Arris Cable Box Universal Remote codes & How to Program

Arris Cable Box Universal remote controls have become increasingly popular as they offer a convenient solution for managing multiple devices in your home entertainment system. If you own an Arris cable box and are looking for the correct Arris cable box universal remote codes, you’ve come to the right place. In this comprehensive guide, we will provide you with an overview of Arris cable box universal remote codes, explain how to program your universal remote and offer troubleshooting tips for common issues

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If you are looking out for Arris Cable Box remote codes, this is the proper put-up for you. You may additionally want to attempt extra than one code to get the right code. Also, a mini-guide on how to apply your far-off to your Arris cable field has been covered in the latter phase of this post. The precise issue is that you solely want to do the programming once.

Arris Cable Box Universal Remote codes

Arris Cable Box Universal Remote Codes


Arris Cable Box 5 digits Remote Codes

  • 52187
  • 51982
  • 51376
  • 52378
  • 51998
  • 42384
  • 42717
  • 45832

Arris Cable Box 4 digits Remote Codes

  • 1585
  • 1998
  • 5097
  • 2437
  • 1982
  • 3723
  • 0858
  • 1274
  • 5131
  • 0476
  • 1376
  • 2952
  • 5537
  • 2187
  • 2378

Arris Cable Box 3 digits Remote Codes

  • 134
  • 132
  • 176
  • 198
  • 245
  • 287
  • 217
  • 219

Arris Cable Box Remote has a number of advantages and some of which are listed below:

  • The gadget is easy to use and is pocket-friendly.
  • It reduces your stress and saves you time in switching off exclusive remotes for unique appliances.
  • No greater battery consumption as you have to preserve this one gadget that charges less.
  • It is rather effortless to program.
  • You can keep the codes for subsequent times.

We supply every remote’s consumer guide and guidelines for programming your remote to control your TV and different devices. If you’re now not certain which far off is yours, the model variety may also be listed on the inner of the battery cover. This far-off has made our lifestyles easier, now we don’t have to take the pain of normal protection of the remote and this saves a lot of time and effort. There is a broad range of universal remote services, you can select the one which fits your budget. But the Atlantic broadband universal remote is pleasant in all the gadgets you have.


By following this comprehensive guide, you should now have a solid understanding of Arris cable box universal remote codes and how to program your universal remote for your cable box. Remember to consult the manual of your specific universal remote brand for precise instructions. With the right codes and programming steps, you can seamlessly control your Arris cable box and enhance your home entertainment experience.


Q: What is an Arris Cable box universal remote code?

A:  A universal remote code is a numerical sequence that corresponds to a specific device, such as an Arris cable box. By entering the correct code into a universal remote, you can control the cable box using the remote’s functions.

Q: Why do I need universal remote codes for my Arris cable box?

A:  Universal remote codes are essential because they enable your universal remote to communicate with and control your Arris cable box. Without the correct code, your remote may not be able to operate the cable box effectively.

Q: Where can I find Arris cable box universal remote codes?

A:  There are a few different sources to find Arris cable box universal remote codes:

The user manual or guide that came with your universal remote should have a list of codes for various devices, including Arris cable boxes. The manufacturer’s website for your universal remote brand may offer a list of codes for different devices.

Online databases and forums dedicated to universal remote codes often provide comprehensive code lists for different cable box brands, including Arris.

Q: How do I program my universal remote for an Arris cable box?

A: The exact steps for programming a universal remote may vary depending on the brand and model of your remote. However, the general process involves:

  • Turn on your Arris cable box and the universal remote.
  • Locate the code entry button or programming mode on the remote.
  • Enter the correct Arris cable box code using the remote’s numeric keypad.
  • Test the remote’s functionality by trying different functions like changing channels or adjusting volume.

Q: What should I do if my universal remote code doesn’t work with my Arris cable box?

A: If the first code you entered doesn’t work, don’t worry. Try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Double-check that you entered the correct code for your specific Arris cable box model.
  • If available, try using an alternative programming method, such as code search, to find the correct code automatically.
  • Reset your universal remote to its factory settings and repeat the programming process from scratch.
  • Contact the manufacturer of your universal remote or consult their support resources for assistance.

Q: Can I use a universal remote with my Arris cable box app?

A: Universal remotes are typically designed to control physical devices, such as cable boxes and televisions. They may not have direct compatibility with mobile apps. However, some advanced universal remotes or smart home systems may offer additional features to control apps on your mobile devices, including Arris cable box apps. Check the capabilities and compatibility of your universal remote or smart home system to determine if this functionality is available.

Remember, for specific instructions and support related to your universal remote or Arris cable box, refer to the respective user manuals or contact the manufacturers’ customer support.

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