Mediacom Universal Remote Codes and How to Program

Now comes the exciting part – uncovering the extensive Mediacom Universal Remote codes library! With a vast collection of codes for various brands and models, you can be sure there’s a code for every device you own. From popular TV brands like Samsung, LG, and Sony to lesser-known audio systems and cable boxes, this remote has it all covered.

Mediacom Communications offers phone, Internet, and cable TV services. In addition to a cable box, Mediacom cable TV clients are provided with a universal remote control. A universal remote control may additionally be programmed to function on numerous extraordinary devices. The far-flung furnished by way of Mediacom comes pre-programmed to function the Mediacom cable box. To use the remote to function as an extra device, such as a TV or DVD player, the remote has to be programmed. There are a number of models of Mediacom remotes.

MediaCom Universal Remote codes

Are you tired of juggling multiple remote controls just to enjoy your favorite TV shows, movies, or music? Say hello to simplicity and convenience with the Mediacom Universal Remote! This all-in-one gadget is the ultimate solution for transforming your home entertainment experience. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of Mediacom Universal Remote codes, unlocking the secrets behind its versatile capabilities and revealing how this powerful remote control can effortlessly take charge of all your entertainment devices. Get ready to simplify your setup and embrace a new era of effortless control!

Mediacom Universal Remote Codes List


4-digits Remote Codes

  • 1376
  • 1877
  • 0476
  • 3560
  • 1284
  • 1584
  • 1982

5-digits Remote Codes

  • 51376
  • 53560
  • 51982
  • 51877
  • 42815
  • 45818

While your cable box’s controls furnish you with the essential picks for viewing your cable programming, Mediacom’s remote helps you get the most out of your digital cable experience. Not solely does your Mediacom remote supply you get entry to Video on Demand and Pay-Per-View programming, but the system can additionally be used to manage all of the different factors in your home-entertainment center.

Mediacom cable comes with a one-of-a-kind container to enhance your cable experience. The interface is interactive and lets you scroll between packages pretty easily with Mediacom’s remote control. Not only that, the remote offers you entry to Video on Demand and Pay-per-view providers and the whole lot else in this home-entertainment service.

To reset your Mediacom remote:

  • Press the TiVo button and Pause buttons concurrently for 5 seconds.
  • The crimson mild comes on.
  • Enter the quantity zero on your Mediacom remote.
  • This will reset your remote.

Mediacom plans to provide a range of speeds and monthly record caps. The cable lineup is well-crafted to meet the wants and match in versions in accordance with your non-public choice.


Q1: What is a Mediacom Universal Remote?

A: A Mediacom Universal Remote is a multifunctional remote control designed to operate various entertainment devices, such as TVs, cable boxes, audio systems, and more. It simplifies your media experience by consolidating multiple remotes into one easy-to-use device.

Q2: How do I program my Mediacom Universal Remote?

A: Programming your Mediacom Universal Remote is a straightforward process. You can typically use one of the following methods: a. Automatic Code Search: The remote scans its code library to find the correct code for your device automatically. b. Manual Code Input: If you know the specific code for your device, you can input it directly into the remote. c. Code Lookup: Using the Mediacom Universal Remote manual or online resources, you can look up the code for your device’s make and model.

Q3: Where can I find the Mediacom Universal Remote codes?

A: You can find Mediacom Universal Remote codes in the remote’s user manual or on the official Mediacom website. Additionally, various online resources and forums may provide code databases for different devices.

Q4: Can I use the Mediacom Universal Remote with any brand of TV or cable box?

A: Yes, the Mediacom Universal Remote is designed to be compatible with a wide range of brands and models. Its extensive code library covers numerous TV brands, cable boxes, audio systems, and other devices.

Q5: Are there any unique or hidden codes that offer additional features for my devices?

A: Indeed! Some Mediacom Universal Remote codes may unlock hidden functionalities or advanced features for specific devices. Refer to the remote’s user manual or explore online resources for any available unique codes.

Q6: My Mediacom Universal Remote isn’t working with my TV. What should I do?

A: If your Mediacom Universal Remote isn’t functioning correctly, try the following steps: a. Double-check if the remote is correctly programmed for your TV’s make and model. b. Ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the device. c. Replace the batteries if they are low or depleted. d. If you’re still experiencing issues, consult the troubleshooting section in the remote’s manual or seek assistance from Mediacom’s customer support.

Q7: Can I control smart home devices with the Mediacom Universal Remote?

A:  In some cases, yes! The Mediacom Universal Remote may be capable of controlling certain smart home devices if they are compatible with and supported by the remote’s code library. Check the manual or online resources for details on smart device compatibility.

Q8: Can I program my Mediacom Universal Remote without the original remote of my TV or other devices?

A:  Yes, in most cases, you can program the Mediacom Universal Remote without the original remotes. The remote’s code library contains a vast range of codes for different brands and models, allowing you to configure it for your devices without needing their original remotes.

Remember, if you encounter any difficulties or have further questions, Mediacom’s customer support team is always ready to assist you with your Mediacom Universal Remote setup and usage.

Q: Got an Element TV and Mediacom remote that won’t manage volume?

A; We have an identical setup to you. Direct TV and Emerson LCD TV. The Direct TV remote stores a restrained quantity of codes and none is stored on my TV. Sadly it is no longer something you can update. They appear to solely stick with the popular codes.

Q: How to reset your Mediacom remote?

A; To reset your Mediacom remote: Press the TiVo button and Pause buttons concurrently for 5 seconds.

  • The purple mild comes on.
  • Enter the wide variety zero on your Mediacom remote.
  • This will reset your remote.

Q: How to use the Mediacom remote application?

  • To software, your remote, go to TiVO central. Select the Settings & Message.
  • This will open a pop-up menu and click on Remote, CableCARD, & Devices.
  • Click on Remote Control Set-up.

Q: How to Fix A Tv Not Responding To the Remote?


  1. Change the remote control batteries (AAA or AA batteries) with new excessive first-class batteries.
  2. Reset the TV by unplugging the TV power wire from the wall outlet.
  3. Wait 5 minutes and plug the TV power cord again into the wall outlet.
  4. Check to see if the far-off now works with the TV.

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