TCL Roku Smart TV Universal Remotes in 2024

Have you accidentally broken or lost your TCL Roku TV remote? Are you currently looking for a perfect replacement in terms of a universal remote? If yes, we are here with the leading TCL Roku Smart TV Universal Remotes for you. TV remotes often do come up in different sizes, designs, shapes, and configurations.

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However, the main thing that is common between all is that they are designed to control TV sets. If your remote control has become faulty, rather than spending money on repairing it, it is always advised to get the best replacement. While moving further with the replacement process, one must need to knows that some remote controls are being customized and can’t be used over other TV sets.

TCL Roku Smart TV Universal Remotes

Universal remote controls are something that relieves you from the headache of switching to other remotes. These remote controls often provide users versatile usage and make it easier for the user to control different other electronic gadgets as well without any hassle.

1. Roku Voice Remote (Official) for Roku Players and Roku TVs

If you are willing to take absolute control over your Roku media player, Roku Voice Remote is a wonderful option you could make. Being featured with easy-to-use integration, this wonderful Roku voice remote provides absolute control over your TV, it is a perfect upgrade that works effortlessly on your Roku player, Roku TV, and Roku Smartbar. This remote control is designed to be compatible with the majority of the Roku TV brands such as TCL, Sharp, Hitachi, etc.

One doesn’t need to get confused about juggling between the remotes. It is a wonderful voice remote option that comes up with conveniently positioned side buttons so that users could easily enjoy absolute control over the TV’s functionality. Adding more to it, four pre-set channel shortcut buttons are also provided there to jump upon the different streaming channels just with a single press. The Roku TV users can now easily press the microphone button for enabling the voice control for launching different options.

Roku Universal Remotes for roku tvs

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2. LOUTOC Universal Replacement Compatible with TCL RO-KU TV Remote, RC280 RC282 Remote Compatible with TCL RO-KU Smart LED TV 55s405 43s425 40s325

Being featured with very few buttons on it, it is one of the finest universal remote control options in the list that will work great with a majority of the Roku devices. It is a wonderful Roku remote that is well known for its compatibility and vast range of accessibility. One doesn’t need to spend extra time on programming and setting up their remote control. The remote control comes up with preprogrammed features and uses some AAA batteries for powering the remote successfully.

It is an IR-based remote control option that ensures long distances transmitting to the users. One doesn’t need to stay near to their Roku media player for getting control over it. It is a lightweight and ergonomic design that offers users a great experience of usage without feeling awkward.

Best Universal remotes for roku tvs

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3. SofaBaton A2 Universal Remote for Apple TV Remote Replacement 1st 2nd 3rd Gen, Compatible with 4th 5th 6th Gen Siri Remote, Replace Remote Control for Smart TV Samsung LG Sony Philips TCL

It is another wonderful remote control option for Roku Smart TV that works well with the majority of the Roku devices i.e. Roku, 1, 2, 3, 4 Premier, Ultra and Express. It is a great replacement for your Roku device features and supports some of the functions of Siri Remote. The remote control comes up with a very simple and easy to go interface that doesn’t require any programming process to get started with it. The remote is equipped with four programmable buttons on the top that makes the access even more convenient. Just add two AAA batteries into it and start using it immediately.

In addition to this, the remote control is also featured with an unpairing function and that makes it easier to get paired in case the original remote control gets lost or damaged. The remote control features infrared learning technology and four programmable buttons that make it easy to set up and access. You can now easily control the majority of the smart TVs such as TCL, Philips Samsung, Sony, LG, and others through this remote. The response time of this remote is 0.2 and can be effectively used from a distance of 30ft.

SofaBaton A2 Universal Remote for Apple TV Remote

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4. Motiexic Remote Control Compatible with TCL Roku TV 55S405 49S405 40S325 32s305 32S850 65S425 55S425 32S30128S305 48FS3750 40S305 28S3750 50S425 32S3750 65S401 49S325 43S325 65S405 43S421 32S325

If you are in the mood of getting the most reliable, affordable, and an easy-to-go remote control option for TCL Roku Smart TV, Motiextic Remote Control is a wonderful option to make it. It is one of the simplest and excellent remote control options that offers the user a great range of versatility. The remote is designed to work effortlessly on all models of TCL Roku TV. It is an affordable remote control option that comes up with different features such as rewinding, pausing, channel changing, volume, forwarding, and much more so that users could easily enjoy the extreme experience of streaming without any lag.

The remote control doesn’t require any setup process or programming to get started with. The remote requires a pair of AA batteries and once they are installed you can power on any of your Roku media players to start accessing it. It is a compact and lightweight remote control option that is featured with an automatic pairing feature to offer users great ease of usage.

Motiexic Remote Control Compatible with TCL Roku TV


So, Guys! Getting a perfect universal remote control has no more remained a headache now. We have enlisted above one of the finest Roku remote control options here. Get your preferable TCL Roku Smart TV Universal Remote from the mentioned above and start enjoying the unlimited world of streaming without any hassle. All of the options provided above are reliable, affordable, and trustworthy and will provide you absolute user experience.

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