Best Remotes for Element TVs in 2024 (Universal Replacement)

We have all heard that TV has declined, and it is only natural that we want to do more with our TVs and not just watch them. Thus, we want a remote that can control the TV and everything connected game console, VCR, streaming box. We also like a remote with a nice tactile feel and one that is not hard to use when they are sitting on the couch with their piece of cake in hand. Today, we will break down the four categories we need to consider: ease of use, control access, cost, and design. 

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Best Remotes for Element TVs

Despite its rough reception, many consumers still purchase this remote due to its affordable price and easy-to-use features. Element TV’s most notable feature is its do-it-all remote that boasts over 1,000 commands. That’s why we’ve put together this post all about finding the right remote for your family. The guide below does a great job explaining the top remotes for Element TV so you can confidently find the one that fits your needs.

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Inteset makes the remote for you. It is designed with low cost and ease in mind. They have had a long history of making remotes for TVs, and their remotes are also known for their easy setup and programming. The Inteset 4-in-1 is one of their more popular models. The Inteset 4-in-1 remote is not just limited to controlling your TV but also any other device that can handle IR signals such as DVD players, TiVo, Apple TV, stereo receivers, etc.

Inteset 4-in-1 Universal Backlit Remote & IReTV IR Receiver Combo


  • Universally compatible with any device over IR
  • Can control multiple devices at the same time
  • Low price tag (under $30)


  • Not as good of a quality design as, say, Logitech or Sony.
  • Limited controls from the remote.

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Eriksen is one of the top universal remote controls for TVs, and it comes with an LCD screen and a little more buttons than the Inteset 4-in-1. The Elekpesia remote has both IR and RF receivers, so you can control using IR signals and RF signals. This allows you to manage your devices even if they are not in the line of sight in your living room. We like Elekpsia OEM because it can control up to 8 devices at once.

Remote Control Replacement for Element TV


  • More keys on the remote and an LCD screen for better usability. Can control multiple devices at once (up to 8).
  • It can be used in any room, and it has a built-in RF receiver to control your devices no matter where they are located.


  • Maybe a little pricey. But trust us, it is worth the price, and it is cheaper than Inteset 4-in-1.
  • Can only control 3 devices without an IR extender which is known to break more frequently than some of the other remotes.

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Elekpia is known for its gorgeous remote controls, and Elekpia is also known to be one of the most durable remotes in use. They have a replacement for their Element Roku remote if you have one that refuses to work or is defective. The TVs compatible with are the Element series. It has the same code number and layout as the original.

Replacement Roku TV Remote, Compatible with TCL/ONN/Element/Westinghouse/Haier/Hitachi/LG/Sanyo/JVC/Magnavox/RCA/Philips


  • It will help you with any other device that uses ELEMENT code on its remote.


  • It costs a little more than the original remote and is not as sleek.

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The Broadlink RM4 Pro is one of the only remotes that can simultaneously control 8 devices. This remote is compatible with all TVs that are 1366 x 768 in resolution, and it has an LCD screen that allows more straightforward navigation through the interface. The most expensive remote we tested, but for a good reason. This remote has many features such as a USB port to charge your devices, an IR extender cable so you can use the remote even if your devices are not in the line of sight, and separate buttons for each device. It does require manual calibration, though, due to its large buttons and LCD screen, which takes a little getting used to.

BroadLink RM4 pro Smart IR/RF Remote Control Hub with Sensor Cable-WiFi


  • Can control up to 8 devices at the same time
  • Has a USB port to charge your devices
  • It can be used in any room
  • Has an LCD screen for easier input and navigation.


  • Costs more than most of the other remotes. It can be a little tricky to calibrate. 
  • After all these considerations, these are our top 3 picks for the best remotes for elements Tv.

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This remote is the best replacement for element TV. It is designed similarly to the original one, so it will be easy to use even with its large size. Most of the functions are as you would find on the original one. It has a nice LCD screen with precise numbers and letters for easy control and navigation through menus. Plus, it only costs around $27 on Amazon, which makes this remote cheaper than the original one from the Element brand.

Updated SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with OLED Display and Smartphone APP


  • Works just like your old Element TV remote and has all functions you need for comfortable streaming. Has an LCD screen for easy navigation and control of your TV streamer device.


  • Not as cheap as the Inteset 4-in-1 or the Elekpia OEM. Can’t control more than 3 devices without an IR extender known to break more frequently than some remotes.

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This universal remote is built with a unique design. The TVs it works with are the Element and Element 4k series. It has the same code number as the original one, and the difference is its design. One side is a large, flat button, while the other has more functional keys to change the channel, power on/off, watch/pause, etc.

Universal Remote Control MX-450 Custom Programmable Remote Control


  • Sound design for TVs that have both IR and RF receivers.
  • Built-in RF receiver to control your devices even if they are not in the line of sight.


  • Only compatible with Element TV’s and Element 4k series only. 
  • Not as good of a quality design as the Elekpia OEM or Inteset OEM. 
  • Can only control 3 devices without an IR extender.

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What to Look For in a Remote for your TV?

1. Ease of Use 

Many people blame their remotes for their TV’s problems when they don’t work correctly. This is not the case. The remotes learned to move up and down after pressing a button for that channel. Beyond this, only the human brain made them do what they do.

You need to realize that you are the one who is controlling your device with your remote. You are not just pressing a few buttons on your remote; you are making clicks, presses, and swipes with your finger on each button on the device itself. It is time you learn how to control all of your devices with ease and without making half of it look instead of a keyboard.

2. Control Access

When you are not in front of the TV, it is hard to see what is going on with your cable box, VCR, or another device that a remote can control. This can lead to some pretty silly moments. You may be watching Star Wars while you are holding your Cable box, and this results in confusion as you try to figure out which buttons/device of yours you should look at when looking at the screen. Hence, it is time for remote control with multiple functions; this allows the user to decide what the remote does without looking at each button and device individually.

3. Cost

Cord cutters and people who are just sick of paying for cable can choose to get rid of their remotes. The problem is that some of the popular streaming boxes have a button or two that require a remote. This makes it hard to enjoy your favorite shows or movies if you do not have a remote within reach. You need to find something to control all the devices connected to your TV and the TV itself. Some remotes out there can cost as much as $50, $100, or more; this may be too much for you.

4. Design

The last thing to consider when choosing a remote is the design. This is not something that you should put a high priority on because this is more of an aesthetic choice. However, some people put a premium on their remotes; they look nice and feel good in their hands. This can help the person feel more control over the device, but it may not be something you should put much weight on.

5. Control all of my devices

If you have multiple devices that you want to control from an app or your phone, this can be not easy. Some remote can only hold one device at a time. If you are starting with cord-cutting, you will need access to your streaming apps; if they have a list of available remotes out there, go through them carefully and pick the one that is right for you. 

6. Know where I am located

This is another essential feature to consider before buying a remote control. If you have kids, you will want to know where the remote is at all times; if your remote is the one that controls your cable box and your Netflix account, then you want to be able to know if someone is using it. Some remotes can’t control anything unless you are nearby, and this means that it will be hard for whoever walks off with the remote to control your football game without getting caught.

7. Do I use a Voice Control Device?

If you already use an Amazon Alexa or Google Home, this may not be important to you; however, if you are looking to make buying decisions based on what goes with what, keep in mind the voice control devices out there.

Why choose the best remotes for elements Tvs?

Many people wonder why they should choose a particular remote for the TV, and the answer is that there are many benefits to choosing an appropriate remote. Let’s take a look at some of these reasons and why you should think about investing in good remotes:

1) You want to be able to use your other devices as well: If this is the case, it will be worth it for you to invest in one that has universal compatibility. The only downside here is that some options are pricier than others. But there is no point in investing in a device that you can’t use with other devices.

2) You want to have the option to control your DVD and cable signal: For example, you have a satellite box, and you always prefer to control it via a remote. If this is the case, then it would make sense for you to invest in a device that has TV signal and DVD signal compatibility.

3) You want to use special streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus, etc.: If this is the case, it will be worth your while investing in one of those remotes with Netflix or movie channel compatibility. The nice thing about these remotes is that you can use them with your TV and other devices.

4) You want a simple remote that has all the essential buttons: For example, you want something that has a number pad. If this is the case, you should consider investing in one with all of the primary buttons available and more (like streaming services).

The above benefits will help you choose the proper remote control for your element Tv. The main thing to keep in mind here is compatibility because compatibility with other devices and universal capabilities will also be necessary for future-proofing.

Final Words

These remotes have a fundamental design and are lightweight. These models come with easy-to-use buttons that are easy to press and light up for you. This feature makes them a good choice for conventional TV sets. These remotes also come with unique codes, so you won’t have to enter the number every time to use the remote. The biggest complaint about this model has been that it does not work for devices other than your element Tv set once you have the code.

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