Canon All in One Printer Price in India

By installing the canon all-in-one printer Driver, users of the Windows operating system will have simple access to all of the features of their Canon printers. The Printer Driver is a program every Cannon printer user must have; thus, it was made quick, easy, and discreet.

Canon All In One Printer

Canon, one of the most well-known and widely-used printer brands, has spent decades perfecting methods of maximizing the use of its products. However, before you can use any of their printers with a personal computer (PC) at your home or office, you’ll need to install the necessary software driver, which will work as a go-between for your printing demands and the hardware that sits next to your PC casing. Modern canon all-in-one printers include minimal power consumption, great printing performance, and simplified connection with the host PC, all of which contribute to their smooth functioning.

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Canon All in One Printer Price in India

The instability of software and operating systems, printing mistakes, and even the inability of the operating system to identify and utilize printing services may all result from installing an outdated driver or a driver package meant for a different Printer model. By properly recognizing and installing the driver that suits your device and OS, canon all-in-one printer Drivers protect you against such software issues.

Installation and Use

If you need a driver for your software, go no further than the Printer Driver, which offers a comprehensive package to meet your needs. With this program, you won’t have to waste time hunting out the right driver for your printer, installing it, and checking to see whether everything is set up properly before you send any print jobs its way.

Simply plug in your printer, and launch the CanonPrinter Driver program you downloaded earlier. It will begin searching for connected printers, determining their model, and providing you with the most recent driver for that specific model. You may install the necessary printer driver software with a few mouse clicks, at which point the printer will be ready to receive print instructions.

Please be aware of some subtle differences between the Cannon printer models regarding how they handle cartridges, loading trays, and other physical controls. We strongly advise you to either read the handbook that came with your printer or visit the canon all-in-one printer official website, which provides extensive software, manuals, drivers, and firmware support for each printer model.

Drivers: How to Set Them Up

If you’ve located the proper driver, it’s a breeze to set it up using the following guidelines.

  • Turn off the gadget.
  • Cut the cord between the gadget and your PC.
  • You need to reconnect the gadget and turn it back on.
  • To unzip the downloaded driver, double-click on the ZIP file’s icon.
  • If prompted, pick the language you prefer to use.
  • Just do what it says on the installation program’s screen.
  • Simply restart the computer.

Guide to Updating Canon Printer Drivers

The drivers may be updated in one of two methods.

Alternative 1: The first and highly recommended option is automatically updating your drivers using reputable third-party software. The process of updating drivers automatically is quick and straightforward and takes away any room for error. Your previously installed drivers may even be saved and reinstalled in case of a hiccup.

Alternative 2: Perform a manual driver update by locating and installing the latest version of the appropriate driver for your Printer and operating system. To use this strategy, you should have some familiarity with computers.

Tips for Automating Driver Updates

Sometimes drivers aren’t updated correctly with Microsoft’s built-in Windows Update service. To avoid this, use Canon’s Printer Driver Update Utility. This clever software can identify your computer’s OS and printer brand and model and locate their most recent drivers. You need not worry about updating to the wrong driver. Simple driver download and installation are available with the help of the Printer Driver Update Utility.

The free version of Canon’s Printer Driver Update Utility may be used to do automated scans for driver updates, and the paid version can be used to perform all required driver updates automatically.

Experts recommend backing up your existing drivers before using the Canon Printer Driver Update Utility. This feature allows you to go back to your system’s original drivers and configuration settings if you have any issues when upgrading your drivers.

To get the latest version of Canon’s printer drivers, go here.

To launch the app, just double-click on its icon. It will do a full system check and report back on any driver issues it finds. Here is an example of the results page you will see:

The Outcome of Canon’s Driver-Updating Utility

Click the Update button next to your driver. Your computer will immediately download and install the latest and greatest version. Alternatively, you may update your system’s outdated or missing drivers at once by clicking the Update All option at the bottom.

A Manual Method of Driver Updates

Select from our most popular Canon Printer downloads below, or go into our driver library to get the driver that works with your model of Canon printer and PC operating system, including the newest Windows 11 drivers.

Use the Canon Printer Driver Update Utility if you have problems locating the correct driver update. It’s an application that scans your system for faulty drivers and then automatically locates, downloads, and installs the proper one.

Your driver update should be downloaded and then installed. The EXE, INF, ZIP, and SYS file types are examples. The installation process varies depending on the file type. To see how to install drivers for certain file types, visit our Driver Support Page and watch the installation video.


The Canon Printer Driver is a no-cost program that may be installed on any device running the latest version of Windows (32-bit and 64-bit). Enjoy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What should I use to print from my Canon printer?

If you have images stored on your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet, you may use the “Canon PRINT Inkjet/SELPHY” software to print them wirelessly from your device.

Q2: Can I download a Canon printer program onto my computer?

Open the Canon Print app on your NFC-enabled Android smartphone, choose the content you want to print, and send it to the printer with a simple touch.

Q3: Which app has been deemed the “official canon”?

You may transfer images captured with a Canon camera compatible with Canon Camera Connect to a compatible iOS or Android device through the app.

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