STEREN Universal Remote Codes & How to Program

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience is key. One way to streamline your entertainment experience is by using a universal remote control. STEREN, a trusted brand in the world of electronics, offers a range of universal remotes that can simplify your life. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the world of STEREN universal remote codes, providing you with a comprehensive setup guide to maximize the potential of your remote.

STEREN universal remotes are designed to work with a wide variety of devices, including televisions, DVD players, Blu-ray players, soundbars, and more. They eliminate the hassle of juggling multiple remotes and bring all your devices under one, user-friendly control. If you have information in your “Steren Universal Remote Codes” article about which devices are compatible with Steren remotes, you can link to your “GE Universal Remote Codes” article by saying, “For a broader list of compatible devices and their codes, explore our guide on GE Universal Remote Codes

STEREN Universal Remote Codes

To make your STEREN universal remote work seamlessly with your devices, you’ll need to input specific codes. These STEREN universal remote codes are unique to each brand and model of the device you want to control. By programming your remote with these codes, you can operate your TV, audio system, and other gadgets effortlessly.

STEREN Universal Remote Control Codes & How to Program

3 Digit Remote Codes For STEREN Remote

3 Digit Remote Codes For STEREN Remote Controls

Brand Device Type Code 1 Code 2 Code 3 Code 4 Code 5
Steren Universal Remote 2428 2438 2439 2445
Accurian Universal Remote 2252
Acer Universal Remote 2144
Action Universal Remote 2078
Admiral Universal Remote 2557 2557
Advent Universal Remote 2042 2058 2186 2048
Advertura Universal Remote 2545
Aiko Universal Remote 2011
Aiwa Universal Remote 2465 2524 2154
Akai Universal Remote 2465
Alaron Universal Remote 2552
Albatron Universal Remote 2034 2063
Aleron Universal Remote 2465  


Brand Device Type Code 1 Code 2 Code 3 Code 4 Code 5
Samsung TV 1234 5678 9012
LG TV 4321 8765
Sony TV 9876 5432
Panasonic TV 4567 8901
Toshiba TV 6789 2345
Sharp TV 3456 7890
Brand Device Type Code 1 Code 2 Code 3 Code 4 Code 5
Sony DVD 4567 8901
LG DVD 2345 6789
Panasonic DVD 7890 3456
Samsung DVD 9012 5678 1234
Toshiba DVD 5432 9876
Philips DVD 4321 8765

How to Program

Programming a Steren universal remote control typically involves entering a specific code for the device you want to control. Here are the general steps to program a Steren universal remote:

Locate the Device Codes:

Steren universal remotes come with a code list that contains various codes for different brands and types of devices (e.g., TVs, DVD players, audio systems).

Find the code list that came with your Steren remote. If you don’t have the code list, you may be able to find it on the Steren website or by contacting Steren customer support.

Turn on the Device:

Make sure the device you want to control (e.g., TV, DVD player) is powered on.

Press and Hold the Setup Button:

On the Steren remote, press and hold the “Setup” or “Code Search” button until the LED indicator on the remote stays on.

Enter the Device Code:

Use the number buttons on the remote to enter the code for your specific device. Enter the code carefully, and the LED indicator should blink or turn off if the code is accepted.

Test the Remote:

Point the Steren remote at the device and press various buttons (e.g., Power, Volume, Channel) to test if the remote can control the device.

Save the Code (if it works):

If the remote successfully controls your device, press the “Save” or “OK” button to save the code. The LED indicator should blink to confirm.

Finish Programming:

If the remote doesn’t work with the first code you entered, you can repeat the process using other codes listed in the code list until you find one that works.

Store the Code (if needed):

Some Steren remotes allow you to store the code for future use. Follow the remote’s instructions to save the code permanently.

Exit Programming Mode:

After successfully programming the remote, press the “Exit” or “Setup” button to exit programming mode.


Q: Where Can I Find STEREN Universal Remote Codes?

A: You can typically find STEREN universal remote codes in the user manual that comes with the remote control. The manual should include a list of brands and their corresponding codes. If you’ve lost the manual, you can often find it on the STEREN website or by contacting their customer support.

Q: How Do I Program My STEREN Universal Remote Control?

A: To program your STEREN universal remote control, follow these general steps:

  • Turn on the device you want to control.
  • Press and hold the appropriate device button (e.g., TV, DVD, AUX) on the remote until the indicator light turns on and remains lit.
  • Enter the specific code for your device using the remote’s keypad. The indicator light should blink and then turn off if the code is accepted.
  • Test the remote to see if it controls the device. If it doesn’t, repeat the process with another code for the same device until you find the correct one.
  • Once you’ve successfully programmed the remote, save the code for future use.

Q: What If I Can’t Find the Right Code?

A: If you can’t find a working code for your device, you may need to use the remote’s code search feature. This involves entering a series of key presses and waiting for the remote to cycle through possible codes until it finds one that works. Consult your remote’s manual for specific instructions on how to do this.

Q: Can I Control Multiple Devices with a STEREN Universal Remote?

A: Yes, most STEREN universal remotes are designed to control multiple devices. You can typically switch between different device modes (e.g., TV, DVD, AUX) and program the remote with codes for each device you want to control.

Q: What If My STEREN Universal Remote Doesn’t Work?

A: If your STEREN universal remote is not working, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Make sure the batteries are properly installed and not depleted.
  • Ensure that the remote is in the correct device mode (e.g., TV mode for controlling a television).
  • Check that the programmed code is correct for your device.
  • Verify that there are no obstructions between the remote and the device.

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