Universal Remote Control Apps For iPhone & Android

TV remote apps will now no longer always work with all televisions. However, so long as you pick out the great remote control app in your desires, you`ll be capable of functioning your TV, smart home gadgets, set-top boxes, and extra.

With this app, you won’t ever want to discover your misplaced TV remote again. It’s A customizable app, making it clean to control your TV, set-top field, and different clever domestic gadgets in precisely the way you want. It additionally calls for the handiest 13MB of garage space, which is high-quality for the ones who`d instead fill their cell phone garage with images rather than memory-hogging apps. This universal remote app will make it clean to apply one far away for all your tv desires making it one of the top-rated universal remotes.

Universal Remote Control Apps

Before going any further, we should point out that the Smart IR Remote handiest works with Android smartphones. In fact, many universal remote apps are handiest with Android gadgets, due to the fact many, now no longer all, have an IR blaster built-in. IR, or infrared, is the technique via means of which bodily faraway controls ship indicators to the TV. Apple gadgets don`t comprise an IR blaster, in order that they should hook up with a TV over a WiFi connection instead. If you don’t need to fear approximately an app, you can continually buy a widely wide-spread clever television remote.

1. Logitech harmony hub

Logintech Harmony Smart Hub App


  • Controlling smart devices & lights.
  • Building up multi-device experiences 
  • With colorful on-screen icons
  • Voice control with Google Home & Amazon Alexa 
  • Behind cabinets, controlling devices
  • Enjoy date night or movie.


Roku Remote Control: RoByte

  • Rapid text entry for searches on Hulu & Netflix.
  • RoByte is intended for iPad & iPhone
  • Efficient navigation without concern about phone
  • Robyn has paired with enormous Roku players.
  • Best email support

3. Official Apple TV Remote App

Official apple TV remote app


  • Controlling TV shows, movies, songs that are currently running.
  • Changing Music tracks, viewing song lyrics, and selecting movie chapters.
  • For simplified game controls, availability of Game Mode.
  • Making use of volume buttons on your iOS device for controlling volume

Why You Should Download a Universal Remote App

The simplest manner to inform whilst it’s time to are seeking a brand new universal remote app is whilst you`re locating that your present-day app can`t do what you want. As Smart TVs and superior DVR capabilities grow to be extra prominent, older remote control apps won’t be capable of preserving up, necessitating the look for a brand new option.

Additionally, if you`ve bought a brand new TV or upgraded your set pinnacle field hardware recently, you could have the choice of downloading a partner app designed together along with your new hardware in mind. Many producers now create apps especially for precise hardware alternatives, so downloading the brand new app will enhance your tv looking revel in overall.

What to Look for withinside the Best Universal Remote App

Compatibility: If you’ve got particular gadgets that you need to control, make certain the app will paintings with them earlier than downloading the app. Although maximum universal TV faraway apps are like-minded with most brands of televisions and set pinnacle boxes, when you have an older laptop you need to apply to control things, you could have a more difficult time locating a like-minded unit.

Ease of Use: Although you probably will need your app to provide a huge style of capabilities, it additionally desires to supply the one’s capabilities in a clean to apply interface. Some of those interfaces can consist of capabilities like voice management, so make certain you realize what`s available.

Not handiest can those universal remotes manage your tv, however, they could function as different TV add-ons too, which we`ve additionally reviewed. But the choice we`d propose particularly is pairing a bodily faraway with a widely wide-spread faraway app, providing you with masses of alternatives for working your more than one gadget.

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