Fixes to Try if Your Fire TV Keeps Freezing

Fire TV Keeps Freezing: The Amazon Firestick or Firestick is one of the many streaming devices launched by Amazon under its Fire TV product line. It is the perfect amalgamation of equipment and an operating system.  Most of the time, these devices work seamlessly, but because they are machines, they can sometimes get a bit unhealthy.  As reported by many users, the Firestick keeps freezing and lagging.  Here, we will help you know why this certain malfunction keeps happening and how to overcome it by following some easy-to-do ways.

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Keep a Check on Your Internet Connectivity

What will you do if you can locate the Fire TV interface, but your video content keeps on lagging or freezing behind?  Then I think you should look over your internet affinity. And for this, the Fire OS will help you to check the Wi-Fi connectivity

Fix Fire TV Keeps Freezing

For this, 

  • Go to ‘Settings’, choose ‘Network’, and select ‘Active Network’.
  • After this, lower the ‘Stop/Do’ toggle on the push-button control.
  • Now, move on to the interrelatedness level verso. Ensure that both the columns read ‘Related to the Wi-Fi’ and ‘Related to the internet.

Also, make sure that both the connection status read ‘Very Good’ as their Signal strength.

Note: If your Connection Status page shows ‘Connected with problems or other such errors, then your Fire TV content will keep on buffering. Thus, you will be unable to stream it properly. 

Now, you need to resolve this issue.

  • Reboot your Wi-Fi router. After the restart, connect it again to your Firestick.
  • You can also try other techniques, such as altering your modem wire, detaching additional gadgets from the wireless signal, or using a local area network adapter. 

This will help to free some of the disconnectivity for the Firestick, therefore clearing the buffering problem. 

Stopping the Force While Clearing Application Cache

The cache is the files that are non-permanently created by an application. And the more an app is used, the more these files are created and stored in the app’s storage.  However, the longer these files are stored, the more they will create problems in the proper functioning of an app. Notice that if your Firestick keeps freezing only while using a particular app, then it won’t be better to delete the app. You can delete the app or can also delete the cache data.

How to fix Fire TV Keeps Freezing

So, how can we delete or stop the force of an app on Fire TV?

  • Locate ‘Settings’ and choose ‘Applications’.
  • Then, select ‘Manage Installed Applications.’
  • After that, you can move forward to choose the app which you think keeps on freezing your Firestick.
  • Now, select the ‘Force Stop’ option. This will make the app close both in the front and the background. 
  • Now, clear the cache of the app. This will solve your freezing problem.

Note: Even after doing this, if your Firestick still keeps freezing, your app might have some other problems. In that case, you can consider updating the app, which will be our next solution.

Updating the Application in Firestick

If you install an application, then also keep updating the app so that you can avail the latest features and better functioning. 

Do the same with the apps installed on Firestick.

  • Go to ‘Settings’, click on ‘Applications’ and choose ‘Appstore’. 
  • After this, click on ‘Select’ on the remote to hold the updates. 

For other apps installed in the APK format, 

  • Visit the official site. 
  • After visiting it, load the newest variety of the app. 
  • Then, arrange the setup files of the app on your Firestick again.

Reboot the Firestick

To fix the problem of freezing the Firestick, one could also try to reboot the Firestick. 

  • First, reboot the device. For this, hold ‘Select’ and click ‘Pause/Play, on your Firestick remote.
  • After some seconds, you will see your Amazon Firestick TV turning off.
  • Again, after some seconds, your TV will turn on. Now click on some random things and check that your Amazon Firestick has stopped freezing.

Updating Firestick

Your Firestick may also keep on freezing if the Firestick itself is outdated or you have not updated it to the latest version. 

To perform this,

  • Visit the ‘Settings’ of your Firestick. Then choose ‘My Fire TV’.
  • Now, select ‘About’. Here, you will have to choose ‘Check for Updates.’
  • If you find any new version of Fire TV, then don’t hesitate to update it immediately.

Reset Your Fire TV

Resetting your Fire TV will erase all the unwanted data, deleting unnecessary downloads. This will also un-register your account on Amazon from the device through which you enjoy streaming content.  However, note that this step might be taken only when all the steps mentioned above don’t tend to work.

For resetting your Firestick,

  • Go to the tab named ‘Settings’. Here, choose ‘My Fire TV’ and the box ‘Reset to Factory Defaults’. 
  • Here, you will discover the ‘Reset’ option. Click on it. 
  • Press and hold the buttons named ‘Back’ and ‘Right Direction’ for about five seconds in an alternative way. Keep doing this until the reset is confirmed. 
  • Once the confirmation message pops up on your screen, you can stop doing so.
  • Now, select ‘OK’ to proceed. And hence, resetting the start. 

The resetting may take 10-15 minutes.

Wrap Up

The Amazon Firestick freezing is not a unique problem. It keeps happening with many of the users, which is why it is necessary to know how to fix it.  You can always contact customer service at Amazon, which can help you cope with this.

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