How To Split Samsung TV screen with Multi-View

Samsung TVs allow you to watch two different channels at the same time. This is a great way to get up and running quickly, but if you want more control over how the TV behaves, this article will show you how to do that too. Let’s see the options that Samsung TVs offer. Please note that some of these features might be under Settings > Other. 

To watch more than one channel at a time, select the “Watch” icon and select the second channel from the list. You can now choose between closed captioning or no captioning for each channel. You can also change your preferred language for subtitles. If you have multiple languages installed on your TV, you can choose which ones you’d like to use on both channels.

-It’s worth taking note of what other settings are available in addition to watching TV at the same time before deciding which setting might be best for your needs. For example, you can choose to take a “mirror” of the traditional 2-up TV screen, which is great for watching your regular channels:

-Another option is to have a “dual screen” mode where your TV will display only one channel at the same time and you’ll see the other channel directly on your smartphone or tablet. Unfortunately, Samsung TVs don’t come with this feature. If you’re interested in playing around with dual screen features and using an Android phone or tablet, check out the dual screen apps which work on many other Android devices (like tablets).

-Another option is to take a “Pop-up” of the channel you choose. As you can see, “Pop-up” features are great if you want to enjoy your TV as usual while watching one channel at the same time:

-Finally, if you’re not interested in using a second screen and would like to enjoy watching 2 channels at the same time on your TV, Samsung offers 2 different settings for this purpose. The first option is simply called “Dual View” and it’s basically a clone of your TV screen.

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How To Split Samsung TV screen with Multi-View

Samsung Multi-view combines the concept of a dual-screen TV with an app that enables you to watch two different channels at the same time. The Samsung MultiView app allows you to watch 2 channels at the same time on your Samsung Smart TV.

To use this feature, first, download and install the Samsung Multi-view App from Google Play on your smartphone or tablet, and then connect your device and launch the app. Now you’re ready to access all of your favorite channels using Dual View.

How do I split my Samsung Smart TV screen with Multi View

The basic command for Dual View

To make it easier for you to navigate through all the options, head over to Settings > Advanced Features and select “Dual-view”. Here you’ll find the following options:

TV Display

You can select what you want to see on your TV screen by checking the “Dual View” option. You can choose between “Full screen” or “Pop-up”. When using this app, only the selected channel will be displayed on full screen and the other one will appear as a pop-up. The Samsung Multi-view App is available in several different languages, so you can watch programs in your preferred language on either of the channels

Once you have selected “TV Display”, you’ll see 2 options: “On” or “Off”. If you want to enable Dual View and use both the TV screen and your smartphone screen, select the first option. To disable it and just watch one channel, select the second option. To make sure that you get even better sound when using this app, select the “DD5.1 Sound Output” option under Advanced features > Sound > Audio format.

Smart Hub

To access the Samsung Smart Hub, you need to select “Smart Hub”. By using this app, you can launch content directly from the Samsung Smart hub. You can visit your favorite channels using the “Search” option. Since it’s part of the Smart Hub, you will find all your channels in this section.

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Channel List

To access your favorite channels, select “Channel List”. Here, you’ll have all the chosen channels in a list that you can navigate through by tapping on them. In addition to accessing your favorite channels from here, if available for your area, you can also enjoy programs on demand and live TV with the TV streaming feature. 

Does Samsung TV Have Multi View?

Yes, Samsung TVs come with this feature. You can find the option in Samsung’s Smart Hub. To access it, you need to go to Settings > Advanced Features > “Dual View” which will give you more options to select. The basic idea is that you can use 1 of your regular TVs and watch one channel at a time while watching another channel as a pop-up on your phone or tablet.

How to Stream TV Shows to Your Mobile Device Using Dual View?

To enjoy Dual View on your smartphone or tablet, first download and install the Samsung Multi View App on your device  (Android 2.2 or later, iOS 4.0 or later). Wait for it to download. Once it’s done the next step is to connect your device and launch the app. Now you can enjoy Dual View on your Samsung Smart TV screen. Enjoy watching TV!

Primid Dual View/ Mirroring Feature

This feature allows two devices to mirror each other while connected through an HDMI cable. It’s presented by selecting the “Mirror” option in Samsung’s Smart Hub (Note: only HDMI-enabled devices are supported). It’s a great way to share content between two screens. If the device you want to mirror is an Android or Windows Phone 8 device, it will be immediately detected and you’ll have access to a lot of apps. 

Unfortunately, if you’re using an Apple iOS device, you won’t have access to the screen. Mirroring also allows for voice commands that can be used for playing videos and music in your library. When using this feature with an Android or Windows Phone 8 device, you can easily control Chromecast by asking the Google Home app to play a movie or TV show on your TV.

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