Atlantic Broadband Universal Remote Codes and How to Program

The Atlantic Broadband remote doubles as a universal remote control. This means that you can use your Atlantic Broadband remote on your Television and other electronic widgets. It saves you the pressure of interspersing between remote controls. This post outlines the Atlantic Broadband remote canons for you. You’ll need this law the first time you have to connect your broadband remote to your Television. The good thing is that you only do this process formerly. You save the code for subsequent use.

Atlantic Broadband Universal Remote Codes

Atlantic Broadband Universal Remote Codes

4 Digit Remote Codes

  • 0877
  • 1376
  • 4079
  • 1877
  • 1367
  • 0897

5 Digit Remote Codes

  • 51376
  • 51345
  • 51877
  • 55354
  • 53560

 How to Program An Atlantic Broadband Remote To Television

  • Snare any of the canons listed above and keep it handy. Remember that, in some cases, you may need to try further than one code until you get the correct bone.
  • Ensure the Television you want to program is turned on.
  • Hold the Atlantic Broadband remote near to your Television.
  • Press and hold down the OK/ Vend button on your remote. You’ll have to hold down this button for a couple of seconds to enable it to enter the programming mode. You’ll know the remote is in programming mode if the Bitsy LED light turns on.
  • Key in the codes you got from earlier using the number buttons on your Atlantic broadband remote button.
  • Press the On/ OFF button on the remote. However, Viola, If your Television turns on. It means you got the right code. However, return to step 4 and try out another law, If not.
  • To save the law, press the Television button on your remote and hold it down for 30 seconds. The law will be stored in the remote’s database.

 Atlantic broadband string universal remote has colorful benefits and some of them are listed below

  • The device is simple to use and is fund-friendly.
  • It reduces your stress and saves your time in switching off different remotes for different appliances.
  • No more battery consumption as you have to maintain this one device which brings lower.
  • It’s fairly easy to program.
  • You can save the codes for the coming time.

This remote has made our life easier, now we don’t have to take the pain of regular maintenance of the remote and this saves a lot of time and trouble. There’s a wide range of universal remote services, you can choose the one which suits your budget. But the Atlantic broadband universal remote is stylish despite all the biases you have.

Atlantic Broadband remotes work with numerous brands of Television sets. The remote is only programmed to control certain digital set covers. You must manually program the remote if you want to use it with a TV set that’s connected to the digital set-top box. Once you do so, you’ll only need one remote to control the two electronic biases. Atlantic Broadband remotes come with an”Auto Search” function, meaning you will not need to try several codes during the programming process.

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