Not Working TCL Roku Remote? Fixing and Solutions

Many people face difficulty with their TCL Roku remote not working properly. Well, this post is here to help you “fix” the problem! In this post, we talk about what the issue could be and how to fix it. If you want to know how to make your remote work again, keep reading!

The majority of TCL Roku remote problems are with the batteries getting drained too quickly or not at all. To avoid this problem from happening in the future, we recommend using alkaline batteries instead of lithium-ion batteries. If you’ve been using alkaline batteries, then your remote should work fine. If not, and you’re using lithium-ion batteries, then follow the steps below to fix your TCL Roku remote.

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How to fix TCL Roku not working Remote?

Now, the issue could have been due to the remote being too close to a source of fluorescent light. This can result in weird clicks on your remote that may be difficult to get rid of. To fix this issue, you can reposition the remote away from a source of fluorescent light and try it again. Another reason for an unresponsive TCL Roku is that something is interfering with the Bluetooth signal of your remote.

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How to fix tcl roku remote not working issue

Now that we’ve explained why one’s TCL Roku remote isn’t working, let’s see how we can fix it. Be sure to follow these tips and fixes if your TV remote won’t work properly anymore.

  1. Reset Your Remote Control: If your remote control will not turn on, reset it by holding down a button while the TCL Roku is off and then let go. The remote should then turn on and start working. If you still encounter issues with your remote, try holding down the “TV” button (the blue one) while turning it on.
  2. Clean Your Remote Control: If your TCL Roku remote will not work with AC power, try cleaning it with some contact solution or just plain water and see if that helps. Also, remove any dust from the remote to avoid any possible issues occurring again in the future.
  3. Change the Batteries: If your TCL Roku remote will not turn on, you can try replacing the batteries with new ones. Make sure that you are using fresh, brand-name batteries and that they are of the correct size and rating. Also, make sure that you replace all of the batteries at once to avoid an issue with one of them draining first.
  4. Try a Universal Remote Control: If your TCL Roku remote is unresponsive or does not work correctly, try using a universal tv remote control instead of your original one. The universal remote should work just fine if your original tv remote started acting up out of nowhere.
  5. Get a New Replacement: If you’ve tried all of the tips and tricks above, but your TCL Roku remote still won’t work, the next thing you can do is to get a new replacement. You can try visiting an electronics store near you or buying it online.
  6. Use Your Phone or Tablet: If your TCL Roku remote is not working, you can try using your smartphone or tablet instead. This will definitely be easier for you to use, but it will also limit the functionality of the tv remote.

A tv remote is a device used to control the functions of a television set, or a Roku box. These are usually infrared remote controls that can be paired with various devices to provide various functions, such as volume control. Some people also use these remotes to play media stored on external sources like smartphones and tablets. These remotes can also be used to change channels on certain devices, control lights, and perform other operations like playing and pausing movies or music.

What are the reasons for not working the TCL Roku Remote?

  1. Weak or Dead Batteries: The most common reason for the TCL Roku remote not working is weak or dead batteries. If your TV remote is not working, don’t rush to replace the batteries yet. Make sure that you check if it’s the batteries draining first before buying new ones. Try replacing your current batteries with new ones and see if it works fine.
  2. Device Interference: The tv remote’s functionality can be hindered by electrical devices nearby, such as a microwave oven, a cordless phone, and even a router. These items create interference over the IR waves functions of the tv remote control, which makes it difficult for you to control your devices with ease.
  3. Weak Signal: Some users have pointed out that the tv remote control is affected by the strength of their Wi-Fi signal. This may hamper the functionality of your tv remote. If you’re having issues with your TCL Roku, make sure your Wi-Fi signal is not weak as this might be interfering with your remote’s ability to work properly.
  4. Remote is Broken: If nothing seems to work for you, it might be that there’s a problem with your TCL Roku remote. Try checking if any of its buttons are stuck or broken because this can cause the tv remote control to stop working normally.
  5. Unpaired Remote Control: Sometimes, you might not get your remote to work properly because it is paired with another device. In this case, you’ll need to unpair the remote control from that device and then pair it with the TCL Roku. You can refer to the manual for instructions on how to unpair or reset your tv remote.

Final Verdict

So, there you have it. Those are the reasons why your TCL Roku remote isn’t working, and what you can do to fix it. If your original remote still won’t work after all of the fixes above, it might be time to just get a new one. It’s a good idea to keep a spare in case something happens to your primary remote control so that you can still enjoy streaming on your TCL Roku.

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