TV is Stuck on One Channel? – Easy Methods To Get It Fixed [2024]

Many a time TV gets stuck on one channel. There can be many reasons for getting stuck. Some are listed below: – 

TV is Stuck on One Channel?


The first and most obvious cause of your television being stuck on one channel is your remote control. You either have a defective remote control or your remote controller’s batteries are dead. You should start the troubleshooting process with this. Replace the batteries and give them another go if you think your remote’s batteries are low. This is typically the cause of your TV’s single-channel fixation. A damaged remote control will likely be the next factor. It’s likely the remote that is broken if your TV is locked on one station. The remote’s battery must be changed as the initial action. Most likely, 90% of your issues will be resolved by this. Typically, a remote-control battery lasts for around six months, and people frequently forget to replace them. 

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Attempt a manual change of the battery if your remote doesn’t function after a battery replacement. Your remote-control issue exists if you are successful. Your remote control comes in two varieties: factory reset or replacement. For information on how to correctly reset the remote, please contact the manufacturers. By identifying the remote’s IR light with your phone’s camera, you may check to determine if your remote control is operational or not. To communicate with the associated TV, the remote control releases infrared light. All you need to do is switch on the camera on your smartphone, aim your remote toward the camera, and push a button. The IR light ought should be captured by the camera on your phone. This can mean that your television is in working order and your remote control is not the issue.


Resetting their TV is a process that consumers frequently overlook. Toggle the power switch if necessary or disconnect and re-plug the device into the wall. When the process is finished, try your remote control again. Try the manual button as well if the remote is still not functioning. Your TV can potentially require a factory reset to return to its original settings. This feature is available on every TV. Simply browse to factory reset on the TV’s settings page. The factory reset button on some TVs could be more difficult to locate. If the channel does not change after you complete a factory reset, try changing it manually first before using your remote control.

Use Error/ Wrong input

Make sure your television is not connected to a separate input. Instead of pressing the channel up or down to change the channel when your TV is on the incorrect input, you must press the input or source button. This is a typical issue that affects TV viewers. This should be one of your initial checks if your TV is stuck on one station. 

External Device Issue

You might wish to sometimes check your external devices. Any of your devices, such as a DVD player, set-top box, or gaming console, may operate and cause your channel to freeze. The gadget is freezing in this instance. Check again after turning your device on and off.

Malfunctioning TV

Sometimes the source of your channel freezing issue is your TV. Don’t feel terrible, TVs malfunction daily. It’s time to look at your TV after attempting everything else. Try to factory reset the TV to its default settings first, as described above, before seeking a TV repair service. You might just need to perform this to restore things to their previous state. You may either acquire a new TV outright or hire a TV repairman if that doesn’t work. Nowadays, TV is rather affordable, so choosing to just buy another one might save you both time and money.

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 Eliminate obstructions and interference from the remote TV. Due to an obstruction or other form of interference, your remote control could occasionally have trouble contacting your TV. Nowadays, remotes sound at 06 inf. In other words, you don’t have to precisely point at the TV, but some are more sensitive than others and want a better view of the screen. Therefore, you can experience remote control issues if something is blocking the remote’s line of sight. 

Your Universal Remote Lost Programming

After trying everything, if you have a universal remote control and it still won’t operate your TV, it’s extremely likely that the remote has lost its programming. If you believe this has happened, contact the remote makers to learn how to set codes for your specific TV.

Some basic questions are answered below

Q1: Why does my TV claim that a channel is not available?

Ans: A warning reading “CHANNEL NOT AVAILABLE” appears on the screen. When there is no transmission from the broadcaster or no incoming signal at the antenna input of the television, the message will display. If this happens on some channels: The cable company does not transmit all analog and digital channels.

How can I tell if the input on my TV is bad?

To highlight the label for the input you’ve chosen, repeatedly press the INPUT (or SOURCE, ANT) button on your TV (or the remote that comes with your TV, not the Shaw remote). Your TV has a bad input if you still can’t see an image on the screen. For more help, contact the maker of your TV.

How to reset your TV?

Each remote’s factory reset process will change somewhat. We advise you to consult the remote’s manufacturer to make sure the reset setting is correct. If you use a universal remote, you might be able to reset it using the general instructions listed below. There are certain factories that reset universal remotes.

For around three to five minutes, remove the batteries from the remote control. Next, push each button on your remote control to make sure it isn’t producing any light. Retry after replacing the remote’s batteries. Please be aware that not all universal remote controls will respond to this precise process. Try this first if you don’t know how to reset your controller, but if that doesn’t work, look for your controller’s reset settings.

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