Best Remotes for Insignia TV 2024 (Smart TVs & Fire TV Edition)

Many people are beginning to use their Smart TV, for even their Insignia tv, as a primary content source. Imagine the convenience of turning your television on to access a wide range of content on various topics at the click of a button.  When it comes to such a necessary purchase, you want to ensure that your choice will last.

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Best Remotes for Insignia TV

It’s essential to find a good remote that you can use with ease and won’t be collecting dust at the end of its life. Many of these people have also noticed that the best way to do this is by utilizing a remote that recognizes all the apps and control buttons on your television. 


Imagine life without a remote for your home theater system. If you refuse to move from the couch or press pause on your favorite show, you’ve got to get up and reach behind that TV to change that channel. Well, this will be a thing of the past with Logitech Harmony 950. The latest iteration of Logitech’s robust lineup of universal remotes is here. With its one-touch activity buttons and color screen, it makes controlling all your entertainment devices more accessible than ever before. And if you have multiple rooms with different setups, like an office or game room with other devices, Harmony 950 can control each room individually with ease.

Logitech Harmony 950 Touch IR Remote Control for up to 15 Entertainment Devices


  • Beautiful touchscreen remote control with a multi-room capability.
  • Easy one-touch activity buttons for channel and volume.
  • Reasonable price for universal remote control.


  • The Harmony 950 can replace any brand remote that uses IR. Still, it cannot change the TV’s Input button.
  • If you have an older television, you might be in trouble if your first choice is to turn on the TV. 
  • Using the wireless keyboard/mouse, which gives you complete control of the TV by pressing specific keys on the keyboard/mouse.

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It’s a great device that, among other things, can control your TV and other home entertainment equipment with just your voice. The only problem is that it costs $69.99. Sure it sounds fantastic but for some of us on a budget, spending over sixty bucks on a remote control is a little too rich for our blood. Another remote is available that has all of the functionality and more. The Alex voice remote allows you to control your Fire TV and any other home entertainment equipment in your home. 

Insignia - Replacement Voice Remote with Alexa for Insignia a


  • It gives you a favorite show. 
  • Dedicated channel and volume buttons.


  • It doesn’t work with all of the remote controls you’ve got lying around.

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Another option is to replace your remote with a Roku remote control. This is the simplest solution and can be done with or without the assistance of an app on your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Roku One features set-top streaming and premium content, so it’s a great choice if you need all controls from one place. Roku player features an interface that looks like it’s from 2007, and its on-screen interface has no menus for anything – even for settings. It’s also tough to navigate the OS without a mouse unless you have severe hand coordination.

Universal Remote with Volume for Roku Player


  • Great price.
  • Little to no learning curve.
  • There is no button menu, so the remote can be used for other things besides navigating your media player or system menus.


  • There is no support for IR remotes or devices that control power and volume on the television. 
  • No guide buttons. 
  • You need to use the Roku remote instead of the physical keypad, which is clumsier than most other remotes and requires more finger control than you’d expect.

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This Insignia TV remote was designed for use with most Insignia brand TVs. It replaces your original Insignia TV remote so you can control your TV without crawling under the TV to find and press the power button, which is way too easy to forget. The OEM Insignia NS-RC03A-13 TV remote has a full QWERTY keyboard and a full-color display. Along with these features, the OEM Insignia NS-RC03A-13 TV remote control has 16 favorite channel buttons that allow you to launch your favorite channels at the push of a button.

Insignia NS-RC03A-13 TV Remote Control - OEM


  • Full QWERTY keyboard and a full-color display. 
  • 16 favorite channel buttons.
  • It has the power to control your TV and other infrared-controlled home entertainment devices you may have in your home. 
  • Easily replaces the remote for your Insignia brand TV.


  • A lot of different models for different TVs, so make sure you match the model number to the correct remote if you need a replacement.

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Harmony Companion is the ultimate universal remote for your home. It features a touchscreen you can use to control over five devices and programmable fobs so you can manage your TV without looking away from the action on the screen. Along with these features, Harmony Companion boasts a rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months as a charging station. Hence, you never have to fumble with cables, and a depth of customizable options makes it perfect for controlling your home entertainment setup.

Logitech Harmony Companion All in One Remote Control for Smart Home


  • Touchscreen that you can use to control over five devices.
  • Programmable fobs. 
  • Rechargeable battery that lasts up to 3 months. 
  • Charging station for convenient wireless charging.


  • Expensive price tag compared to previous models from Logitech. 

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Insignia manufactures and markets various products, including computers, small appliances, flat-panel TVs, and electronics. Insignia OEM remotes are available for certain popular brands and Insignia and Sharp. This remote is specifically designed for use with the model number XXXXXL-S (model number 5IC5001) of a Sharp TV manufactured between May 2012 and September 2015. After this month, all Sharp televisions manufactured by Sharp will have the codes in the 5IC5001, 7RR5-S, 7RC0-S, or 7RX0-S areas.

Insignia Tv Remote Control Insignia Ns-rc4na-16 Nsrc4na16 LED Tv Remote Control


  • Works with the model number XXXXXL-S (model number 5IC5001) of a Sharp TV.
  • The Insignia OEM remote is extremely easy to program.


  • Replaces the original Sharp remote, and it doesn’t work with other models of Sharp televisions after that model was introduced.

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What is the Best Remote for your Insignia TV?

Best remotes for smart televisions can significantly enhance your viewing experience at home, and they can make your TV a more interactive device than ever before. Many people who have used their Smart TV functions without a remote have found that it provides a better way to control their television. For this reason, it is essential to understand what the remote that comes with your Smart TV does for you. When you can fully understand all the features of your Smart TV, you will better realize. 

A variety of different remotes may provide you with the ability to control your device much more effectively. To help you understand what remote control comes with your Smart TV is best, you must first know the types of remotes for different television types. There are quite a few different types of remotes that you can use for your smart TV, and each style has its advantages and disadvantages. It is also important to note that none of these remotes will work with every television, and some TVs may even have a specific remote that they require to be used. 

It is also important to note that there are many different options for selecting the best remote for your Insignia TV. This can leave many people feeling like they don’t know where to begin since so many options are available today. With a remote, you can tailor any of your Smart TV’s features to meet your specific needs, making for a more effortless day-to-day viewing experience. There are excellent reasons why you should believe that a good remote can add a lot to your viewing experience at home. A variety of remotes can help you find the perfect fit for all the Smart TV functions that you want to use every day. 

This makes it easier than ever before to turn your regular television into a Smart TV. Many different options are available today, providing users with a wide range of other features and functions. This remote is one of the most universal on the market, and it works with virtually any device available today. Remember that this is not limited to just Insignia tv but all intelligent televisions. 

Why choose the Best Remote for your Insignia TV?

The Insignia TV remote is functional and efficient, but are you using it correctly? You might be using it as intended, but if your television is struggling because of repetitive or inaccurate button presses, then your remote may not be the best one for your TV. There are many different remotes to choose from when shopping for a new one. Set up and set up correctly to enjoy the benefits of the remote on offer. 

Remote with cutting-edge usability features like voice search and indicator lights that show battery life and volume levels when needed. The remote buttons are intuitive and easy to understand to start using them right away. Controls are built-in to the remote as they are not dependent on an existing device, like a cable box or DVD player. The manufacturer’s AAA battery is included in the packaging to make things easier to change and use again. 

Do this after you receive the product, and when the new batteries are in place, power on your television and press your TV’s button on the media remote. The TV should recognize that two new batteries are installed by flashing its indicator light on for 1-2 seconds or more than 30 seconds if it has an LCD. Some Insignia remote models have unique features like a built-in voice command that you can use to control multiple devices, change channels and volume levels, and search for programs on the Internet.

Keep in mind that some Insignia TV remotes may not control DVRs or VCRs.

If you have a multi-function remote for your TV, try the playback buttons if you need to change the channel. Some Insignia remote models are designed to work with more than one device, making this process easier. Keep in mind is that these buttons will only work on specific Insignia TV remotes, and they generally should not be used with other models.

Make sure that your Insignia TV remote is working correctly by pressing any button and seeing if your television responds in kind. If it doesn’t, there could be a problem with the remote or your television itself. Try pressing the “Menu” or “Opt” buttons to see if that helps with the issue. If it doesn’t, try holding down the power button on your remote control to ensure it doesn’t become stuck. Insignia TV remote as clean as you can. Dirt and dust can collect on the bottom of your remote, making buttons harder to press and causing other issues with functionality. Remove any dust or debris by gently wiping the bottom of your remote with a damp cloth.

If you have a multi-function remote with an “A/V” button, try pressing this button to see if it is an option you can use to change the channel on your TV. If the TV doesn’t respond to this command, there could be something wrong with your Insignia TV remote, but if it does work, you should change the batteries on it as soon as possible. The battery life for these remotes depends on usage levels and can be used once or twice before losing effectiveness.

While the remote may be functional, you may have to replace the batteries on it at some point in time. The manufacturers include a set of AAA batteries with their remotes, but they can still lose power over time. If your Insignia TV remote is not responding to any commands and is not working as it should, try switching out your used batteries with fresh ones. The best way to do that is to remove the old ones and insert two new ones by themselves. Use a soft cloth or tissue and gently wipe down your Insignia TV remote before putting it away for storage or removing it for use again. This will keep dust and dirt from collecting on it.

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