Supersonic TV’s Universal Remote Codes and Program Instructions

To control your Supersonic TV with the Universal remote we’ve mentioned programming instructions with three methods you’ll program as soon as possible by using the codes and that they are mentioned below the table. If you discover any of these universal remote codes haven’t been worked properly for your remote regardless of the brand it’s, … Read more

Universal Remote Codes for Home Audio

If you’ve got recently bought a universal remote and you would like the remote codes to work your home theatre audio we’ve codes below for Daewoo, Onkyo, Cambridge Soundworks, Integra, Sony, Koss, Panasonic, and Venturer Home Theaters which will work to program and control your Home Theaters. These codes will work with MOST universal remotes. … Read more

Onkyo Universal Remote Codes

Are you using an Onkyo device and would you wish to work with the universal remote then why late you only got to know the codes and also the procedure to program your remote together with your device? Here we’ve mentioned the codes and also the best methods to program. So let’s get a check. … Read more