Best TV for Bright Room in 2023 – (Buying Guide)

If you have a bright room, you know how difficult it can be to find the best tv for bright rooms. Fortunately, this blog post will provide you with all the necessary know-how to get your TV shopping done in no time. The first thing you need to know is that the best TV for bright rooms is the ones with Full-array Local Dimming (FALD). This is a type of backlight technology that allows the TV to adjust the LED backlights according to the content.

Best TV for Bright Room 

The content being watched is what really matters as different contents display different levels of brightness. This means a movie will have way more highlights than a regular TV show. With that in mind, we can say that any TV without FALD is going to look washed out when compared to one with FALD. So, if you want your TV to look its best, do yourself a favour and check for this feature before buying it. We’ll go over considerations for both kids’ and adults’ TVs, along with some of our favourite picks for budget-friendly options. We hope that this post is helpful in getting the Best TV for Bright Room!

1. Sony KD-43X85J

Sony is one of the most trusted brands when it comes to electronics. The KD-43X85J is an excellent TV for a bright room that offers Full-array Local Dimming with its P3 HDR standard. Its Full-array local dimming feature makes it stand out from other displays, as it can be dimmed anywhere on the screen that’s not obscured by a window. For additional highlights, this TV also has 4K X-Reality Pro which improves on upscaling content. It’s not just the pictures that are improved, but the quality of your speakers too.

Sony X85J 43 Inch TV: 4K Ultra HD LED Smart Google TV with Native 120HZ Refresh Rate, Dolby Vision HDR, and Alexa Compatibility KD43X85J- 2021 Model


  • Excellent picture quality
  • Good connectivity – Supports 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF In and 1 RF out.


  • No built-in apps – Instead of the usual streaming services, you get basic web browsing and a pretty useless media player app. Overall, it’s not one of the best TVs on the market but its Full-array local dimming feature will make up for that.

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2. Hisense U6G

Hisense is the third largest TV manufacturer in the world. Their top of the line TV is a 4K Smart TV with Full-Array Local Dimming which allows you to adjust backlight zones for maximum control of contrast. You can use various settings to get richer black levels and higher brightness levels. It also features HDR Pro Professional Mode which will improve the dynamic range of your pictures, from highlight to shadow details. Hisense U6G has 100% Colour Volume and P3 Colour Standard. It has a Smart TV platform that includes a built-in PVR, Vudu apps and more, the U6G has one of the best smart TV platforms.

Hisense ULED 4K Premium 50U6G Quantum Dot QLED Series


  • Great picture quality
  • Well-designed stand – The stand is wide, which will make it convenient to mount the television without flattening it. This makes the Hisense U6G an excellent choice for mounting on a wall or in front of an articulating arm.


  • No USB input – You can’t connect any USB devices such as your keyboard or mouse to this TV. Overall, it’s not bad for its price and you can get it on Amazon UK.

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3. LG OLED 65 C1

If you’re looking for an excellent TV that allows you to adjust the backlight and focus on the content, look no further than LG OLED 65 C1. Its picture quality is fantastic and its Smart TV platform is good value for money. It features an Adaptive mode which will adjust the picture processing according to the input signal. There’s also 4K Cinema HDR which will make your black levels darker. Not only that, it’s more efficient with power consumption – two Slim Energy Star certifications mean it produces less heat while saving you money on your electric bill while saving energy.

LG OLED C1 Series 48” Alexa Built-in 4k Smart TV (3840 x 2160), 120Hz Refresh Rate, AI-Powered 4K, Dolby Cinema, WiSA Ready, Gaming Mode (OLED48C1PUB, 2021)


  • Excellent picture quality – The OLED display of this TV is absolutely brilliant. The picture details look amazing and the colour accuracy is superb. Watching HDR content on this TV will be a treat as the luminance can get really bright while still keeping a perfect black level.


  • Just two HDMI ports – You should have noticed by now that all TVs from the top brands are lacking USB ports or audio outputs. This means you’ll be using HDMI for your audio, video and other connections. If you’re looking for a TV without any ports, then you’ll have to look at Panasonic TVs and Acer Predator 4K TVs which are slightly more affordable than other brands.

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4. Philips 276E8VJSB

Philips 276E8VJSB is an OLED TV that offers good picture quality with its superb colour accuracy, Smart TV platform and excellent voice and sound clarity. It has an excellent Smart TV platform that includes built-in apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Video, Vudu and Spotify. The TV also has access to Cinematic tuning mode which will automatically enhance movies without the use of video processing units. This means you get a purer picture with fewer artificial enhancements.

 Philips 276E8VJSB 27" Monitor, 4K UHD IPS, 1 Billion+ Colors, Ultranarrow Borders, Lowblue, Multiview, 4Yr Advance Replacement Warranty


  • Good value for money – You can get this inexpensive OLED television at Amazon UK for £1,000 or less. It’s a good value for money OLED TV that offers low input lag, superb HDR capabilities and a great design.


  • No USB port – You won’t be able to connect any USB devices to this TV such as your keyboard, mouse or memory sticks. Apart from that, it’s one of the best TVs in its price range.

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5. Sony XR-55A90J

Sony is a well-known brand when it comes to TV and one of their top of the line TVs is the XR-55A90J. It’s an excellent TV with Ultra HD Premium HDR10 support and Full-array local dimming. The XR-55A90J supports 4K resolution which gives you good details on your content. It has good connectivity with 3 HDMI ports, 1 RF in/out port, 1 USB port and 2 composite ports.

Sony X90J 65 Inch TV: BRAVIA XR Full Array LED 4K Ultra HD Smart Google TV with Dolby Vision HDR and Alexa Compatibility XR65X90J- 2021 Model


  • Good picture quality – This TV’s picture quality is solid for its price range, especially for HDR content where black levels are deep and colour accuracy is sharp. It has impressive picture quality for an IPS LCD TV.


  • Slight washout effect – You’ll notice some backlight bleed especially when watching movies in dark scenes. This is a common issue among many LCD TVs. Overall, it’s not bad for its price range, but it does have some issues such as a noticeable backlight bleed.

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Buying guide to choosing the best tv for a bright room

  • Cost

Most people shopping for TVs with the brightest panels are willing to spend more money for this benefit. But you should remember that as screen size increases, so does cost. If you’re looking for a TV with a bright display, higher prices may not be prohibitive because it could very well be worth it.

  • Features

In addition to the benefits of a brighter TV panel, look for smart features and other nifty features that add value to your purchase before you commit. Consider what else the brand offers in their model line-up and whether or not these features are important to you as part of your purchase decision.

  • Screen size and type

Screen size can be more cost-effective, so it’s a good place to start when comparing models. A larger screen may not deliver the same brightness, but it’s easier to see the picture from far away.

  • Energy efficiency

The energy efficiency of a TV is important for everyone and can also be one of the indicators that dictate how bright its display actually is. The two most common metrics for energy efficiency tend to be contrast ratio and brightness. When you’re comparing TVs of different sizes, the contrast ratio will be your guide because it measures how light or dark each pixel in the image is relative to another pixel on the same screen.

  • Additional features

Depending on your requirements and price range, you may be able to find a TV with these additional features that deliver the brightness you need for a specific purpose or room

  • Size

If you’re looking for a very large TV, your options are somewhat limited when it comes to brightness. However, some manufacturers have been able to deliver a bright picture on larger screens and even curved panels. If a bigger screen is what you need, look closely at the brightness of the display on each model you weigh.

  • Refresh rate

Most TVs that are brighter operate at higher refresh rates than those with dimmer displays, but not all of them do. Be sure that your potential purchase is not lower than 60 Hz or 120 Hz. This will affect how clear the picture looks during action scenes when the screen is full of fast-moving images and colours.

The idea of an intensely bright television set is appealing to many consumers, even if it is not practical for every room or activity. For example, the average daytime TV viewing space has a very large amount of natural light present. This type of environment often doesn’t require an excessively bright TV because the ambient light from windows will always be brighter than your basic set will be in an environment with no windows. Brightness is measured in two ways: absolute brightness and native panel brightness rating (NTSC).

How does brightness affect a TV’s ability to display colours?

As mentioned earlier – brightness is only one factor that affects colour display on a television set. Colour contrast is also closely tied to brightness.

Colour contrast is the difference between light and dark colours. If you have a TV that displays low colour contrast, you might find some colours looking faded or dull. This is because the colours that are coming from your TV aren’t standing out from the background. Colour contrast can be improved by increasing brightness, however, this will not solve everything as it only addresses one part of the problem.

In order for a TV to display vivid colours, it needs to have a high P3 D65 Standard Colour Gamut and low colour UHDA-100 standard Colour Error 5 (Colour difference between reference colour and actual perceived colour). For high-quality vivid colours, the TV needs to have a High Dynamic Range. The backlighting of a TV that affects colour contrast – The backlighting of a television display panel consists of several LED lights that are individually controlled by the TV’s processor.

The processor analyses incoming content and determines the best light output levels for each LED backlight in order to achieve the best picture quality possible. With local dimming, the processor works with multiple zones (zones are sections of LEDs) that can be brightened or dimmed at different times. FALD TVs allow for more zones than other local dimming TVs. This means that FALD TVs can produce higher colour contrast and brightness than regular local dimming TVs.

What are the uses of choosing bright tv for rooms?

If you are looking to purchase a tv that is good for a bright room, you need to consider a few things. This will help in your TV buying decision. The first thing is the size or the size of the TV. You need to get one that will perfectly fit into all your rooms at home and it should also look good with all the other items in every room. The other thing you need to consider is the viewing angle of the TV. A good viewing angle allows you to see clearly all contents on your TV monitor without any distortion at all.

What is the best tv for a bright room?

So you are looking for the best tv for a bright room on the market? To keep your search simple, let us take a look at some of our favourite picks. Sony XBR X930C – The Sony XBR series has an excellent performance in terms of both picture quality and performance speed. It has a 32″ display with far more pixels than the standard HDTV, but with an equally excellent contrast ratio and vibrant colours. This is great for those users who prefer to watch sports and movies on their TV as this TV is highly compatible with local dimming technology which ensures that images are displayed accurately.

Final Words

After reading our article about How to choose the best TV for a bright room in 2022, you will be able to make a better decision before buying the TV. Thanks for reading our blog. If you want more information about Smart TVs in 2022, visit our blog: Smart TVs- Best Smart TVs Review of 2022.

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