LG Washer Error Code CL – How To Turn CHILD LOCK Off?

LG washers are known for their advanced features, making laundry tasks more convenient and efficient. However, like any other appliance, they can encounter occasional issues. One such problem is the dreaded “CL” error code, which often leaves users puzzled. In this blog, we will delve into the details of LG Washer Error Code CL, demystify its meaning, and guide you through the simple steps to resolve it.

Generally speaking, the CL code on the LG washing machine’s control board denotes the activation of the child lock feature rather than a fault. By holding down the child lock button for three seconds, the CL code can be fixed. You need to replace the control panel if it’s broken.

What is LG Washer Error Code CL

When your LG washer displays the error code CL, it is signaling that the Child Lock feature is activated. The Child Lock is a safety function designed to prevent unintended changes to the washing machine’s settings while a cycle is in progress. It is especially useful for households with young children to avoid disruptions during the laundry process.

LG Washer Error Code CL: Understanding and Resolving the Child Lock Mystery

How do I solve the LG Washer Error Code CL?

If the child lock feature is turned on, even if the child lock button is not turned on, the washing machine will display the cl symbol as an error code. If it happens repeatedly in the middle of the wash cycle, it is a symptom of dysfunction that has to be identified and corrected. The kid lock button should be held down for 3 seconds while the wash cycle is running.

By doing this, the child lock will be disabled and the control panel will turn on.  If the CL code is still visible on the control board even after this procedure, it can be a sign that the control board is broken or that the buttons are oxidized. To examine the state of the buttons and the control button, follow these instructions.

  • First, unplug the washing machine from the electrical outlet and cut off the power source.
  • The screws holding the washer to the control panel housing must be removed.
  • To fully remove the control board, simply pull the back panel.
  • Using a screwdriver, remove the control panel’s internal cover after disconnecting the control housing.
  • By taking off the control assembly cover, you can access the control assembly.
  • Check the buttons’ and the wire connections’ connections using a multimeter.
  • Replace the control panel assembly if the components are oxidized.
  • The electrical cable and wire harness should be disconnected from the control panel assembly.
  • Screws must be removed in order to separate the defective control panel assembly from the control panel housing.
  • To attach to the control panel housing, get the replacement control panel ready.
  • In its place, attach the replacement control panel assembly.
  • The screws hold it in place. The other electrical cables and the wire harness must be connected together.
  • Using the screws you removed, fasten the control panel assembly’s outer cover to the panel.
  • Place the control housing back in its original location.
  • Using the screws, fasten the control board’s rear panel once again.
  • Connect the washer’s electrical outlet.
  • Now try the washer again to see whether the problem has been fixed.

How can I remove the child lock?

By holding down the child lock button for 3 seconds, the child lock mode can be turned off. You can turn off the kid lock mode in the top-loading washer by simultaneously pressing the rinse and spin buttons. However, it differs depending on the model of your LG washing machine. The following key combinations can be used in such circumstances.

  • Combine the temperature and choice buttons.
  • Together, press the super rinsing and prewash buttons.
  • Together, press the buttons for vigorous and additional washing.


LG Washer Error Code CL is not a cause for alarm. It merely indicates that the Child Lock feature is active. By following the easy steps provided in this blog, you can swiftly disable the Child Lock and resume your laundry tasks without any hindrance.

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Remember, the Child Lock is a valuable safety feature, so don’t forget to activate it when needed to safeguard your washing machine’s settings during operation. For further assistance with LG universal remote codes, check out our article for a simplified and efficient home entertainment experience.


Q: What does LG Washer Error Code CL mean?

A: LG Washer Error Code CL indicates that the Child Lock feature is activated on the washing machine. This feature is designed to prevent accidental changes to the settings while the washer is in use, especially to avoid children from interfering with the washing cycle.

Q: How can I turn off the Child Lock on my LG Washer?

A: To turn off the Child Lock on an LG Washer, follow these steps: a. Look for the “Child Lock” button on the control panel (usually marked with a padlock symbol). b. Press and hold the “Child Lock” button for 3 to 5 seconds until the CL code disappears from the display.

Q: Is LG Washer Error Code CL a serious issue?

A: No, LG Washer Error Code CL is not a serious issue. It simply indicates that the Child Lock feature is active, and it can be easily resolved by following the steps to turn it off.

Q: Can the Child Lock be beneficial for my washer?

A: Yes, the Child Lock feature can be beneficial, especially if you have young children at home. It prevents unintended changes to the washing cycle, ensuring your laundry is not interrupted accidentally.

Q: Will the washing cycle continue if the Child Lock is active?

A: If the Child Lock is active, the washing cycle will continue as usual. However, you won’t be able to make any changes to the settings until the Child Lock is turned off.

Q: What if the Child Lock doesn’t turn off despite following the steps?

A: If the Child Lock doesn’t turn off, try the following: a. Make sure you are pressing and holding the “Child Lock” button for the correct duration (usually 3 to 5 seconds). b. Check if any other buttons are stuck or malfunctioning, preventing the Child Lock from deactivating. c. Refer to the user manual for specific troubleshooting steps related to your model.

Q: Will unplugging the washer reset the Child Lock?

A: Unplugging the washer might reset the control panel, but it may not necessarily turn off the Child Lock. It’s best to follow the steps in the user manual to disable the Child Lock correctly.

Q: Can I use the Child Lock feature during a washing cycle?

A: No, the Child Lock feature is typically designed to be activated before starting a washing cycle. Once the cycle is in progress, the Child Lock cannot be enabled or disabled until the cycle is completed.

Q: Are there any other error codes related to the Child Lock feature?

A: LG washers might display other error codes related to the Child Lock, such as CLS or CL5. These codes also indicate that the Child Lock is active and can be resolved by following the same steps to turn it off.

Q: Can I customize the duration of the Child Lock feature?

A: In most LG washers, the Child Lock duration is not customizable. It typically remains active until you manually turn it off following the specific steps for your model.

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