advice on how to avoid making the same mistakes again, consider our list of suggestions below:

  • Sending messages when your Wi-Fi signal is having trouble is not recommended. It is better not to send texts, for instance, if you observe that your connection is sporadically dropping or coming and disappearing. Additionally, it is advised that you avoid making phone calls if your signal continues going off every few seconds because doing so will quickly result in this problem.
    • Instead, make an effort to address these issues first before attempting to send emails or make phone calls.
  • Moving closer to the router should not affect performance, so we advise switching from 3G/4G data connections to Wi-Fi if you do not see any changes. Because 3G and 4G connections can only be created in one location, it is challenging for your phone to pick up the signal when you go to another place. If this option does not work, contact your wireless carrier and inquire about WhatsApp voice call limits on your account. (if any).
  • We would advise resetting your device’s network configuration if none of these fixes helped. Some of your router or internet formats could be altered by third-party technology, so optimizing them into one’s initial state could address any troubles with getting a proper signal. Remember to reconfigure those settings later, as this will also override any cellular use changes you may have made.
  • We advise contacting your wireless operator for more help if resetting your network settings is unsuccessful. We do not recommend taking matters into your own hands by tinkering with these software settings unless you are a tech genius or experienced smartphone repair since you risk making situations worse rather than better.

If you experience this issue while placing phone calls, take the following additional measures:

  • Look into your internet connection. Confirm that you have a functional data connection—3G/4G or Wi-Fi- to send sensed data to the SIP server. It is typical to experience a lag while placing an outgoing call as your device establishes a connection to the internet, but incoming calls should not experience any discernible lag.
  • On an iOS device, try going to ‘Settings> “Wi-Fi,” pressing the icon beside the name of your Wi-Fi network, and selecting ‘Forget This Network.’ Later, without inserting a passcode, try accessing from a similar menu. Make sure your smartphone is connected through UDP port 5060.
  • On an Android device, open “Settings” > “More” > “Applications,” choose your dialer app, touch “Permissions,” and make sure “Phone” and “Network” are both enabled. On iOS, go to “Settings” > “Phone” > “SIP,” and make sure they allow this device toggle is turned on. You will need to modify the settings of your firewall or router if it blocks UDP traffic on port 5060 from being sent or received.
  • If you have a third-party security or firewall app installed on Android, ask the developer how to enable UDP ports generally. Additionally, while configuring an online call via Wi-Fi Calling preferences in Settings, ensure that Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) is permitted.
  • Make sure users have access to the net before completing an outgoing call on iOS through Wi-Fi or cellular data. In other words, avoid attempting to make a voice call if your screen says “No Service” or if your phone is in aeroplane mode. Please check to make sure your mobile is online before dialing out.


Retry if you cannot reach your server over the phone. If it does not work within the following 60 minutes, try calling your cellular provider or dialing from another phone. When your smartphone runs too many programs in the background or power-saving mode, you could occasionally get this “server inaccessible” notification. You will now be able to repair “Server Unreachable” when placing a phone call, thanks to the information in this post. So, if you experience any phone network issues, do not worry; utilize the second way to achieve the desired outcome. So why are you still waiting? Try out our recommendations, and then let us know if they are successful for you.

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