Where is the Power Button on Vizio TV (Full Guide 2023)

Where is the power button on Vizio TV: What will you do if a television set doesn’t have a definite power button to turn on and off the television? Such is the case with Vizio TV. Typically, the new users of Vizio TV don’t know where the power button is, nor can they see where it is. This is because the Vizio TV doesn’t have the power button marked as a power button, making it difficult to recognize. 

So, most of the buyers are curious about solving this mystery of navigating the power button on Vizio TV.  In this article, you will get to know some ways through which you will be able to find the power button on Vizio TV the next time and also what to do if you won’t able to do that.

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Where is the Power Button on Vizio TV? 

When the TV remote control is not working properly, find the circular or square-shaped button on Vizio TV. These are the on and off switches on Vizio Television. Push them, and your television will be on. 

Where is The Power Button on Vizio TV?

Nevertheless, it is necessary to keep in account that the place of the power button on Vizio TVs is not exact. It may differ according to the year of manufacturing of the TV. For instance, the power button on Vizio TVs manufactured before 2015 contrasts with those Vizio TVs produced after 2015.  So, one can say that 2015 is a dividing year between the difference in power buttons of Vizio TV manufactured before and after that year.

Where Will You Find the Power Switch

  • The location of Power Switch on the Vizio Television can be located just below the TV’s HDMI ports on the back side of the television.
  • It can be found on the forepart; rear end left side of the knob in the new versions of the TV, or on the left brink of the knob on the former versions of the TV. 
  • It takes a lot of modest hard work to find the physical power switch on Vizio TV, although it already exists.

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Why is it Arduous to Search for the Power Switch?

  • It isn’t easy to find the power button on Vizio TV mainly due to beautifying reasons. Why would the designer put some big and outdated-styled power control buttons in the updated version of the TV? 
  • Nowadays, television designs are becoming thin and beautiful, thus cutting out the elements like the power button from the television outline. 
  • It is not exactly the cutting out of the power button, but it is just incorporating the button so that it gets mixed with the design of the television and doesn’t stand out.

How to Look Up for the Power Switch on Vizio TV

Earlier, it was easier to find the power button before introducing some highly aesthetic TV designs. The television might look cooler, but what is the use of it if the user finds it difficult to find a simple button such as the power button of the television in case the remote control stops working?

Considering the older Vizio TV, the power button will be located in one of the two spots. As the older Vizio TVs used to have simple buttons, you can at least feel them while caressing your finger around the bezel, even if you can’t find them easily.  Earlier, the Vizio television designs were also not good at hiding the power button, as compared to today. Thus, they were easy to find.  Nowadays, the buttons on the current Vizio TV models are very small and thus are difficult to locate quickly.

  • Firstly, face your Vizio television while standing in front of it. 
  • Then, with your hand’s help, grasp the bottom right side of the small screen.
  • Now, move your hand to the backside of the television and try to locate the HDMI cord input ports.
  • The power button on the Vizio television is somewhere there only. 

This method is more straightforward if your TV is situated against the wall or in a place where you have to stretch your neck to see the buttons. 

Wrapping Up

All the Vizio televisions include buttons, but they are being hidden with the increasing quality of the design of the television as much as the competition in the market is growing.  Although the location of the power button may vary depending on the model, once you find the power button, you can easily turn on the television.  All you need to do is to search for the button on the backside of the television near the HDMI cord input port. Try a little more complicated, and you will find the power button of Vizio TV somewhere there only.  


Question: Where to locate the power switch on my Vizio screen?

Answer- In recent models, the power button can be on the screen’s backside. 

On the older models, you can locate it on the front, bottom left, or bottom right side of the television.

Question: Do all Vizio television models come with a power button?

Answer- Yes, all of the Vizio television models come with a power button. However, they can be hidden very well.

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