What is Honhaipr? – Complete Guide To Everything

Are you worried about a device called HonHaiPr Device often connected to your WiFi? Many of us are unaware of this device and keep worrying about it. We keep searching the web to learn about it and how to remove it. So if you are also among them, stop worrying because this article will give a brief knowledge about this device. 

What is HonHaiPr Device?

HonHaiPr Device is just a device connected to the WiFi, indicating your WiFi’s crash. It starts using data at a vast scale. This causes an over-usage of data, and you end up paying an extra bill, or your data ends earlier than expected. 

HonHaiPr Device is the short version of Hon Hai Precision. This Taiwanese company manufactures mobile phones, computers, T.V.s, etc. It is popularly known as Foxconn Technology Group. It is prominent in China and Taiwan.

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HonHaiPr Device

How to check whether a HonHaiPr is connected to your WiFi?

You might have often seen a device named HonHaiPr connected to your WiFi, among other known devices, which might cause severe data usage. If you have WiFi, you can quickly check the connected devices on the web browser. You can quickly check the devices connected to your WiFi by following the steps:

  1. You need to write your WiFi I.P. address in the address bar of any web browser. If you do not know the I.P. address of your WiFi, you do not need to worry because you will find it in the user manual, or you can also contact customer care service.
  2. You will be taken to another page that will require you to type the username and password of the WiFi.
  3. At last, you can check the devices connected. 

So, if you find a HonHaiPr Device connected, you need to take immediate action to preserve your data. So let’s dive into the ways to remove this device.

Methods to remove HonHaiPr Device

Once you recognize a HonHaiPr Device, you can easily disconnect it. But among various devices, it’s not easy to know which one is HonHaiPr. To fix the problem of HonHaiPr, one can do any of the following steps:

  1. There is a facility for knowing the extreme data usage provided by AT&T. This will show you which device among all is consuming the maximum data and which one is an HonHaiPr device. It is widely used by those who do not have much knowledge about these devices. 
  2. Those who do not have much technical knowledge can disconnect unwanted devices connected to the router. This will simply indicate which device has maximum data usage. 
  3. A unique address of devices connected to your WiFi is the Media access control or MAC address. Then you can match the MAC address and remove HonHaiPr. Everyone does not use this because finding this address is not easy.
  4. Check for PS4 because it often gets connected and consumes extremely high data. 

These are some techniques to check HonHaiPr Device and fix this problem. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is HonHaiPr?

Answer: HonHaiPr is a device that connects to internet providers and starts consuming higher data. HonHaiPr Device is a short version of Hon Hai Precision. This Taiwanese company manufactures mobile phones, computers, T.V.s, etc.

Question: Will it cause any damage to my WiFi?

Answer: Of course, it will result in higher data usage. Extreme data usage by an unwanted device will end you up with no data or paying considerably high charges.

Question: How can I trace the data usage of my WiFi?

Answer: AT&T itself shows the data usage. For WiFi, you can type your I.P. address on the address bar, then your username and password. Search for the statistics section and see data usage. 

Question: How to disconnect HonHaiPr?

Answer: First, identify the HonHaiPr Device And then disconnect it. The proper guidance is provided above.

Question: Should I talk to customer care service if HonHaiPr is connected?

Answer: You should talk to customer care service only if you are unable to disconnect the device. The steps are easy. But even if you cannot disconnect the device, you must get into their contact, and they will disconnect it. 

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